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Rise, my beast of war! Rise!
Felldrake being used by Sheldgoose when summoning the Baydoodior

The Baydoodior (simply known as the War Beast) is an antagonist featured in Legend of the Three Caballeros. It is a large artificial monster summoned by Baron Von Sheldgoose as part of his plans to destroy Goblin Town.


The Baydoodior is a large golem-like rock monster created by the goblins to be their ultimate weapon. It is the most destructive monster the goblins have ever seen. According to Xandra's atlas, the Baydoodior's weakness is its heart and is the only way to defeat it. Although its weakness is its heart, weapons are ineffective against it, making the War Beast almost impossible to defeat. Being a monster, it intelligently detects aggression it hears or it notices and seeks any anger or conflict. Later when it detects love, peace, and harmony, it ultimately reacts to those living in peace and harmony and the large number of harmony it sees weakens it and causes it to explode.

Although it is the goblins' ultimate weapon, it is considered to be the most dangerous weapon ever made since it is not used frequently. Within Goblin Town is a scroll giving out instructions to summon the Baydoodior. When summoned, it causes rampage across town as part of Sheldgoose's evil plans. Later when Donald Duck, José Carioca, Panchito, Xandra, and the goblins (including Sheldgoose, Felldrake, and Leopold) all put themselves together in harmony, the War Beast reacts to the peace and harmony it sees and ultimately explodes peacefully.

Physical Appearance

The Baydoodior is a large golem-like monster with a red rock representing its heart and large stone materials used to make it. It also has a wolf-like head with glowing red eyes and a menacing appearance.

Role in the series

In "Stonehenge Your Bets", Felldrake discusses with the goblins about which weapon to use to fulfill their plans to which when planning to summon the Baydoodior, they suggest him to use other weapons such as the Flaming Catabog, the Thunder Screw, or a hamster instead to which Felldrake denies, demanding them to give him the ultimate weapon instead, which is the Baydoodior. Felldrake asks them to know where the utlimate weapon is at, to which they tell him that it is in a hidden room where it is sealed inside a chest, which prevents goblins from gaining access to summon this weapon.

After Sheldgoose, Felldrake, and Leopold find the scroll to summon the Baydoodior inside the chest in a hidden room, Sheldgoose uses the scroll to bring the ultimate weapon, much to the other goblins' shock. The Baydoodior's red heart appears absorbing rocks and the goblins' weapons which suddenly form into a huge giant monster. After escaping from Goblin Jail, Donald, José, and Panchito plan to find Xandra to which upon noticing a group of goblin soldiers charging at the Baydoodior as it is found out that Sheldgoose and Felldrake betrayed the goblins. Later upon finding Xandra, she explains to the Caballeros that the Baydoodior is a living war which thrives on conflict and according to the atlas, the only way to destroy the War Beast is to destroy its heart as Xandra and the Caballeros plan to face it and stop it from destroying Goblin Town.

Facing the Baydoodior, the goblin soldiers ready their weapons to attack the War Beast, but their weapons and arrows are ineffective on other parts as Xandra commands the goblins aim the heart, which is its weakness, Sheldgoose later discusses with Felldrake who understands that the Baydoodior feeds on aggression, making the monster more challenging and impossible to defeat as it can easily detect various sorts of aggression such as rebellious fighting, arguments, and other sorts of conflicts. After hitting Felldrake and his descendant, it then hears the tourist couple arguing outside where it plans to approach them to which it laters hear Felldrake arguing with his descendant. Instead of aiming for the heart Panchito, José, and Donald plan to "break" Donald's heart instead to which when José and Panchito are scolding Donald, the Baydoodior becomes distracted upon seeing their harshness and as the Caballeros and Xandra reconcile with each other, the Baydoodior starts reacting to their remorseful apologies, followed by Sheldgoose, Felldrake, and Leopold doing the same thing while the goblins do the same action. After Donald puts himself in harmony with everyone else, the Baydoodior becomes overwhelmed as it can't stand anymore harmony as it starts to explode peacefully, due to the harmony it sees and reacts to. With the Baydoodior finally defeated, King Vomit thanks Donald, José, and Panchito for defeating the War Beast and for saving Goblin Town.


  • The Baydoodior is one of the monsters featured in the show's opening theme.
  • Whenever the Baydoodior reacts to those living in peace and harmony, its aura changes from red to blue. Interestingly, the red aura represents wrath and the blue aura represents harmony.

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