Basilíade is a fictional world in the comic book series W.I.T.C.H.


Some people of Basilíade have a feline appearance with pointy, furry ears and cat-like noses and eyes. Elders may grow whiskers. Others look like normal humans, only with a bit different facial features. These people wear long robes, differently colored according to position: children and women wear white robes with blue belts, men wear green or brown robes with brown or green belts and teachers and masters wear white robes with scarlet belts.


The houses that have been shown are similar in structure to Japanese houses, with running see-through doors and wooden verandas. Some pyramids have also been shown. They seem to be part of the Sun's Gardens complex.

Culture and Customs

The children of Basilíade are separated early from their parents. In the ceremony of the Great Light, they enter the Sun's Gardens, an academy where the children are trained in the art of combat. The Gardens are a big area, with two small twin columns with two linked suns in each of them at its entrance.

It seems Basilíadians split their time in ages and lunar years.

The Basilíadians seem to be simple people, all trained as tough warriors, and working mainly in agriculture.


It is known that Basilíade was once split into different groups of people (clans), who fought against each other for many reasons. Pain and despair ruled the world. Some mentioned clans are the Shantha and the Asha. Sharr, leader of the Shanta's wanted to obliterate all other clans. When he was about to kill Himerish, a member of the Asha clan and the future Oracle, the warrior Endarno stopped Sharr from doing so. At one point, the fighting stopped and the people came together to form the peaceful world they are today.

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