Atlantis Subterranean Tours: A Traveler's Guide to the Lost City is a tie-in book for Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Set after the events of the film, it is a tourist guide assembled by Whitmore Enterprises for top-secret expeditions to the lost city that Preston Whitmore arranged for dignitaries, celebrities, and company employees.

Publisher's Description

This passport to the wondrously awesome city of Atlantis provides readers with all the travel tips they could ever need for a much-anticipated voyage. Atlantis: A Traveler's Guide to the Lost City is an irreverent romp that gives travelers the extra edge they need to make their journey to Atlantis a vacation to remember. With reliable information on transportation, people, culture, recreation, dining out, maps, and even a glossary of commonly used Atlantean phrases, this guide is sure to become the Atlantis traveler's bible.

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