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The Battlesaurs are characters who appear in the 2014 DisneyPixar animated special, Toy Story That Time Forgot. They are a group of toy dinosaurs part of the fictional toy line of the same name, mostly containing humanoid dinosaur warriors.


Most of the Battlesaurs who are part of the fictional toy line of the same name consist of anthropomorphic dinosaur warriors. The Battlesaur warriors wear heavy armor where their symbol for the Battlesaurs is a hexagon with two dinosaur skulls and a red background. The weapons they mostly use consist of spears, swords, axes, and spiked clubs while their champion uses a mace as his weapon.


Originally, during the alternate opening of Toy Story That Time Forgot, it would feature the scene where the Battlesaurs Theme Song played which pans to Trixie, Buzz, Rex, and Bullseye watching the show which features Trixie being a fan of the Battlesaurs TV series. However, when Trixie's story arc is developed, the Battlesaurs opening sequence was cut and the Battlesaurs themselves would not appear until during the scene where Woody, Buzz, Rex, and Trixie explore Mason's house where the four arrive at Battleopolis, a landscape community run by Battlesaurs themselves.[1]

Additionally, an expositional sequence where Woody and Buzz were up to upon arriving at the Arena where the Battlesaurs participate would have showed the duo in the prison cart encountering a couple of toys that have been battled by the Battlesaurs at the Arena of Woe to which the sequence was cut for time management. [2]


Toy Story That Time Forgot

While following a Dino-Hound toy to the Battleopolis landscape at Mason's house, a group of Raptorial guards charge toward Woody, Buzz, Rex, Trixie, and Angel Kitty where they arm themselves with spears believing they are a threat to them, surrounding the five. When Trixie speaks in front of them, the Raptorial guards hold their spears straight, followed by Reptillus Maximus who appears in front of Trixie to which while approaching Rex and Trixie, he introduces himself to the two. As Trixie introduces herself to Reptillus, he finds her an unusual dinosaur unlike the female Elysian members. Suddenly, the Cleric, carrying a large staff, approaches the five passing through a group of Raptorial members, alongside three acolytes who are smaller versions of the Cleric himself, explaining to Bonnie's toys that they are visitors to Battleopolis. When Reptillus asks the Cleric to know if Rex and Trixie are welcomed to which the Cleric decides to make them welcomed to Battleopolis, much to him finding Rex and Trixie having no armor unlike the other Battlesaurs, directing the two to the armory while Woody and Buzz are escorted out.

At the armory, Ray-Gon prepares armor for a Brute as he readies him to get ready for battle. As Trixie approaches him, Ray-Gon finds Trixie a unique dinosaur amongst the Battlesaurs where he prepares an armor outfit for her to which after giving the triceratops some battle armor, Rex asks Reptillus to when he will be next to which upon seeing Trixie wearing a Battlesaur outfit, Reptillus happily reacts to Trixie's outfit just as Rex approaches Ray-Gon where he gives him metallic arms just before Reptillus shows Trixie the world of Battleopolis around her just as Rex follows her along. While exploring Battleopolis around them, Trixie finds the communities the Battlesaurs have to which while exploring, Reptillus explains to Trixie that the tower she is facing is the Triassic Tower of the Dream Elders, followed by Reptillus introducing Trixie to his domain the Volcano Command Base and while suggesting that everyone should have an apartment shaped like a Battlesaur, Reptillus throws a club back to a Brute so that he doesn't lose his weapon. At the top of the Command Base, Reptillus explains to Trixie that battle is everything what the Battlesaurs do, which is their survival and legacy. Reptillus then sings the Battlesaurs Theme Song to which the Battlesaurs themselves sing along with their champion. After the song, Trixie explains to Reptillus that the Battlesaurs even have their own theme song to which Reptillus observes Trixie's curiosity with the Battlesaurs to which he explains to her to know if she has anything about her world, to which Trixie shares her experience of having playtimes with Bonnie to which Reptillus doesn't understand what playtime is. Trixie explains that playtime is when one gives another toy to a kid, to which Reptillus explains to Trixie that giving is surrender, discussing that a Battlesaur would never surrender.

Suddenly, when the Cleric observes Trixie talking to Reptillus, he lights the Triassic Tower with his staff, which sounds the alarm, telling the Battlesaurs that it is time for battle to which the Battlesaurs scramble and arrive at the Arena of Woe just as Reptillus and Trixie arrive at the Arena. At the Arena, dozens of Battlesaurs fill the arena where an audience of Raptorial guards and Brutes cheer for their champion followed by Trixie standing in the center of the arena. As the Cleric arrives at the Arena, he sits on his throne to begin the battle to which three toy opponents, a plastic doll named Fauntleroy, a penguin named Pengo, and a toy ape named Sock Ape arrive at the Arena. During the battle, Reptillus defeats three of the opponents to which when Woody and Buzz arrive at the Arena, he warns that the Battlesaurs are not playing gently, much to the Cleric's antagonism. During the duel, the two fight against Reptillus to which as the Battlesaur champion charges toward the two, Woody presses the red button on Buzz which shows his jetpack wings to which one of them counters Reptillus' attack, much to the Cleric's rage. As Reptillus sends Woody and Buzz to the Dino-Hounds, Rex blocks him. Countering his attack, the Cleric plans to release the Goliathon to defeat the two in revenge. As the Goliathon arrives at the arena and swallows Woody and Buzz, Trixie sees a button on the Goliathon's armor where she attempts to ram him to rescue her friends but the Goliathon blocks her and upon seeing Bonnie's name on her foot, Reptillus, the Battlesaurs, and the Cleric react to seeing Bonnie's name on it which the Cleric dubs it the mark of obedience just as the Cleric believes that Trixie is a threat to the Battlesaurs. The Cleric then tells Ray-Gon to give him a control for the Supplicator to which the Cleric uses it to control Rex to force him to fight against Trixie as it is found out that the Cleric is controlling Rex's robotic arms. After the Cleric tells Trixie that she cannot escape the battle, Trixie attempts to escape the Arena where the Dino-Hounds chase her but the exit is blocked by three Battlesaurs to which as the three of them grab Trixie's tail, she flings them at the Battlesaurs guarding the exit, foiling them as the Cleric tells Reptillus to stop her.

Escaping the Arena, Reptillus chases Trixie across Mason's room where he suddenly sees a Battlesaurs box depicting an illustration of a boy gently playing with Reptillus followed by an action figure box of Reptillus himself to realize who he is after looking at the Battlesaurs logo and the name on his box to which Reptillus hits the box in rage. Meanwhile at the Triassic Tower, the Cleric's acolytes, followed by the Goliathon, two Brutes, and a couple of Raptorial warriors approach the Cleric in the tower watching Mason and Bonnie playing with the Optimum X to which the Cleric suddenly controls Rex again where he opens the Goliathon's mouth to get Woody and Buzz inside to which upon rescuing Woody and Buzz inside, the Goliathon gets Angel Kitty out as well. As the Cleric approaches Woody and Buzz who are held hostage, he explains to the two that while Bonnie plays video games with Mason, the Cleric himself rules Battleopolis, explaining that the Battlesaurs have their need of ignorance to which Buzz Lightyear explains to the Cleric that he has been a very tyrannical ruler for only two days since Christmas to which the Cleric doesn't understand what Christmas is to which Angel Kitty, who is held hostage by a Raptorial guard, that Christmas is a synonym for peace and joy. Refusing to listen to Angel Kitty's advice, the Cleric orders the Battlesaurs to send the three to the Pit, which is an air vent containing a spinning fan on it.

As Woody, Buzz, and Angel Kitty are held hostage and sent to the Pit, the Battlesaurs stamp their spears while Trixie attempts to turn off the power linked to the video game that Mason and Bonnie are playing, only to be blocked by Reptillus as she tries to explains who he really is. Back with Woody and Buzz, Angel Kitty plays a solemn melody on her horn, fearing that she is losing faith to which a bigger Battlesaur tosses it into the fan, causing Angel Kitty to lose her instrument. Back with Reptillus, Trixie explains to him about the importance of playtime to which Reptillus decides to accept surrender. Later as the Cleric is still controlling Rex to drop Woody and Buzz into the fan, the plan was disrupted as the Battlesaurs and the rest of the toys all freeze together, canceling the attack with Woody, Buzz, and Angel Kitty rescued from the Pit when Mason and Bonnie arrive at the Battleopolis area while playing with Reptillus. It is then also known that the three toys that Reptillus fought at the Arena of Woe during battle have survived the battle - Fauntleroy being put back together, Pengo retrieving his missing head back, and Sock Ape having the robotic arms originally placed on Rex as a replacement of his two missing arms which he lost to the Dino-Hounds during battle. After playtime, Reptillus finally understands the true meaning of playtime. Bonnie returns home with the rest of her toys as the Battlesaurs remain at Mason's house.

Back at Bonnie's house, Woody, Buzz and Rex recap their adventures at Mason's house about their encounter with the Battlesaurs. During the credits, Reptillus looks around the Goliathon and the Dino-Hounds being played with other toys gently followed by the Cleric who adapted to understanding what playtime is just as Reptillus bids a farewell to Trixie.

Other appearances

In the 2015 Blu-ray release of Toy Story That Time Forgot, one of the bonus features is a fake intro of the Battlesaurs animated series where it depicts the Battlesaurs themselves as the titular characters of this "cartoon" and the animation provided for the "intro" was provided by Japanese animation studio, Studio Trigger.

In Kingdom Hearts III, the Battlesaurs aisle containing Battlesaur products can be seen in the Galaxy Toys toy store area in the Toy Box world, consisting of boxes containing said toy line's action figures and products alongside a statue of Reptillus inside the store.


  • The instrumental music that plays during the credits of Toy Story That Time Forgot is actually an instrumental version of the Battlesaurs theme song which is played with a music box tune.
  • A pattern of the Pixar Ball can be seen with the "Luxo" inscription on the Battlesaurs action figure boxes. This is a reference to the Pixar short, Luxo, Jr., where the titular lamp interacts with the Pixar Ball throughout the short.


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