Babes in Toyland (soundtrack)

Walt Disney's Babes In Toyland (Disneyland Records DQ-1219) was the original record album for the 1961 film adaptation. It is a cover version rather than an authentic soundtrack album. The actors in the film are replaced by uncredited singers for this album. However, Ann Jillian, from the film's cast, is featured on Never Mind, Bo Peep, and Ed Wynn, also from the film, is featured on the Workshop Song. Ray Bolger as Barnaby in We Won't Be Happy Till We Get It and Castle in Spain is replaced by the instantly recognizable Thurl Ravenscroft. A single with Annette's songs was also available.

An album featuring the authentic soundtrack performances of the film's cast was also released in 1961. (Buena Vista Records, STER-4022). However, the album is not really an "authentic" soundtrack. The only items really from the soundtrack are the individual actors' vocal performances. The choral tracks are instead the cover versions heard on the Disneyland Records album, as are the accompanying music tracks to the songs. The album also features a six-minute orchestral overture heard neither in the film nor on the previous album. The main title music as heard in the actual film is not heard on the album.

The tracks listed below are from the Disneyland album:


  1. Mother Goose Village And Lemonade
  2. We Won't Be Happy Till We Get It
  3. Just A Whisper Away
  4. Slowly He Sank To The Bottom Of The Sea •
  5. Castle In Spain
  6. Never Mind Bo-Peep (Ann Jillian)
  7. I Can't Do The Sum


  1. Floretta
  2. Forest Of No Return
  3. Go To Sleep
  4. Toyland
  5. Workshop Song (Ed Wynn)
  6. Just A Toy
  7. March Of The Toys
  8. Tom And Mary •

• Words & music by Mel Leven & George Bruns

Words & music by Mel Leven & George Bruns, adapted from the Victor Herbert melodies.

Words & music by George Bruns, adapted from the Victor Herbert melodies.

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