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Bandai Co. LTD. is a Japanese toy company founded in 1950 and a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings based in the Taito prefecture of Tokyo, Japan. The toy company is the producer of some of the most popular collectible toys and hobby kits such as Gunpla and owns IPs such as Gundam and Digimon.

While a non-Disney company, they have had business deals with Disney to acquire licensing to produce toys for the market based on Disney properties with their main focus being Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. The primary use of the licenses is for their line of S.H. Figuarts collectible figurines, but other toy lines have produced Disney merchandise such as the Chogokin line, which created Mickey Mouse and Toy Story transforming robot toys.


List Of Toylines

  • S.H. Figuarts [1]
  • Realizations - A toyline where acclaimed Japanese artist Takayuki Takeya reimagines pop culture characters, with the Meisho sub group of toys reinterpreting characters in an Edo period style. (Ex. Darth Maul as a priest with lightsaber katanas)
  • Chogokin - A line of detailed collectible die-cast robot toys based on famous Super Robots such as Mazinger Z. Produced toys for Pixar, Marvel and Disney such as combiner toy robots of Mickey and his pals.
  • Soul of Chogokin -This line produced a Marvel related toy, Japanese Spider-Man's robot Leopardon.
  • Proplica- Originally dedicated to Sailor Moon and various magical girl series, Proplica is a toyline that brings fictional objects from an anime franchise into reality for adult collectors, making 1:1 scale toy replicas with electronic features. The line expanded into the boys market and in 2018 Bandai Proplica produced Sora's Keyblade; The Kingdom Chain, as one of its releases.


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