"Backstage Party" is an episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color.


This holiday edition of Disney's TV show presents the cast and crew of the failed 1961 film "Babes in Toyland" in a staged "wrap party," co-hosted by Disney and Annette Funicello. Tommy Sands and a 12-year-old Ann Jillian sing, Ray Bolger dances, Ed Wynn and Gene Sheldon provide laughs, and everyone gangs up on director Jack Donahue.

In 1961, Walt Disney released "Babes in Toyland", and to celebrate the occasion, a party took place backstage, and Amerrica was invited, although it took longer than usual to find Walt, due to a little detour the gate officer arranged. But after Walt was found, we got to see some of the sets for the movie that had not yet been torn down, including the automated factory and the "Land of No Return". After that, we see the dance at the end.

With "things to do", Walt Disney then turns the program over to Annette Funicello, perhaps the most famous of all the original Mouseketeers, who converses with a number of the main stars of the picture. Throughout the program, we see clips of the movie, as well as the roles the main stars play in the movie.

Other notable things seen is Ed Wynn getting an award celebrating 60 years in the entertainment field, and Jack Donohue getting an unlikely surprise for his directing work at the end of the program.

And for comic relief, there is Sylvester the Goose throwing some one-liners, and Henry Calvin, perhaps the heaviest man ever in the entertainment field at that time, having fun with Ann Jillian at the piano.


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