Barb is the deuteragonist of Disney's Snow Dogs. She is Ted Brooks' love interest and later, wife.

Role in the film

Barb is the barkeeper at the only bar in Tolketna. She was also Lucy's boss and confidant, trusted with the secret of who Ted's biological father is. During the beginning of the film she is very annoyed with Ted's behavior and his attitude toward Lucy. She tries to show him why Lucy liked this place so much and taught him the basics of how to manage caring for the dogs and learning how to mush. She is very sad when he initially leaves.

Later, when Ted sets out to find Thunder Jack, she tells him he's crazy and that she is worried about his safety. When Ted's mom Amelia arrives, she cares for the woman, assuring her that her son will return safely. After anxiously waiting she is overjoyed to see Ted return safely, along with his biological father Thunder Jack. A short time later she and Ted marry and set up a dental practice in town. She is now the receptionist and pregnant with their first child and very happy about the new puppies added to their family.


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