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"Battle of the Bands" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of the Disney Channel original sitcom Even Stevens. It was written by Marc Warren, directed by Savage Steve Holland, and aired on September 24, 2000.

Plot Summary

Louis is managing Twitty's band, the Alan Twitty Project. They've got a chance for a gig at a big party thrown by a high school student named Jason Bagwell (Chase Penny), but they lack a lead singer, and post audition flyers at school and other odd places. Ren hates the band until she sees Jason, and falls head over heels for him. When Donnie informs her that the only way a junior high kid could possibly be invited to the party is if they're in a band(and even then they have to be considered worthy of being acceptance by Bagwell himself), she decides she wants to audition as the lead singer. Louis objects, but the band likes her much better than the parade of freaks they've been auditioning. Knowing Ren will take over, Louis puts Ren's membership to a vote. The band all vote for Ren and against Louis. Frustrated, Louis gets Tom to program a few instruments and he forms a rival 1980's-techno band featuring the bizarre poetry of Tawny. This band is called the "Louis Stevens Experience." Both bands audition before Jason. He rejects them both, but proves himself to be such a jerk that no one wants to get the job anyway. The two groups form a "supergroup" called the Twitty-Stevens Connection, and play their own big gig—at a kids' birthday party.


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