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Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Search for the Journal (commonly known as Atlantis: Search for the Journal) was developed by Zombie Studios and published by Buena Vista Games, a subsidiary of Disney Interactive. It was released on May 1, 2001 for the Microsoft Windows platform and was a first-person shooter game, the first of two games by Zombie based on the film Atlantis: The Lost Empire, to which it is a prequel. It covers the search Milo's grandfather, Thaddeus Thatch, took to Iceland to find the journal. It was released for free by exchanging UPC labels from Kellogg's products for promotion. Disney also offered the game as a free download through its website through July 2001.


The begins with a clip that was originally set to begin the movie. It shows a Viking war party trying to use the Shepherd's Journal to find Atlantis. They are swiftly dispatched by the Leviathan. The game then shifts to Iceland in 1901. You are a trooper assigned to finding the Shepherd's Journal. Trying to stop you are the 'Keepers', a group of Iceland natives with mystical powers.


  1. The first sequence has the main character floating down a river. You see some sprites in the distance and you hear dialogue from Thaddeus Thatch.
  2. After departing from the boat, you travel along an icy path dodging snowballs and battling a few keepers. It is recommended to walk quickly over bridges to avoid long alternate paths.
  3. After boarding a plane, you fly through a canyon. There are a few narrow stretches and ice particles are shot at you.
  4. You finally make it to the Keeper's Keep and go inside. You hear dialogue from Commander Rourke & Thaddeus Thatch. You battle several keepers as you make your way down into the labyrinth.
  5. You enter the Journal Room. You pass four trials (Water, Fire, Wind, & Earth) to obtain four talismans while battling numerous keepers. After you place all four talismans on a pedestal, the pedestal lowers and you obtain the Journal.
  6. The game then shows several scenes from the movie as a teaser.

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The game suffers many glitches throughout almost every level. Much of this is due to the poorly implemented camera. The game's placement of the Iceland expedition in 1901 also conflicts with other sources giving a 1911 date for the Journal's retrieval.

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