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The following episodes of Bear in the Big Blue House are listed in the order of their original airing.

Season 1 (1997)

# Title Airdate Summaries Production Code
01 "Home is Where the Bear Is" October 20, 1997 Bear finds Ojo pretending, having created a tent that she pretends to be her home. Her pretend home gets him thinking about his real house, the Big Blue House. He decides to take us all on a guided tour of the home. He takes us to the food room, which we learn is Tutter's favorite room. The bathroom is the favorite room of Pip and Pop. Treelo likes Bear's room, mainly because of the duvet. Shadow retells the story of the little old lady who lived in a shoe. Finally, Bear also enjoys going up to the balcony, because he gets to talk there each night with his friend Luna. 101
02 "Water, Water Everywhere" October 21, 1997 Bear and his friends are interacting with water in this episode; be it real or imaginary. Ojo, for example, is pretending to sail a ship in the family room. Pip and Pop join her in the fun. Bear contemplates some questions of his about water; just what shape it is and why it is so wet. He finds Tutter in the kitchen trying to get some water of his own. He is trying to build something to make his way to the sink, but Bear helps him by giving him a lift. Bear also finds Treelo in the bath playing with bubbles. When the bubbles start to overflow, Bear has him pull the plug, but he is worried he will go down the plughole. Bear assures him that the plughole is always for water, and bubbles, too. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." 102
03 "Mouse Party" October 22, 1997 Today is Tutter's birthday, and the friends in the Big Blue House decide to throw him a special surprise birthday party. Pip and Pop are placed in charge of the decorations, but run into trouble with the balloons. All the noise attracts Tutter, but Bear manages to head him off with our help. Tutter learns that having a birthday means becoming one year older. He speculates on all the great things he will be able to do while he is older. Ojo works on the cake and Treelo wraps Tutter's present. Treelo, though, gets so excited about the birthday that at first, he wants to keep the present for himself. 103
04 "Shape of a Bear" October 23, 1997 Tutter is excited because Bear has promised to bring him a box, but he is getting a bit impatient at the wait. Viewers learn that the box is a rectangle and that there are shapes all around. They also find out that everyone has their own shape; something that Ojo, Pip and Pop learn when they become shape explorers. Treelo also learns about shapes when Bear plays with him in a tent he made out of a bed sheet. Shadow also pays Bear a visit and tells a story of a very special shape – a star. 104
05 "Picture of Health" October 24, 1997 Bear is excited and ready to do his Woodland Workout at the Otter Pond. When he heads into the living room, he finds Ojo and Treelo, who give him a pretend checkup. They diagnose him with "big bearitis," but give him just the right medicine to feel better. As he heads into the kitchen to leave the Big Blue House, he comes across Tutter, grunting and groaning. He discovers that Tutter is tired from trying to store stilton cheese in his mousehole for the winter and advises him to take "quiet time." Reluctant at first, Tutter eventually takes the advice. In the Shadow segment, Shadow retells the story of the five little monkeys jumping on the bed. 105
06 "Share, Bear" October 27, 1997 On a nice day at the Big Blue House, Bear is doing some gardening and friends are playing together quietly. At least, they were, until Ojo and Treelo have a disagreement when Treelo wants to play with Ojo's favorite stuffed toy Snow Bear. Bear suggests a way they could both play together. Meanwhile, Tutter has created a large sandwich and Pip and Pop want to have some. Tutter, however, thinks that he can eat it all himself. In the Shadow segment, Shadow retells the story of Baa Baa Black Sheep. 106
07 "Why Bears Can't Fly" October 28, 1997 Pip and Pop invite Bear to the Otter Pond for a game of catch, but he keeps getting distracted by other events in the Big Blue House. Ojo and Treelo are pretending to fly and it gets Bear thinking about gravity and things that fly. When Ojo takes a fall and hurts herself, however, after trying to fly for real, she starts crying and Bear has to tell her that bears and kids cannot fly, no matter how hard they try. He also helps Tutter to use gravity to get eggs into his mouse hole. In the Shadow segment, Shadow retells the story of Humpty Dumpty. 107
08 "Falling for Fall" October 29, 1997 It is fall in the Big Blue House. Treelo asks Bear to come into the living room, where Ojo is standing completely still. She is pretending to be a tree and so Treelo and Bear join and pretend to be an entire forest. When the leaves start falling off for all, Treelo begs for them not to go and Bear realizes that Treelo does not understand about why the leaves are falling off. As Bear begins hunting for Treelo, he comes across Tutter, who is pushing a pumpkin into his mousehole. Bear helps him to push the pumpkin and learns that fall is Tutter's favorite season because it is a time when everything changes. He is making pumpkin pie this year and he promises Bear a special something. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater" and also gives Bear a tip to help find Treelo. He eventually finds Treelo with Pip and Pop, trying to glue leaves back onto trees. He explains to Treelo that the leaves fall off to make way for new leaves in the spring and Treelo realizes that nothing is wrong with the leaves after all. 108
09 "What's in the Mail, Today?" October 30, 1997 One morning, Bear steps outside the Big Blue House just as he was about to check the mail. There is plenty of mail, but Pip and Pop are disappointed to learn there is none for them. Bear cheers them up by letting them deliver the mail to everyone and personally takes a letter to Tutter; his first ever. It is from his Grandma Flutter and he is very pleased to receive it. Pip and Pop deliver a package to Treelo, which turns out to contain a feather. Tutter decides to write a letter back to his Grandma. Ojo also receives mail; a postcard from her Uncle Koala. Shadow tells a story of a girl who wrote a letter, but lost it. 109
10 "Dancin' the Day Away" October 31, 1997 Bear is feeling great, so great that he rather wants to dance. His favorite dance is the cha-cha-cha, but he finds that the kids of the Big Blue House are dancing as well. Bear finds Ojo dancing a dance created herself; a variation on the flamenco called the "flamingo." When Bear turns on the radio in his room, but leaves to go find his maracas, Treelo comes in and dances. Bear's search leads him to the kitchen, where he finds Tutter taking a nap in the dish rack. Tutter tells Bear that he has "no rhythm, no beat," but Pip and Pop arrive to school him in dancing. Shadow sings a song about a dancing teddy bear. 110
11 "A Wagon of a Different Color" November 3, 1997 After Bear finds coupons for the market, he decides to take everyone in the Big Blue House to the market. He runs into an unexpected delay when he finds out that Ojo has decided to repaint the wagon. Bear teaches her all about mixing paint to create different colors, Treelo admires all of his own colors in the mirror after Bear was told not to disturb him when he found him, and Bear plays fashion consultant when Tutter cannot decide what color outfit would be best to wear to the market. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells an unusual version of the traditional "Roses are Red" poem. It ends with an alligator eating a blue-suede shoe. 111
12 "Dirt, I Love You So!" November 4, 1997 Bear and his friends, Ojo, Pip & Pop, Treelo and Tutter, show us the many things you can do with dirt. Planting a tree, digging for buried treasure, sweeping and making mud. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings Old MacDonald Had a Farm. 112
13 "Music to My Ears" November 5, 1997 Ojo has formed an orchestra and has invited everyone in the Big Blue House to participate. Viewers are invited to participate too as Bear and the kids hold a concert out at the Otter Pond. Ojo is the orchestra "constructor," and Pip and Pop are using pot and pan lids for cymbals. As Bear searches for his kazoo, he comes across Treelo and asks for his help. When Treelo spots a radio, he turns it on and starts singing and dancing to music. He then goes off to create his own instrument. Bear finds his kazoo and also finds that Tutter wants to play the clarinet, but it is too big for him. Bear helps Tutter to come up with another way to participate in the orchestra. In the Shadow segment, Shadow presents the tale of the cat and the fiddle. 113
14 "All Connected" November 6, 1997 This episode focuses on all types of different connections, such as telephone wires and zippers. When Bear saw a heartbroken Pop, he said that Pip was at the doctor's office and he is sad that he missed him, and then Pop burts into tears, crying, Tutter came by and made a puzzle, Treelo and Ojo made a train, and Bear had a toolbox called Bearcraft Tools. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings the song, "London Bridge." 114
15 "Summer Cooler" November 7, 1997 It is a hot summer day and Bear and everyone else in the Big Blue House are taking it easy. Bear receives a checkers set in the mail and plays checkers with both Pip and Pop and Treelo. To his surprise, they win handily, despite never having played the game before. They seem to have developed a wild move to take all of Bear's checkers in a single flurry of jumps. Pip and Pop also beat the heat by hanging out at the Otter Pond. They're later joined by Ojo, Treelo and Bear, but Tutter has own way of staying cool. He has created his very own Club Tutter in the kitchen, using the sink as a swimming pool. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of Jack & Jill. 115
16 "The Big Little Visitor" November 10, 1997 Tutter receives a letter in the mail that his Grandma Flutter is paying a visit to the Big Blue House. Bear informs Tutter that the letter says she is coming today, which sends Tutter into something of a panic. His Grandma likes for things to be clean, but Tutter does not feel there is enough time to get ready. Everyone in the Big Blue House helps Tutter to make a go of it. They clean up the house, Tutter cleans out his mousehole, and Pip and Pop weed the flowerbeds with Ojo's help. Having all gotten dirty, they take a bath. But then, Bear does the cha-cha-cha and Tutter joins, leaving him all hot and sweaty. Grandma Flutter arrives and Tutter learns she is just happy to see him. He even finds out some things he never knew about her before. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of "Hickory Dickory Dock," about the mouse who went up the clock. 116
17 "A Winter's Nap" November 11, 1997 On a cold winter day, Bear puts on his nightcap and decides to take a nice winter's nap. However, it would seem that others in the Big Blue House have other plans for Bear. Ojo comes to Bear in alarm; concerned about the sudden disappearance of her duck friends from the Otter Pond. Bear makes her a cup of cocoa and tells her about migration. Treelo takes Bear outside, telling him there are feathers falling from the sky. Bear introduces him to the delights of snow. Bear finally settles down for the nap, but is woken up by Pip and Pop. They take him outside, where all the kids have a special surprise for him. Tutter has been trying to take a nap too, but with all the noise, he finds himself just as awake as Bear. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tries to help Bear get to sleep. She sings "Rock-a-bye Baby." 117
18 "Working Like a Bear" November 12, 1997 It is time for Bear to go to work and a bear's work is berry-picking. He invites the viewers to join him as he locates his berry-picking bucket and hunts for berries to fill it, including strawberries, boysenberries, blueberries, blackberries and huckleberries. Before he finds his bucket, he finds Ojo and Treelo playing in the living room. Their game has come to a halt, as Ojo is tired of Treelo pretending to be a baby. Bear helps her to find something new to play and shows her how Treelo can still be the baby in the new game. Bear learns about Tutter's work, which includes cleaning up his mousehole and shopping for cheese. Shadow sings the song "I've Been Working on the Railroad" and gives Bear a tip as to where to find his berry-picking bucket. Later, after Bear finishes his work, Bear talks with Pip and Pop and helps them to see that they too do work. 118
19 "Magic in the Kitchen" November 13, 1997 Bear has just gone inside the Big Blue House for some relaxing swinging in the living room. Ojo, however, is soon there to remind Bear of a promise he made. She is very hungry and Bear had promised to make her his "incredible banana berry whole-wheat pancakes with maplely syrup." So Bear heads to the kitchen to get cooking, and Ojo offers to help out. She goes to get Snow Bear and soon after, Pip and Pop join in the cooking. When Pip and Pop accidentally made a mess when trying to catch the eggs and when Ojo slipped and falls flat on her back on the egg yolks when she got the bag of flour, Bear has to clean themselves up, so that they will have to start over. Later, Tutter and Treelo appear soon after and Tutter's a bit annoyed and angry with Treelo for taking him flying through the trees. Still, they join in the preparation as well; Bear has them set the table. Tutter disagrees with Treelo as to how to fold the napkins, but Bear gets them working together on a new way to do it. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings the song "Muffin Man." In her version, however, the Muffin Man is a super treat that is able to fly into your mouth (with a little help). 119
20 "Spring Fever" November 14, 1997 Spring has come to Woodland Valley once again, and everyone in the Big Blue House has spring fever. Pip & Pop assist Bear with his spring cleaning, Tutter and Ojo plant seeds in their garden, while Treelo is just wild with excitement and energy. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary." 120
21 "A Plant Grows in Bear's House" November 17, 1997 Everyone in the Big Blue House teaches us about the many things that grow. Pip and Pop plant a seed and wait for it to grow, while Tutter tries on his baby clothes but realizes that they do not fit because he has grown a lot. In the Shadow segment, "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary," is repeated from Spring Fever. 121
22 "Eat, Drink Juice and Be Merry" November 18, 1997 As Bear and his friends prepare for a picnic, they all choose which foods they want to bring, some of which includes cheese sandwiches, clams, and bananas. The Shadow segment, "Muffin Man," is recycled from Magic in the Kitchen. 122
23 "Need a Little Help Today" November 19, 1997 Bear has caught a cold and his nose is so stuffed up that he just has to take it as assumed that the viewers smell good today. Tutter suggests he get a little rest on the couch and then the kids all decide that they'll do their best to help Bear feel better. Tutter recalls that when he needed some water, Bear helped him to reach the faucet. Ojo brings Bear her favorite toy, Snow Bear, to help cheer him up. She recalls the time when he helped her to feel better when she fell down while trying to fly. Pip and Pop deliver Bear a package containing a clam with the message "Get Well Soon." They recall the time when Bear let them be postal delivery otters. Treelo gives Bear a hug and recalls the time that he was afraid of going down the drain in the bathtub. And Tutter recalls a time when he was not feeling all that well himself. 123
24 "Lost Thing" November 20, 1997 Bear hears a shout coming from the kitchen and finds Ojo begging Tutter to let her peek inside his mousehole. When he will not let her, saying that she is too big, she starts crying. It turns out that she has lost her favorite toy, Snow Bear. Not wanting to see her in tears, Tutter agrees to help her find it; mice are great at finding things. Pip and Pop soon join the hunt, but Bear's bedroom gets rather messed up in the process. Ojo begins to despair, but Bear helps ro raise her spirits by encouraging her to keep up the hunt. Treelo then comes up with a great idea that could help her to find Snow Bear. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of the "Three Little Kittens;" the ones that lost their mittens. 124
25 "Listen Up!" November 21, 1997 Bear receives a package in the mail containing a tape of soothing sounds. He is eager to sit down and listen to them, but Ojo is worried that the tape will disturb the game of "camping in the woods" she is playing. When she learns its soothing sounds, she is eager to hear them, but then Treelo shows up and starts making noise of his own. At first, Ojo is annoyed, but then Bear helps Treelo with making some sounds that will not bother Ojo. All of this gives Ojo a great idea for a real camping trip. Meanwhile, Tutter is busy dancing, but does not want any part of the camping trip when he hears about it. Pip and Pop are interested, though, after Bear tells them about it on their plastic cup telephone. 125
26 "Friends for Life" November 24, 1997 Pip and Pop are playing hide and seek, but disagree on where they should play. Bear introduces them to the method of flipping a coin. Bear stops to contemplate friendship and then finds Treelo waiting for Ojo. He wants to play their favorite game: Rock Boy and Snow Bear, but Ojo keeps dashing off outside. Treelo tries to get Tutter to play the game instead, but finds that Tutter is not interested in the game. Both of them eventually join Pip and Pop's game of hide and seek and then find out the reason why Ojo has been so busy; she had made friends with a little rabbit! In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of Old Mother Hubbard. She looks for a bone for her dog so she went to the Bakery to get him some bread, the grocery store to get him some fruit, then she went to the barber shop to get him a wig and he really loved the wig. After the story, Shadow said dogs are great friends to her. 126

Season 2 (1998)

# Title Airdate Summaries Production Code
01 "Ooh Baby, Baby" June 1, 1998 Tutter's Grandma Flutter has to go to her dance class, so she drops her little granddaughter, Baby Blotter, off at the Big Blue House for Bear and Tutter to babysit. Tutter learns how to take care of a baby. But, when Blotter breaks down crying, everyone tries to help her feel better. Nothing works until Treelo comforts her, gives her his baby rattle, and says he loves her. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings "Rock-a-bye Baby," repeated from "A Winter's Nap". 201
02 "Raiders of the Lost Cheese" January 6, 1998 The gang finds a map in Bear's attic leading to the "Great Lost Cheese" that Tutter's ancestor buried nearby the Big Blue House. They all decide to set out and look for it. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings "The Bear Went Over the Mountain". 202
03 "The Big Sleep" January 13, 1998 It is nighttime at the Big Blue House. Bear takes out the trash. Then, Bear is all set to sit on his swing and read a good book. Then, Ojo shows up; it turns out that there is a sleepover over scheduled tonight that Bear completely forgot about it. Before he knows it, Tutter, Ojo, Treelo, Pip and Pop are all there and ready for the big sleepover, despite his protests that they're not ready. He tries to settle back down to his book, but there is a lot to do during a sleepover. He prepares the kids a snack, reads them a story and supervises as they all brush their teeth. Finally, everyone is ready to go to bed, after some final, special good-night touches. Ojo has difficulty getting to sleep, but eventually dozes, only to be awakened by a bad dream. Bear soothes her back to sleep and then finds Shadow. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow sings her own special version of the lullaby "Hush, Little Baby," while trying not to disturb the sleeping characters. 203
04 "Clear as a Bell" January 13, 1998 Bear is excited to receive a Spanish-language teaching tape in the mail, as he is hoping to use some Spanish phrases in his upcoming phone conversation with his friend Ursa. Tutter learns a new way to communicate as well when he gets a case of laryngitis and Bear gives him a bell to ring if he needs anything. Bear shows Treelo how to use his words to communicate during a pretend game with Ojo and as he deals with this and the situation with Tutter, Pip and Pop learn from his Spanish tape, perhaps even more than Bear does. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow presents a version of the classic counting rhyme "Over In The Meadow." 204
05 "Good Times" January 20, 1998 Today, everybody wants time with Bear, and he gets the big idea to make a schedule that will accommodate everyone's wishes. Everyone is happy with this arrangement except for Treelo, who is having a hard time waiting for sunset time, his scheduled time with Bear. 205
06 "You Learn Something New Every Day" January 20, 1998 Bear emphasizes how important it is to learn something new every day. He gets a free mambo lesson, and the others are very excited when they learn that the teacher is Grandma Flutter. In the Shadow segment, Shadow presents the story "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe." In her version, the story is told by a doctor. 206
07 "Back to Nature" January 27, 1998 After Ojo runs in from the kitchen, scared of a bee, Bear suggests that they watch a bee at a safe distance in order to find out what the insects do other than sting. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings a nature song to the tune of "Home on the Range." 207
08 "The Ojolympics" January 27, 1998 On a nice day in Woodland Valley, Ojo finds that she wants to play some sports. She gets the idea to start The Ojolympics, her own special version of the Olympics. Everyone in the Big Blue House gets excited about the Ojolympics, but Tutter gets a bit too excited and becomes determined to win every event. In the Shadow segment, Shadow presents the story of "Jack Be Nimble." 208
09 "The Great Pretender" February 2, 1998 Everybody is pretending and having a great time, expect for Tutter, who, after a little questioning, blurts out that he really does not know how to pretend. Through a little friendly trickery, Bear shows Tutter that he is better at pretending than he thought. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells a story about a man who likes to pretend. 209
10 "It's All in Your Head" February 3, 1998 Bear is planning to take the kids of the Big Blue House to the fair. He has a number of things he needs to remember and to help him with this, he has tied a number of strings to his fingers. As he gets everything together, the kids get things together as well, and try to remember the things that they need to do. Bear also helps Treelo to retrace his steps when he loses his backpack. He then helps Ojo & Pip and Pop remember to pack snacks for the fair. He finds Tutter in the attic and they share some memories of a Tutter family reunion. Later, after the fair, he helps Tutter out when he forgets what he did with the stuffed elephant he won at the fair. In the Shadow segment, Shadow presents a song about a man and a woman who remember each other, even when they're far apart. 210
11 "Oops, My Mistake" February 9, 1998 Bear accidentally receives a piece of Doc Hogg's mail and decides to call him and let him know about it. Soon, it is a whole day of mistakes, including wrong numbers, a broken vase, and Pip & Pop's accidental discovery of a new type of sandwich. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of "Little Bo Peep." 211
12 "Bear's Birthday Bash" December 9, 1998 It is Bear's Birthday. He goes to check the mail and finds a nice card from his friend Ursa. He then settles in to enjoy a relaxing day. He wants to do nothing at all, but the kids of the Big Blue House have other ideas. When they find out about Bear's plans for the day, they talk about just what they can do to show Bear how much they appreciate him. Ojo decides that they should give him a surprise party. With our help, they work hard to put together the party, while making sure the surprise is not spoiled. Shadow even helps out, first by distracting Bear and then telling him a story about the children of the week. 212
13 "Picture This" December 14, 1998 Since Bear's friend Ursa has never seen the Big Blue House, he has decided to take some pictures of things around the Big Blue House and make an album to send to her. As he searches for good opportunities, he finds that the kids of the Big Blue House are curious about his camera. Tutter seems to keep popping up whenever he tries to take a shot in the kitchen, so he finally has Tutter pose for a photo. The other kids have their photos taken as well. Treelo is a bit reluctant because he does not understand how the camera works and is worried he'll be sucked into it. While taking everyone's photos, Bear also notices that his camera seems to keep disappearing, but by the time he looks for it again, it is back where it was. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells an unusual version of the traditional "Roses are Red" poem. It ends with an alligator eating a blue-suede shoe. This is repeated from "A Wagon of a Different Color". 213
14 "The Big Blue Housecall" December 14, 1998 Doc Hogg pays a special visit to the Big Blue House to give everyone a checkup. Before he arrives, Pip and Pop dress up as doctors and pretend to give a checkup to Treelo. Bear tells the viewers all about Doc Hogg and what doctors do. Later, Doc Hogg gives everyone their checkup, but Ojo seems to have disappeared. Bear finds her hiding with Snow Bear; it turns out that she is scared of getting a shot. Bear helps her out by teaching her a special song that Doc Hogg once taught him. 214
15 "Change is in the Air" December 22, 1998 Bear has been planning on a visit from Doc Hogg, but finds his plans disrupted when a spate of colds at the swamp forces Doc Hogg to change his plans. Later, Doc Hogg calls up to say that Doc Owl took care of the problem so he can come over, only to call again because he missed his bus. Meanwhile, the kids of the Big Blue House find themselves dealing with change as well. Tutter and Treelo explore the idea of eating cheese in the form of a ball instead of wedges or slices. Pip and Pop try to find a new game once they get bored with their old one. Ojo finds that she has to adjust her favorite cap, because she is growing. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow tells a story of a robin who manages to have fun even in snowy weather entitled "The North Wind doth Blow." 215
16 "Look What I Made" December 24, 1998 (Christmas Eve) At the Big Blue House, Bear finds that his friends are all making inventions. Tutter has decided to create a "mouseapult," hoping to reach the cheese drawer more easily. He finds that it still has some kinks to work out. Ojo and Treelo create a device called an "everything machine." It is just pretend, but it is still a lot of fun. Additionally, Bear finds that Pip and Pops' ball is stuck in a tree, but he finds that he is not quite tall enough to reach it. He ends up inventing a ball-grabber device, but it turns out to be more of an "everything-grabber." In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of "Yankee Doodle," or tries to anyway. She finds, though, that Yankee Doodle has different ideas about the type of animal he should be riding on and what he sticks in his hat. 216
17 "If At First You Don't Succeed..." February 16, 1998 When Ojo decides to pretend that she is a big bear, Bear invites her to join him on a berry-picking expedition at the Otter Pond. He is going to make a triple-berry pie, but first needs the most important ingredients. He teaches Ojo the essentials; showing her what types of berries are good to pick. After she learns the basics, Bear leaves her to the picking so he can prepare the crust for the pie. He and Ojo also find that Pip and Pop are trying something new. They each have a new toy: their very own otter hoops. When they cannot get them to work, they express concern that they're broken. Bear and Ojo help them to see that often you have to practice at something before you can be good at it. In the Shadow segment, Shadow puts her spin on "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush." In her version, a dog and a woman are washing clothes by hand, but decide instead to take them to a laundromat. They're then freed up to go perform in a circus, until a man sends them back to work on the laundry. 217
18 "All Weather Bear" February 23, 1998 Last night there was a big storm, but today it is a warm, sunny day outside, so Bear and the kids have decided to go swimming out at the Otter Pond. They've even come up with something tempt Tutter out of the Big Blue House and into the water: a floating chair that even includes a place for him to put his cheesarita. Everyone goes outside for some summer fun, but they find that the pond is covered in debris blown in by the storm; leaves and branches everywhere. They all work together to clean it up, but then it starts raining. Tutter scatters at the first sign of rain. Pip and Pop want to stay outside, but when the lightning comes, in they go. Inside, Ojo and Treelo find themselves bored, until Bear gets their imaginations going for a weather-filled trip to Ojo Island. Pip and Pop despair the rain, but learn that without the rain, they could never have fun at the pond. Then, once the rain stops, Ray provides a special surprise for everyone. The Shadow segment, "The North Wind doth Blow," is recycled from Change is in The Air. 218
19 "I Built That!" February 27, 1998 Bear gets a birdhouse kit in the mail and he is really excited about building it, but Pip, Pop, and Tutter are even more excited about making something out of the box that the kit came in. After gladly giving the box to his friends, Bear starts build the birdhouse on his back stoop, only to find that Jacques, an industrious local beaver, has bigger plans for Bear's seemingly simple subject. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of "The Three Little Pigs" and the Big Bad Wolf and at the end of the story the wolf is dressed in bows even though he is a boy. 219
20 "Tutter's Tiny Trip" March 2, 1998 Tutter is going for a trip with his grandma today and is a little worried about the whole "big world, little mouse" thing. Bear assures him that traveling is a really great thing. "Although the world is big, its bigness makes a lot of wonderful things to see and learn, and all of his friends will be waiting for him right here in the Big Blue House when he gets back... " In the Shadow segment, Shadow presents a story about a cat spy who catches a mouse at the queen's castle. 220
21 "Dance Fever!" March 9, 1998 It is a peaceful, relaxing day in the Big Blue House, or at least it would be if it were not for Treelo. While Ojo draws a picture, Pip and Pop create a still-life, Bear swings and Tutter naps (though he does not want to be disturbed by anyone), Treelo wants to "dance-dance-dance!" Nobody wants to join him at first, but Treelo's persistence soon has everyone dancing. First, Bear does the Bear Cha-Cha-Cha. Next, Tutter feels like doing the limbo. Later on, Grandma Flutter pays a visit. Treelo has finally become all tired up, but Grandma Flutter gets him up-and-going to do the mambo. 221
22 "Afraid Not" March 16, 1998 When Bear talks to Ray in the morning, he learns that there is a thunderstorm coming. He gets things ready for the upcoming storm, and then hears Ojo and Treelo racing inside. They got scared by the storm and are worried that they're still in danger. Bear assures them that he is prepared at that they're safe inside the Big Blue House. Tutter gets scared too, and everyone is really scared when the power goes out. Bear allays their fears with his Bearcraft flashlight, but then Tutter gets scared by his shadow. Eventually, the power comes back on, and the kids start a game of hide-and-seek. Tutter then comes across Pip and Pop pretending to be a purple flower monster and is scared into hiding himself. Although they were just trying to have fun, they eventually realize their mistake and apologize. Together, everyone summons Shadow, who tells the tale of "Little Miss Muffet". In Shadow's version, Little Miss Muffet is not the least bit scared of the spider who sits down beside her and invites it to share her curds and whey. 222
23 "I Gotta Be Me!" December 21, 1998 Bear searches for a new look, but along with everyone else in the Big Blue House, he finds that when you feel good about yourself, just about anything is possible! In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of "Little Jack Horner". 223
24 "Buggin'" March 27, 1998 There is a bug loose in the Big Blue House. The house is divided between bug lovers and, well, bug not – lovers. That is, not until Tutter, a bug not-lover, learns that this particular bug is one of the best gardeners around. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells a story about a ladybug whose house is on fire. 224
25 "Love is All You Need" April 1, 1998 (April Fool's Day) It is a rough day for Bear, because all he can think about is Luna. He misses her. Pip and Pop express how much they love everything. They even make up a love song, "Otter Love." Meanwhile, Tutter accidentally breaks Ojo's new toy airplane when he sits on it. This angers her, and she dropped him as a friend right on the spot. Soon, she learns that friends are more important than toy airplanes, and getting angry with her friends over an accident only makes them feel worse. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells a story about a man and woman who play with a flower. 225
26 "It's a Mystery to Me" April 1, 1998 (April Fool's Day) There is nothing like listening to a good mystery on the radio. But when Ojo's ribbons, Pip & Pop's sticks and Treelo's feathers mysteriously disappear, the gang puts on their own detective caps and gets ready to solve a real mystery in the Big Blue House. The Shadow segment, "Little Bo Peep," is repeated from Oops, My Mistake. 226
27 "As Different as Day and Night" April 8, 1998 One morning, Bear is trying to decide on what type of tea to have; cold iced tea or hot tea. With the viewers' help, he decides on the iced tea. He also finds Tutter trying to get some tea as well, but needing his help to get a glass and the sugar. At first, Tutter is bothered by how his small size keeps him from doing anything. Then, he helps Bear and he finds that being the opposite of big is not so bad after all. More opposites are explored when Bear keeps filling his lemonade glass and Pip and Pop keep emptying it. He also shows Ojo and Treelo how they can dance together, alternating their opposite favorite styles of music. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow presents a feature called "Stories of Incredible Opposites," featuring a story about Jack Sprat and his wife. 227
28 "Grandparents Just Want to Have Fun" April 8, 1998 Pip and Pop can hardly wait for their grandma Etta and grandpa Otto to visit. But when Bear unexpectedly has to leave the Big Blue House, the gang is a little uncertain what to do with their elderly visitors. 228
29 "The Way I Feel Today" April 15, 1998 The characters of the Big Blue House find themselves feeling many different ways and Bear is there to help sort it out. Things all start when Pip and Pop are happy and excited after they receive a fantastic new toy in the mail: Clammy, a talking clam. Later, they're extremely sad when they think Clammy is broken. Elsewhere, Treelo gets angry with Ojo for spilling his feathers out the window, but Ojo is hurt and worried because it was only an accident. Treelo says he wants to stay angry forever, but Bear helps to see that this may not be what he really wants. Later, Tutter's hilarious impressions have everyone feeling silly. In the Shadow segment, Shadow explores the feelings of a girl who is good at rock and roll but has a curl of hair pointing out of her forehead. 229
30 "You Go, Ojo!" May 6, 1998 When Bear receives a photo of Ursa in the mail, Ojo is off and running, discovering her "girlness." But as she and everyone else in the Big Blue House learn, it is not being a boy or a girl that matters. It is just being yourself. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells a story called "Girls and Boys Come Out to Play." 230
31 "Scientific Bear" November 30, 1998 When Tutter decides to investigate new uses for Swiss cheese, Bear suggests a scientific experiment. Soon the whole gang is taking a look at the world around the Big Blue House, and before long, they find that, with a little curiosity and a question, you can be scientists, too. 231
32 "Boys Will Be Boys" November 30, 1998 When Bear reads Tutter the story of "Mousy the Great," Tutter wants to be just like his hero. But when Ojo rescues him from the "dragon," he's not too sure he's very good at it. With a little help from Bear, Tutter learns that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. And every single one is great. The Shadow segment, "Girls and Boys Come Out to Play," is repeated from You Go, Ojo! 232
33 "I Was Just Thinking" December 1, 1998 Bear has received a book of brainteasers and is eager to try some of them. As he tries them out and shares them with the viewers, he finds that the kids of the house are doing some thinking as well. Tutter found a piece of string and is delighted because there's all sorts of things he can do with it. A couple of things he does include using it as a lasso for cheese and as a trail to direct Bear to a present: his very own ball of string. While out at his favorite thinking spot, Bear talks with Pip and Pop. They try to do some thinking of their own, but cannot figure out anything to think about. Bear helps them to see that they are in fact, thinking, and helps them to recap several things they thought about later during the day. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells a story about a man in the wilderness. It finally comes time for a break from all that thinking and Ojo and Treelo decide they want in on whatever fun thing Bear is going to do. It turns out that it's time for The Bear Cha-Cha-Cha! 233
34 "Wish You Were Here" December 1, 1998 When the gang all leaves the Big Blue House for the day to go to a square dance, Bear is looking forward to getting a lot of chores done. However, each chore he starts somehow reminds him of one of his friends, and before long, the house seems awfully peaceful. In the Shadow segment, Shadow presents a story about a 49er to the tune of the folk song "My Darling Clementine." In the story, the miner's daughter, Clementine, is going away, but she tells her Dad that he is just going to school and she'll e-mail him. "What's e-mail?" asks the miner. 234
35 "And to All a Good Night" December 2, 1998 It is a special night in Woodland Valley; tonight is the night of Harvest Moon. There is a special party out at the Otter Pond and Luna even has a special surprise for Bear. Bear and his friends enjoy the delights of the night, such as fireflies and constellations. Tutter does his best to stay up, but Bear allows him to catch a little sleep before the big celebration. Bear searches for party lanterns for the celebration, but it is ultimately Pip and Pop who find them. Everything is finally ready for the big party and it has drawn quite a crowd; besides Bear and the kids, Doc Hogg, Lois, Otto and Etta, Grandma Flutter, Christine and even the big old bullfrog are there. In fact, everyone is there except Luna; they're worried she may have disappeared behind a cloud. But it turns out she was just getting her special surprise ready; an old friend Bear has not seen in a long time. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells a wild story about a man who takes a trip to the moon in a balloon. 235
36 "Call it a Day" December 2, 1998 Bear and the kids have had a busy day and are now turning in for the night. Ojo, Tutter, Treelo, Pip and Pop are all sleeping over in the living room of the Big Blue House. He tells them a bedtime story about a dragon and some very brave knights just like them who helped it. Bear reflects on all of the great things that can happen in a day. In flashbacks, he and the viewers take a look back at some things that happened that day. He and the kids all had a lot of fun at the Otter Pond, splashing and playing ball. In fact, Pip and Pop had so much fun that they get out of bed to ask if they can go back down there right now, but Bear tells them it'll still be there tomorrow. Bear also recalls that Tutter tried to eat a large amount of carrots and bran to get ready for a checkup with Doc Hogg. Bear helped him to see that he was already ready and when Tutter shows up full of energy, Bear gives him some warm milk to help get him to sleep. Bear also recalls that Ojo pretended that Snow Bear was her baby; giving her a bath in the sink and feeding her mashed fruit. He gives Snow Bear a good-night kiss, and Ojo one too. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells a story about a day in the life of a dog. 236
37 "We Did it Our Way" December 3, 1998 When Pip and Pop lose a jar lid down a hole, Bear helps them to see how they can cooperate to solve their problem. Bear asks for the viewers' help as he prepares a pie for Doc Hogg. He completely forgot about it and Doc Hogg will be arriving soon. As he gets ready, he overhears Tutter and Treelo. Tutter does not want Treelo to be a puppy in his game of "King Tutter the Great", but Bear introduces the two to a game called "The Hound of Yarsburg". The Shadow segment, "Stories of Incredible Opposites," is recycled from "As Different as Day and Night". 237
38 "What's the Story?" December 3, 1998 It is time for the Annual Woodland Valley Storytelling Festival at the Big Blue House and viewers are invited to come and listen in! As everyone gets ready for the story, Bear prepares the food and other accommodations, while also stopping to help his friends in the Big Blue House. Tutter has found a great beginning and ending for his story, but it is seriously lacking a middle. Bear also helps Treelo and Ojo with an idea for telling a story in pictures. Finally, guests from all over Woodland Valley start arriving in droves – everyone from Doc Hogg to Big Old Bullfrog. Doc Hogg "entertains" everyone with the story of his life; Pip and Pop read from a comic titled The Adventures of Clamiana Jones; Lois tells a tale in off-key song and Shadow sings the tale of "The Frog Prince". 238
39 "When You've Got to Go!" February 1, 1998 Bear and Tutter are trying to have a fun game of checkers, while Ojo and Treelo are having their own fun playing. For some reason, though, everyone seems to be talking about the potty and the bathroom. It all starts when Tutter needs to use the potty, but does not want to leave the checkers game. Bear assures him it will still be waiting for him. Later, Ojo has an accident and is very embarrassed, but Bear lets her know it is okay; accidents can happen to anyone. When Pip and Pop hear about the day's events, they invite everyone to join their secret club: the Mystic Order of the Toileteers. It is for everyone who uses, or is going to use the potty. In the Shadow segment, Shadow introduces a song with some new twists on the phrases "party party" and "potty training". 239

Season 3 (1999)

# Title Airdate Summaries Production Code
01 "Friends at Play" September 9, 1999 Ojo is excited about a visit from her friend, Christine Rabbit. The two quickly get involved in one of Ojo's imaginative games: a pillow castle. Tutter arrives and asks if they'd like to play checkers, but Ojo tells him she is in the middle of her game with her "best friend," Christine. Tutter is hurt by the use of the term "best friend." He creates his own friend to play with, "Mr. Cheese," but Bear helps to mend his friendship with Ojo. He also finds Pip and Pop at odds with Treelo out at the Otter Pond. He keeps pretending to be a monster during their Deep-Sea Divers game and they do not like it at all. Bear, however, introduces them to a game called The Treasure of Kalamazoo Bay. In the Shadow segment, Shadow retells the story of "Mary Had a Little Lamb." The lamb in this version drives a car, skies and scuba dives in its efforts to follow Mary everywhere she goes. 301
02 "Nothing to Fear" June 2, 1999 When Bear receives a package from "L.L. Bear" in the mail, he is surprised to find that he received a skunk clock rather than the bear clock he ordered. Rather than returning it, he decides to give it a try and hangs it up in the kitchen. He hears Ojo and Treelo outside and finds Treelo swinging on a swing. He gets off and asks Ojo to try, but finds that she does not want to. She admits to being somewhat scared, but finds a compromise in starting out by first taking small swings. As Bear heads off into the living room for a nap, Tutter is disturbed by the "tick-tock" of the skunk clock, mistaking it for a real skunk. He is scared by it, but eventually comes to realize that it is actually alive and is nothing to be afraid of. Out at the Otter Pond, Pip and Pop play a game called "Double D Dare." When their daring starts to get dangerous, Bear suggests that they think of things to do that are silly, but not potentially dangerous. Sometimes, if you're scared to do something, there may be a very good reason for it. 302
03 "Lost and Found" June 2, 1999 Pip and Pop are out playing ball when they find a little duck who seems to be looking for something. He introduces himself as Harry and says that apparently his family got lost while they were flying south. Bear takes the opportunity to remind the viewers about what they should do if they were ever lost and promises to help reunite Harry with his family. Meanwhile, the kids of the Big Blue House get acquainted with Harry the Duck. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow tells a story about a dame who has lost her shoe and a master who has lost his fiddle-stick. 303
04 "The Senseless Detectives" July 19, 1999 Bear is busy doing some cooking; he is making his annual batch of cookies for everyone in Woodland Valley. As he starts to bake the cookies, he gets a call from Ojo and Tutter. They're pretending to be Big Blue House detectives, but they feel that they've solved all the mysteries in the Big Blue House, or perhaps even the world. Bear gives them a new challenge by using dishtowels to blindfold them so that they can play one of his favorite games: "What is It?" Using senses other than sight, he first has them identify a flower and then peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Later, they find an actual mystery to solve when Treelo reports that his "banananana" is missing. With Bear's help, the senses of touch and smell are used to track down the stinky, squishy old banana. When the cookies are finally finished, the kids decide to cover up all their senses except taste in an attempt to get Bear to give them some cookies. He quickly ends the game; he was planning to share the cookies with them anyway. They all end up sharing the cookies together outside, as Pip and Pop express their appreciation for all the wonderful sounds, sights and smells of nature. In the Shadow segment, Shadow retells the story of Little Red Riding Hood. In her twist on the story, the Granny is a doctor. 304
05 "Halloween Bear" October 21, 1999 It is Halloween at the Big Blue House. The house is all decorated and everyone is getting ready. Bear helps his friends to find costumes and helps Tutter with a pumpkin carving. He always helps out Treelo when he is scared by Ojo's bat costume. Later, everyone gets together for some fun trick-or-treating. The kids have all picked out their Halloween costumes, but Bear has not been able to find anything to dress up as. The kids go through Bear's box of costumes and come up with an amusing idea. In the Shadow segment, Shadow performs the song "What Do Shadows Do for Halloween?" 305
06 "You Never Know" June 9, 1999 It is Ojo's birthday. She already knows that everyone has put together a big party for her, but she does not know about some special surprises. These include the biggest of all; a visit from her good friend Ursa. Pip and Pop learn just how important it is to keep such a surprise. Treelo also learns something about surprises; that sometimes they are fun, but the wrong kind of surprise can be scary. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow sings a verse of "Pop Goes the Weasel." 306
07 "It's All About You" June 9, 1999 Tutter receives a postcard in the mail from his Uncle Jet Setter Tutter. He is a famous explorer, but he has not seen Tutter since he was just a baby mouse. He wants Tutter to write back and tell him all about himself. Tutter is worried that he'll have nothing to say, but Bear helps him to see that there is a lot that is unique about him. He also talks with Pip and Pop, who have noticed that they're not quite as alike as they thought. Bear tells them that even though they're different, they can still be great friends. He also helps Treelo to come up with a game that suits his own unique personality when he gets bored with playing Ojo's tea-party game. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow retells the story of the ugly duckling. She talks about another ugly duckling who did not grow up with dashing good looks, but found that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 307
08 "Woodland House Wonderful" June 16, 1999 Despite something of a mess in the living room of the Big Blue House, Bear is prepared for a relaxing day. He settles down for some relaxing music listening, but then receives a phone call. It is Ms. Henrietta Vanderpeen, informing him that the Big Blue House has been selected as the House of the Month for Woodland House Wonderful. Bear is excited, but worries about the state of the house. He tells the kids the exciting news, but finds out from them that there is even more cleaning to do than he thought. Everybody pitches in to get ready by cleaning the house, taking a bath, and brushing their teeth.

In the shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of "There was an old woman tossed in a basket," Bear asked shadow how she stays clean she told him when her place on the wall gets messy she moves over to a cleaner spot.

09 "I've Got Your Number" June 16, 1999 As Bear readies ten jars of honey to distribute to the residents of Woodland Valley, Pip and Pop are excited about a visit from the cousin Tally. Their enthusiasm is dampened, however, when they find that Tally has a new hobby, counting things, so Bear tries to help them to see that numbers can be fun. Tutter also learns about numbers when Bear teaches him about measuring. 309
10 "What's Mine is Yours" June 23, 1999 A package comes in the mail for Ojo: a book from Ursa titled Bears Around the World. Ojo wants to keep it all for herself at first and read it alone, despite Tutter and Treelo's pleas for her to share it. Bear explains to them that sometimes when somebody has something new, they might want to keep it to themselves at first. But as Ojo becomes excited by the book, she begins to change her thinking. Meanwhile, Bear finds himself sharing quite a bit. He shares his food, he shares his berry-picking bucket with Pip and Pop and he lets Ojo, Tutter and Treelo use his bed as a comfy reading spot. The Shadow segment, "Baa Baa Black Sheep," is recycled from Share, Bear. 310
11 "Bear's Secret Cave" June 23, 1999 Pip and Pop, along with Treelo have decided to go fossil-hunting. They've gathered up all their gear in a backpack and are ready to go. This gets Bear thinking about discoveries and how much he enjoys discovering things himself. He then hears Ojo and Tutter calling him. They've been searching around the attic and came across an old, dusty box. It turns out to be a treasure chest filled with some of Bear's old things. He remembers that the played with them all in a secret cave, but he cannot recall just where exactly the cave is. Ojo and Tutter decide to get the help of the rest of the kids to rediscover the secret cave. Once there, they find out some things they never knew about Bear and realize that he is a lot like them. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells a story about how Columbus discovered america in 1492. 311
12 "Smellorama" June 30, 1999 Spring has come to Woodland Valley and Bear is delighted by all of smells of the season. It is a veritable smellorama for him. As he makes his way to the kitchen, he finds smells there as well. Tutter has created his own "smellseum." Bear loves the smell of lilacs in his collection, but does not think much of his limburger cheese sandwich smell. Later, he finds Ojo with Treelo in the living room. As Mademsoille Ojo, she's trying to create special perfumes to capture the essences of her friends. She creates "Eau de Treelo" and then invents a perfume for Bear. Later on, Bear helps Pip and Pop to track a rather stinky smell. They find Ojo and their old friend Snook the skunk, who has found a new way into Bear's secret cave that even Bear can fit into. He also tells them all about his favorite smells, some of which are rather stinky. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells a story about an entire town that seemed to have lost its scent. As it turned out, though, everyone living there simply had a cold. 312
13 "I For-Got Rhythm?!?" June 30, 1999 One morning, Bear finds that he can no longer do The Bear Cha-Cha-Cha. It seems that he has simply lost his rhythm. It is so bad that he cannot even say "cha-cha-cha." He loaned his records to Doc Hogg, but when he cannot get them back, he has to find some other way to regain his rhythm. Pip and Pop attempt to help by providing their services as the "rhythm-masters." Later, Bear finds Treelo dancing to a calypso beat and joins in. In the Shadow Segment, Shadow sings a song called "Tingalayo." About a donkey, it features a Latin beat. She also gives Bear a tip to help find his rhythm. 313
14 "Wait for Me" January 2, 1999 Patience is discussed at the Big Blue House, while Ojo and Pip and Pop wait for a package to arrive. Tutter cannot wait for his cheesy fruit pops to be finished, so Bear helps him out with an alarm clock that will let Tutter know when the pops are finished. 314
15 "Morning Glory" January 2, 1999 Bear, Tutter, Treelo, Ojo, Pip, and Pop have just had a sleepover and now Bear is waking up in the morning. It is still early, but the sun is about to rise and then everyone will be getting up. Some rise faster than others; for example, Ojo finds all the morning noise upsetting at first, but given just a bit longer to sleep, she is good to go. Bear gets everybody going with a good breakfast. Treelo wants to run and play, but Bear helps him to appreciate that breakfast will give him the fuel to do that. Then, fueled and ready to go, they head for the events of the day. While Tutter, Treelo and Ojo go out flower-sniffing, Pip and Pop decide to go riding in their inner-tubes. When Pop cannot find his, they all help to tidy up the house in an effort to find it. Bear then settles down to read a book, but not before the Shadow Segment. Shadow sings a song about the morning, featuring a newspaper-fetching dog and sweetly mooing cows. 315
16 "That Healing Feeling" January 9, 1999 When Bear hears a commotion in the living room, he finds Ojo and Tutter in something of a panic. They were playing and Tutter hurt his tail. It is all bent up and in a lot of pain. Bear does his best to help him feel better and then puts in a call to Doc Hogg. Doc Hogg asks Bear to bring Tutter over to his office, but Tutter is somewhat scared. Ojo's been there before, though, and offers to come with him. He also brings along his stuffed toy, Kitty. When he gets there, he is still somewhat scared, but eventually finds that there is really nothing to be afraid of. In the Shadow segment, Shadow retells the story of the five little monkeys jumping on the bed, which is recycled from Picture of Health. 316
17 "The Tutter Family Reunion" January 9, 1999 The annual Tutter Family Reunion is held at the Big Blue House. Everyone works hard to get ready for this big occasion featuring Tutter's huge family. 317
18 "Bats are People Too" January 16, 1999 As the viewer arrives, Bear decides to try something a little different; he wants the viewer to sniff him. It turns out that Bear's idea may have been prophetic because some very different things are happening around the area of the Big Blue House. Pip and Pop were out playing by the Otter Pond when they found something they've never seen before: something with wings hanging upside-down from a tree. Bear explains to them that it is a bat. He tries to tell them all about it, but they disappear in a flash. Bear returns to the Big Blue House, where Ojo and Tutter both express the same sentiment. They're scared of the bat and do not want to have anything to do with it. Things only get worse when they all sit down and talk about it. Bear, however, meets the bat, whose name is Benny, and asks everyone to meet it. They agree and find that not only is he not like what they expected; Treelo is already his friend! 318
19 "Words, Words, Words" January 16, 1999 Bear wakes up early on a sunny day and finds himself thinking about words. He enjoys reading the words in the Woodland Valley Gazette, as it helps him to keep up-to-date on what is happening in Woodland Valley. While reading the paper, he hears a commotion in the kitchen and finds Harry and Tutter playing there. Tutter wanted to play knights and shining armor, but something about what he is saying is causing Harry to quack up a storm. He told Harry that he could be "Big Beaky the Dragon" and now every time he says "big beak," Harry goes "all quacky." Bear has the two talk things out and Tutter finds that Harry is sensitive about the size of his beak. He apologizes, saying that he likes his beak. Next, Bear helps Pip and Pop when they cannot find the "whatchamacallit" that stops the water from draining out of the bathtub; the plug. Pip and Pop find that they'e good with words, and rhyming. Later on, Ojo and the others hold a tea party in the attic. Harry is shy and afraid to join in, but Bear tells him that if he uses his words, the others will let him join in. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the tale of Peter Piper, who picked a peck of pickled peppers. 319
20 "Let's Get Interactive" September 6, 1999 Doc Hogg is remodeling his office, so he asks Bear to hold some of his stuff at the Big Blue House for a while, including his computer. This machine, called the Hogulak 2000, is set up with a couple of great programs: one featuring pictures of animals and also a daily puzzle. He also gives Bear permission to use it, so he shows Tutter and Ojo how it works. They learn that computers are interactive and that interactivity is not something that can just be done with computers; just doing something as simple as talking with someone is interacting. At first, they're reluctant to use the computer, but are soon having fun with it. As it turns out; Pip and Pop already know about interactivity; Pip shows Bear how much fun it is for him to interact with Pop, as opposed to something like a rock. Bear takes a crack at solving the daily puzzle, with the help of Treelo. In the Shadow segment, Shadow introduces the viewers to Gus, an "interactive shadow-dog" who is looking for his friend Gloria. 320
21 "The Yard Sale" September 6, 1999 Doc Hogg stops by the Big Blue House to collect for charity. He is collecting for muskrat relief following recent flooding that left many of them homeless. Bear is completely out of money, so Doc Hogg agrees to come back later. Bear and Ojo then find Tutter struggling to cram an excess of stuff into his mousehole, giving Ojo the idea for a yard sale. The idea takes off and Pip and Pop are assigned to be sales-otters. Treelo finds some things of his own to sell and Ojo helps out by painting pictures. Tutter, however, finds it difficult at first to part with some of his things. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of "To Market, To Market." 321
22 "The Best Thanksgiving Ever" November 20, 1999 It is Thanksgiving at the Big Blue House and every year, Bear prepares a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. There is all sorts of delicious food and Grandma Flutter and Doc Hogg are coming over to join the celebration. Everyone is very thankful for Bear's great feast, but Ojo wonders if there is not more she can do to help. She becomes a sort of Thanksgiving commander and takes charge of the decorations and the Thanksgiving pageant. Ojo wants everything to be perfect, but soon finds things going outside her control. When it seems like all is ruined, Bear provides some reassuring thoughts on what the holiday is really all about. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of the very first Thanksgiving. 322
23 "Read My Book" November 13, 1999 Bear is holding his weekly book club. He is excited that the mail has come because he ordered a new book and sure enough, there is a package waiting for him. However, when he opens the package, he finds that the book is called 1001 Ways to Cook Slop. This definitely is not the book he ordered. A quick phone call to Jeremiah Tortoise reveals the mixup; Bear might have received Doc Hog's cookbook by mistake, while Doc Hog got the book intended for Bear. He says that he'll get the problem taken care of as fast as he can. This leaves Bear with a bit of a dilemma (and also drama), as he still needs a book to read for his club, but it could take a while for Jeremiah to bring the right book. Bear decides to search the Big Blue House for another book to read. As he goes about his search, he finds that everybody in the Big Blue House has ideas on books that he could read. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings a song about how fun reading can be. 323
24 "Go to Sleep" September 27, 1999 Ojo is sleeping over at the Big Blue House. Bear helps get ready to go to bed, tucks her in and aids her in "surfing off to dreamland." Ojo falls fast asleep and Bear thinks of getting some himself when he hears a knocking at the back-door. It turns out that Jeremiah and Doc Hogg have arrived for an exciting card game of Go Fish. Jeremiah brought the cards: special cards that actually contain pictures of fish; but Bear has not even put out any snacks. He totally forgot that they were having their game and now all the noise threatens to disturb both Tutter and Ojo. Sure enough, Tutter shows up, saying that he needs a drink of water. Bear tries to attend to Tutter's needs, while keeping his attention on the card game as well. 324
25 "A Berry Bear Christmas (1)" December 7, 1999 The winter holidays find Bear and his friends planning a big celebration. They're all getting ready for Christmas, but also learn about Chanukah and Kwanzaa. Bear also celebrates his favorite tradition, the finding of the winter berry. As things start out, Pip and Pop have put together a reindeer wreath. Everyone wants to help out with the wreath, so Bear suggests they all add something of their own. Later, the group meets Santa Hogg and presents him with a large list of holiday wishes. Then there is a bit of an argument when Treelo wants to open everyone's presents and not just his own. After hearing a howling noise, the group takes in an old hound named Jack with no home and invites him to stay for the holidays. This gets everyone thinking about the true meaning of the holidays. In the Shadow segment, Shadow thanks Bear for his gift of a scarf; Shadows do not get cold, but it is the thought that counts. She then sings the song "It's Kwanzaa Time." 325
26 "A Berry Bear Christmas (2)" December 7, 1999 In the second part of the Berry Bear Christmas special, the entire gang (now with Jack) goes out caroling. As the kids settle down to try to figure out what to do about a Christmas present for Bear, Bear turns his attention to the finding of the winter berry. Jack overhears the kids' conservation and suggests making something. Everyone enjoys their presents, but they worry that they've left out Jack. Jack helps them to see that they've already given him a gift. Later, the search for the winter berry proves fruitful for all. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings a song about a Chanukah dreidel. She then wants to give Bear a present, but says there is not much a shadow can give a bear. So she has him kneel down and she gives him a kiss. 326

Season 4 (2002-2003)

# Title Airdate Summaries Production Code
01 & 02 "Welcome to Woodland Valley" September 9, 2002 In the first part of "Welcome to Woodland Valley", viewers learn that a tragic event has happened in Woodland Valley: a tree has fallen and ruined part of the village library. Everyone is upset about it, but the entire Woodland Valley community is pulling together to help out. When the kids of the Big Blue House, including Harry, find out, they decide to help in their own way. Viewers explore more of Woodland Valley than they've ever seen before, visiting the library, the post office, the general store and the mouse school that Tutter will be attending, among other locations. In the second half of the two part special, the plans are coming together for a potluck dinner Bear is holding. Everyone will get together at the Big Blue House, eat good food and talk about solutions to fix up the library. The kids are hard at work collecting books to restore the library's collection. And Doc Hogg is getting down to business as to just what to do about the tree currently occupying a large portion of the library. He wants to remove it, chop it up and use it for firewood to heat all of Woodland Valley, but Ojo discovers possums who live in the tree. When the others discover the possums, they decide not to remove the tree. So they tried to figure out something else. 401 & 402
03 "Step by Step" September 16, 2002 Tutter is getting ready to start going to Mouse School. His teacher, Miss Maxwell, is coming to visit him at the Big Blue House. Tutter is excited about the visit, but worries over things like what tie he should wear and how he should introduce himself. Then, Ojo, Pip and Pop tell him that he'll have to know a lot to go to school, and he begins to worry that he is just not ready. As he frets, Treelo helps Bear to make a cake. And when they all pay a visit to the General Store, Pip and Pop note the training wheels on Ojo's bike. Worried they make her seem like a little bear, she borrows Bear's wrench to remove them. When she tries ride without training wheels she falls of bike, and Bear tells her that it is too early to ride without training wheels because she only started ride by bike and she should revert them. 403
04 "First Day at Mouse School" September 17, 2002 It is Tutter's very first day at Mouse School. He is really excited and happily shows off his bookbag and other school supplies to the other kids in the Big Blue House. Meanwhile, Bear and Doc Hogg share a tearful shock and start crying over how much he's growing up. But when it comes time to go to school, Tutter is scared that he will not fit in. Bear agrees to accompany him and to wait outside the school, until he's comfortable with being there without him. 404
05 "Rockin' Rocko" September 20, 2002 Pip and Pop are eager to introduce Bear and everyone at the Big Blue House to Rocko; an old friend of theirs that they have not seen in a long time. On the way to pick him up, they describe him to Bear as being a bit shy, so it comes as a big surprise when the Rocko they meet up with turns out to be full of energy; singing and dancing and raring to go. Indeed, it seems like Rocko is going to be a lot of fun at first, but then he starts trying to play games that everyone is uncomfortable with and behaving rudely. Suddenly, nobody wants to play with Rocko, but Bear wonders if Rocko is hiding something behind his "cool" personality. 405
06 "When Harry Met Hallie" November 4, 2002 Harry visits the Big Blue House with big news; his Mama has laid an egg and it is going to hatch really soon! Everyone in the Big Blue House is excited about the hatching. They pay Mama Duck a visit, but then return to the Big Blue House to give her some peace. Harry is excited at first to be a big brother, but doubt begins to creep in when the kids at the Big Blue House tell him some of the things they've heard about babies. It starts to seem like there is not going to be any time for him. He recalls their predictions as Doc Hogg unconsciously talks him out of his favorite toy and Treelo draws a picture; not for himself, but for the baby. 406
07 "Show and Tell" September 18, 2002 Ojo is in a hurry for Tutter to get home from Mouse School so that they can play their favorite game, Cave Explorers. Bear goes to pick Tutter up and finds out that Tutter has an assignment; everyone at Mouse School is to give a show-and-tell of their favorite thing on Monday. Tutter considers it a big responsibility and is eager to get started, even though Bear notes that he has all weekend to work on it. Tutter gets so caught up in the project that he tells Ojo he does not have time to play cave explorers. Ojo becomes upset and feels that all Tutter ever talks about anymore is school. Meanwhile, Bear plans for a relaxing day at the Big Blue House, but is distracted by a leaky faucet. 407
08 "Tutter Gathers Some Moss" September 19, 2002 Bear is coaching soccer team for Mouse School. At the first team practice, the team is confused by Bear's complicated diagram, while Tutter is amused by a comment of Moss'. Tutter decides he wants to be Moss' friend, but is worried because he has never actually made a new friend before. He has known the kids in the Big Blue House practically his whole life and thinks of them as family. When he hears that Ojo made friends with Christine Rabbit by doing nice things for her, he gets the idea that the way to make friends with Moss is to impress him. 408
09 "History, Herstory, Bearstory" September 23, 2002 When Bear plays hide-and-seek with Tutter and Ojo, Ojo puts an abrupt end to the game when she calls for the two of them. It turns out that she has discovered something interesting: some sort of old stones or bricks. Bear says that it looks like the remains of an old house and so Tutter and Ojo decide once again to be detectives and figure out what the deal with it is. Bear takes them to the library where they find a picture of the house as it once was in a book titled Houses of Woodland Valley. Otto and Etta recognize the name of the home's owner; Hephaestus as being the name of Jeremiah's great-grandfather. So Bear, Ojo and Tutter head to the General Store, where Jeremiah has quite a story for them. 409
10 "At the Old Bear Game" September 30, 2002 Pip and Pop absolutely love baseball. They collect baseball cards and are especially obsessive in their interest in Ferret Jeeter; their baseball idol who they believe to be capable of any sort of amazing feat you could possibly think of. They declare Ferret Jeeter to be their hero and take little notice of Bear's trying to tell them that he knows Ferret Jeeter; after all, everyone knows Ferret Jeeter. But it turns out that Bear really does know him personally; he and Ferret were classmates (and teammates) at Hazelnut High. Bear invites Ferret over to the Big Blue House, where he teaches the gang some things they never knew about Bear. 410
11 "The Amazing Skippy" October 7, 2002 Treelo invites his squirrel friend Skippy for a visit to the Big Blue House and the kids are all excited to meet him. They are all surprised to learn that Skippy is blind and have a lot of questions for Bear while Treelo takes Skippy on a tour. They learn from Bear that Skippy has a disability, but is not sick and that he likes to do many of the same things they do. As Skippy joins the kids during the day, they begin to wonder if he has special powers. He seems to know things that he seemingly could not know without some sort of special power. Skippy, however, teaches them that there is a lot one can tell simply by using all one's senses. 411
12 "Let's Hit the Road" September 20, 2002 At Mouse School, Miss Maxwell announces a field trip and gives all the mice a permission slip for their parent or guardian to sign. Tutter is excited about the trip at first and eagerly tells the kids at the Big Blue House about it when he gets there. When he tells them that Miss Maxwell said the location would be a surprise, Pip and Pop figure that the trip must be to a field. The kids think about all of the fun things they could do on a trip around the world. Tutter, however, becomes very worried that he is going to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. He hides his permission slip from Bear and later decides to fake being sick. Meanwhile, Ojo plans a big trip on her bike. She plots out her course, but finds that sometimes you need a guide, such as a responsible adult, to help out. When Miss Maxwell hears that Tutter is worried about the trip, she provides him with some reassuring, but also a bit surprising news. 412
13 "Appreciation Day" July 7, 2003 It is an ordinary day at the Big Blue House, but Bear decides to check his calendar, wondering if there is anything special coming. He checks his calendar and finds that tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day. Wondering if Tutter and the other mice at mouse school know, he decides to tell them before soccer practice. It turns out when he arrives that the mice were just in the middle of talking about how much they like Miss Maxwell. Bear decides to split them all into teams of two and partners Tutter with Lily to make Miss Maxwell a gift. Tutter is not too sure about the arrangement at first, worrying that the shy and quiet Lily will not be very good at helping him to make Miss Maxwell a gift. Bear, however, persuades Tutter to give Lily a chance and things start coming together nicely. They write a poem for Miss Maxwell. There is another special appreciation surprise later on. In the Shadow segment, Shadow retells Aesop's fable "The Lion and the Mouse". 413
14 "Show Your Stuff" October 27, 2003 One weekend, Bear decides to start hobby: "whittlin'". He gets a block of wood and an instruction book, but finds that his early efforts do not look much like the duck in the book. He determines, however, to keep trying. Meanwhile, the kids in the Big Blue House are exploring talents of their own. Ojo continues working on her bike-riding, while Pip and Pop have developed a synchronized-swimming routine. Treelo searches all over for his talent. Tutter, however, experiences a lack of confidence when he learns how great Rita is at kicking the ball in soccer. He tells Bear that he is quitting the team. 414
15 "The Great Bandini" November 3, 2003 Bear and the friends from the Big Blue House are on their way to attend a performance of a famous musician, the Great Bandini. All of them are in awe of the Bandini's skill and on their way, they meet somebody headed to the concert: Edwina Badger. Edwina Badger helps them all to see the musical talents that they also possess. They learn that there are all sorts of ways to make music and that the voice can be a powerful instrument. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings a song about jazz music. 415
16 "Big Blue Home of the Brave" October 28, 2003 When Miss Maxwell notices Tutter's enthusiasm for singing the Woodland Valley Mouse School Song, she asks him to sing the Emmentaler Solo in the upcoming recital. Tutter is nervous at first, but the other mice express their approval of the idea and he agrees. Later, his doubts resurface when practicing at the Big Blue House, but his friends offer him reassurance. Bear discusses the idea of bravery and notes that being brave often sometimes means simply trying something new. For example, as Ojo's skill on her bike continues to improve, she once again decides to try taking off her training wheels. In the Shadow segment, viewers learn about a flounder who decided to become a cowboy. 416
17 "A Trip to the General Store" October 20, 2003 On a nice day, Bear decides to make a trip to the general store to pick up some things he needs. Hearing that he is going to the store, everyone in the Big Blue House asks if they can come too, and Bear agrees. They ask him just how the whole process of buying things and getting money works, so he tells them all about how to earn money and how clams are used as currency in Woodland Valley. Bear wants to get going to the store, but instead they all split up to find ways to earn money. Finally, they all get going to the store. But something happens at the store that teaches them another lesson entirely. Also, Bear spends some time with Shadow at the store, and she tells him a story about a turtle who saved money. 417
18 "A Strange Bird" October 6, 2003 One morning, Bear decides to visit the post office, knowing that Jeremiah can be slow in delivering the mail and wondering if anything has come. At the post office, he finds a two-week-old postcard that reveals that a penguin named Puck from the South Pole is paying a visit to the Big Blue House; today. Bear hurries home to greet Puck. Everyone there is eager to meet him, but the kids begin to worry when they find his food tastes and his behaviors somewhat odd. They try to play with him, but worry that they just do not understand him. Meanwhile, Tutter learns all about diversity at Mouse School. 418

Season 5 (2006)

# Title Airdate Summaries Production Code
1 "The View from You" April 25, 2006 At Mouse School, Miss Maxwell shows the mice a fruit bowl and asks some of them to tell her what they see. She explains the idea of point of view and assigns everyone a project to demonstrate their point of view to the class. Tutter struggles with the assignment; as far as he is concerned, he sees things from a "boring old Tutter point of view," and not any differently from anyone else. After hearing about the assignment, Treelo paints some paintings to show his point of view. Meanwhile, Tutter finds a camera his Grandma Flutter gave him and decides to make a film called Mouse on Mars; but not only does he not know much about Mars, it does not really represent his point of view. He joins Bear in listening to a Shadow story about the point of view of a duck and a ladybug. Afterwards, Treelo's paintings provide inspiration. 501
2 "To Clean or Not to Clean" April 24, 2006 Bear returns to the Big Blue House from a business trip for Bearcraft Tools to find that everything is a mess. He left Lois in charge while he was away and it seems she was perfectly willing to go along with the kids' idea of not cleaning up so that they'd have more time to play. Now Ojo and Treelo are missing their toys; Snow Bear and Rockboy, Pip and Pop have been stuck in one spot playing an increasingly boring game of tag and Tutter is trapped in the cheese drawer. Bear talks things over with everyone and they begin to see that maybe their time-saving idea is actually wasting time. They then have the same sort of idea about taking a bath, but Bear helps them by getting them to visualize what would happen if they stopped taking baths. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings a song about how to make doing chores fun. 502
3 "Great Ball of Firefighters" April 25, 2006 Bear is in charge of refreshments for the Woodland Valley Firefighter's Ball and Otto and Etta Otter have come to the Big Blue House to help out. As Bear heads to Mouse School to pick up Tutter, they work with Treelo, Pip and Pop to get things ready. At Mouse School, Tutter finds out that the mice kids are planning to do a dance called "The Mumble Mambo" at the ball; one with which he is not familiar at all. At the movie theater, Ojo watches a classic film with Doc Hogg and gets her own idea of just what a ball should be like. When it comes time for the actual ball, neither have a good time, until Bear helps them to see past their expectations. 503
4 "Grandma Flutter's 100th Birthday" April 26, 2006 It is Grandma Flutter's 100th birthday. Bear and the kids of the Big Blue House take some time to reflect on aging and all of the experiences that life has to offer. Ojo, Treelo, Pip and Pop work to decorate the house and prepare for the party, but Tutter still needs to pick out a gift for her. Bear takes him to the General Store, but he is not sure exactly what to buy her. While at the General Store, Tutter learns about some of the wonderful things that his Grandma has done in her life. As he hears more and more, he becomes overwhelmed, until Bear helps him to see how he can work it all into a perfect gift. Bear also plays a game of chess with Doc Hogg. He is not very good, but Doc Hogg helps him to see that he has a lot of time to learn. Shadow also pays a visit and tells a story about the life of a hammer. 504
5 "Tutter's First Big Sleepover Bash" April 26, 2006 While Treelo, Pip and Pop are staying at Etta and Ottos', Tutter holds a sleepover for all classmates at school at the Big Blue House, with Ojo joining in as well. The mice are astounded by the size of the house and everything in it, but Bear does his best to assure them that they'll be well taken care of. He suggests that they think of it as their "home away from home." They decide to play a game called "parmcheesy" and Ojo is worried because it sounds like a game only for mice, but Tutter assures her it would not be a party without her. When it comes time for bed, Keisha wants to call her parents and soon all the other mice do too. As for Tutter, he is a bit worried what the mice will think of his stuffed toy, Kitty, but Bear shows him that they all have their own stuffed toys. As they settle in to sleep, Luke is first uncomfortable with his pillow and then wants to hear a lullaby. Shadow appears to sing her special lullaby, but Luke misses the one sung by his parents and wants to go home. 505
6 "Volunteers of Woodland Valley" April 27, 2006 Bear plans to head out into Woodland Valley to do some volunteer work, but is sidelined when he trips and falls on a skateboard left out by Pip and Pop. His "extreme skateboarding" has left him with a sprained toe, as diagnosed by Doc Hogg. Pip and Pop, as well as Tutter, Treelo and Ojo want to help out Bear, so Doc Hogg suggests they do some volunteering in his place. At first they're not sure they can do anything to help, but agree after being encouraged by Doc Hogg and Bear. Doc Hogg drops off Tutter, Pip and Pop at the library and Ojo and Treelo off at the fire station. At the library, Tutter, Pip and Pop find that a lot of Bear's volunteering there involves heavy lifting, but decide that they can help out with storytime. As they read Little Bunnies on the Glen to a group of actual little bunnies, Ojo and Treelo try to help out at the fire station. They cannot change the tries on the fire truck, Bessie, like Bear was going to, but they can help to clean it up. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells a story about a boy who loves to volunteer. 506
7 "Let it Go" April 28, 2006 When Bear visits the kitchen for a glass of water, he finds Pip and Pop wanting one as well. They make a dash with the water for the Otter Pond, saying that they have a "serious situation." They tell Bear that they're worried the Otter Pond is going to dry out and Woodland Valley will turn into a desert. Bear offers them reassurance and then seeks to find out the origin of this rumor. It turns out to have come from a rather surprising source. Later, when rain finally does come in the form of a storm, both Bear and Shadow do their best to assuage the kids' worries. 507
8 "This is Your Life, Bear" April 28, 2006 When Bear decides to do some relaxing and tune to his favorite station, WCHA-CHA, he hears an announcement for a contest. The station will play a sample from a cha-cha record and the first caller to identify the name of the tune and the artist will win. Bear resolves to sit tight so that we will not miss the contest, but has to get up to help out when the kids in the Big Blue House call. Luckily, he manages to make it back in time for the contest and succeeds in being the first caller and identifying the record. He wins a trip for himself and everyone in the house to Sequoia City. Tutter overhears him celebrating, but only hears a little of it — he hears Bear saying that he needs a vacation and thinks that he is upset. He and the rest of the kids decide to put together a special celebration for Bear to show him how much he is appreciated. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells a story about a horse. 508

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