Barley Lightfoot is an elf from the upcoming Pixar film, Onward. He's the older brother of Ian who serves as a mentor, protector and best friend.



While his younger brother Ian is small, quiet, and awkward, Barley is large, loud, and excitable. Unlike Ian, he has memories of their father and describes who he was and how he acted. Barley loves fantasy and quests despite the world more or less moving on from that time. He fully believes Ian can bring their father back to life and summon magic back to their world.

Physical Appearance

Barley is an elf with a large and stocky build, likely in his late teens or early twenties. He has blue skin, freckles, and beard stubble. He wears a black beanie and T-Shirt with a 'Q' on it, covered by a large blue vest with numerous patches and pins sewn on it, green army shorts, and large black and white sneakers.


  • This is Chris Pratt's first animated role in a Pixar film having previously made his animation debut in Warner Animation Group's The LEGO Movie and its sequel.
  • He is one of the few Disney or Pixar characters to have a tattoo, an example being Pocahontas (Coincidentally, they both have tattoos on their right bicep).


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