Aunt Gertie is a supporting character from the direct-to-video Christmas film, Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas, appearing in the first segment, "Stuck on Christmas". She is Huey, Dewey, and Louie's aunt. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Aunt Gertie is the epitome of a relative whom the family sees on special occasions, especially holidays. She is extremely kind and very lovable (much to the dismay of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who don't take too kindly to her affectionate kisses). Throughout the segment, her personality from changes significantly, going from very excitable (when she first arrives), to frantically terrified (during the dinner fiasco) to extremely emotional (when the boys redeem themselves on the last day of Christmas). She is very family-oriented and cares a great deal about being with the family on the holiday. She got along with both Daisy and Scrooge during the family activities.


Aunt Gertie is a very tall yet obese female duck. Like the rest of the characters in the Donald Duck character cast, she has white feathers and golden-yellow beak. Clothingwise, she wears a tight-fitted purple, button-up blouse with three large dark-purple buttons running down the front and matching purple skirt and heels. She accessorizes with a beautiful blue bowtie around her neck attached to a tan sunhat with a pink flower in it. Occasionally, she is also seen carrying around a small tan purse.


  • Its never stated who's side of the family she's on. But given how Donald insisted on the boys respecting their aunt. She's probably an aunt on Donald's side.
  • She is inspired by, not to be confused with, The Raccoons character of the same name.

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