Balloon Farm is a 1999 TV film that stars Rip Torn, Mara Wilson, and Laurie Metcalf. It was produced and premiered as part of The Wonderful World of Disney series.[1] It is based on the book Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm by Jerdine Nolen.


The farming community of Watertown is struggling to survive a severe drought. Harvey Potter (Rip Torn) arrives in the community by renting a farm, which neighbors think is foolish. However, one day young Willow Johnson (Mara Wilson) passes by Potter's field to find his crop is full of magical, colorful balloons. The townspeople, with the exception of Weasel Mayfield (Roberts Blossom), believe that this a good sign that the drought may end soon. When the rough times continue to plague the community, the townspeople turn against Harvey until Willow reminds them about the power of faith and the magic that he has brought through the balloons.


Home media

The film was released on DVD by Walt Disney Home Video on July 6, 2004.[2]



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