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Baroness Von Hellman is the main antagonist of the 2021 film Cruella who was portrayed by Emma Thompson as the biological mother of Cruella De Vil and an esteemed fashion designer operating in London. Known for founding the House of Baroness, she is fiercely protective of her position and reputation.


Official Description

"Estella’s flair for fashion catches the eye of the Baroness von Hellman, a fashion legend who is devastatingly chic and terrifyingly haute. But their relationship sets in motion a course of events and revelations that will cause Estella to embrace her wicked side and become the raucous, fashionable, and revenge-bent Cruella."


Baroness is frequently described as a narcissist by those around her. She loves being the center of attention and demands that the spotlight always remain on her. She actively seeks to destroy things or people that stand in the way of that attention, or the fame she works so hard to maintain. Her desire went as far as her refusing to keep and even murder her only daughter, as she feared the child would take attention or inherit the Baron's fortune. Baroness is a brilliant businesswoman with a flair for dramatics, though her brilliance causes her actions to appear mad to those around her. She is incapable of giving others credit, instead claiming the marvelous designs that Estella creates as her own. It is also noted that the Baroness has a severe lack of care or any love whatsoever for anyone around her, as she doesn't want them to be obstacles in her way of success. When people cross the Baroness, she resorts to dark methods such as murder to deal with them, revealing herself to be a sociopath/psychopath.


The Baroness was a middle aged woman with pale skin, striking features and a slender figure. She has short, brown eyes and thick brown hair which she wore in a variety of styles, mostly in a big top knot or covered with turban. She also has an expensive and extravagant taste in fashion which is to be expected given her profession, with her wearing a variety of different high fashion suits and dresses over the course of the film.



In the past, Baroness Von Hellman married Baron Von Hellman (for his money and high status) and eventually carried his daughter. While the Baron was a benevolent man and a caring father to his unborn child, The Baroness did not take her pregnancy with joy and instead she wanted to get rid of the baby.

After Estella was born, the Baroness unable to handle the possibility of her own daughter upstarted her so she ordered her butler John to kill Estella in secret. John unable to kill an unborn baby so he gave it to the kind-hearted maid to raise her. The Baroness lied to the Baron that their daughter was stillborn, causing the Baron to die from a broken heart.

The Baroness Von Hellman is a notorious fashion designer and the owner of the couture company, House of Baroness. Her notoriety made her a public figure and a role model of sorts to a young Estella.

During a surprise visit to one of her many stores in London, the Baroness notices the wild window display. She also witnesses Estella and her two friends Jasper and Horace being arrested. Baroness learns that Estella is responsible for the window display and commends her talent, coldly telling the shop owner that it's the best display the store has in years.

She promptly hires Estella as a designer in her fashion company. She quickly becomes impressed by Estella's designs and sees promise in her talents. One day, Estella recognizes her mother Catherine's necklace around the Baroness’s neck. Baroness spins a tale of a former employee who stole it from her. Estella realizes that Catherine went to see the Baroness the night of her death, and it was her gala they attended.

Estella hatches a plan to steal the necklace, which includes turning herself into her alter-ego Cruella to distract Baroness while Jasper and Horace work to steal the necklace. Baroness loves the center of attention and demands that everyone in attendance wear black and white, though she wears a stunning and far more superior dress to her guests.

Cruella crashes the gala in a white cloak that goes up in flames to create a red dress. Baroness' interest piques at the masked guest, and they quickly start talking about who Cruella is. Cruella notices the necklace around Baroness' neck, so Jasper releases rats to distract her while Cruella steals the necklace.

Amidst the pandemonium, the Baroness uses a dog whistle to command her Dalmatians, and Estella realizes that Baroness used the same whistle to direct her dogs to kill Catherine. One of the Dalmatians eats the necklace while Cruella, Horace, and Jasper flee in a stolen Panther de Ville.

The following day, Cruella orders the men to kidnap the three Dalmatians until one of them gives up the necklace. Baroness is outraged at the abduction of her dogs and demands the police find, identify, and arrest Cruella.

Now with a proper motivation for revenge, Cruella plans to avenge her mother’s death by ruining the Baroness’s life. She taunts the Baroness by appearing at her gatherings in lavish outfits. All the while, Baroness' sales continuously drop as Cruella rises in fame.

She becomes unhinged in her efforts to identify Cruella, even firing her lawyer for failing to do so. The Baroness figured out that Cruella's real identity is Estella, which led to the Baroness and her henchmen in locating her hideout, and captured Jasper and Horace. Baroness attempts to murder Cruella in a fire that she pins on Jasper and Horace.

Estella is rescued by John, the Baroness's valet and confidant, who overheard Estella tell the Baroness of Catherine's murder at the Baroness’ hand. He reveals that Estella is the Baroness' daughter.

The Baroness is narcissistic and angered by her pregnancy as it would shift attention from her. After giving birth, she instructed John to "get rid of" the child. Unable to bring himself to murder the child, John gave the baby to their sweet maid Catherine Miller who raised Estella in secret.

Baroness plans her final gala of the season, but is extremely annoyed to see all her guests donning black and white wigs that resemble Cruella's hair, though she pretends that it's her idea to appease the crowd. Estella lures Baroness outside to the cliffs, and Baroness orders her dogs to attack Cruella, though the latter easily commands them to her sides. Estella then reveals her identity as the Baroness' daughter.

Baroness feigns compassion for Estella, though when they embrace, she pushes Estella over the cliffs to her death. Horace and Jasper had guided the guests outside so the entire debacle is witnessed by police officers, security guards, and guests alike. When the Baroness sees she's been exposed, she tries to cover up her actions, but she ends up being arrested. Meanwhile, Estella survives with a well-trimmed skirt made into a parachute.

With Estella's murder, Baroness is arrested and the family’s fortune is inherited by Cruella De Vil per Estella’s will. As she is taken to jail, Baroness screams about Cruella being Estella, though no one believes her. She then swears revenge against Estella as she's taken away by the police and sent to jail.


  • The Baroness was created specifically for Cruella and has no animated counterpart.
  • The Baroness is a much more fleshed out character than Cruella De Vil's mother in 101 Dalmatians: The Series.
  • The Baroness is implied to have killed multiple people in a similar fashion to how she did to Catherine throughout her life given her response to Cruella's declaration that she killed her mother.
  • Baroness von Hellman is the first main antagonist of a 101 Dalmatians movie who isn't Cruella De Vil. In all other movies of the franchise, animated or live-action, Cruella was always the main antagonist.
  • One of her Dalmatians is named Genghis who is later revealed to be the mother of Pongo and Perdita.
  • In the movie, she is only referred by her title, The Baroness, rather than her full name.
    • It is possible that her last name and title were given to her upon her marriage to her husband, the late Baron Von Hellman. She inherited Hellman Hall when he died. Based on her last name, the Baroness is possibly a German noble.
  • Similar to the other versions of Cruella's mother such as the Once Upon a Time and 101 Dalmatians the series versions (Madeline and Malevola De Vil), she has trained dogs that are loyal to her, but similar to her other versions these they abandon her when Cruella finally confronts her.



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