"Beastie Billy" is the first segment of the sixth episode of Billy Dilley's Super-Duper Subterranean Summer.


Marsha is convinced that Billy has been cursed after he takes a rock from a sacred patch for scientific analysis.


Billy is securing a specially shaped rock in the rock pillar forest to use as a fuel source for his machine the Zuber Duber. He returns to the house to tell Zeke and Marsha the good news. However, Marsha is horrified to learn where he got the rock from. She explains that while conversing with an orangutanasaurus, she learned that when one steals a rock from the rock pillar forest, that person gets cursed into a beast; explaining the orangutanasaurus species. Billy does not believe in the curse, but decides to return the rock to appease Marsha. Before he leaves however, he decides to try it out on the Zuber Duber just to see if it can work. It does, but the Zuber Duber flies away. Marsha returns and immediately learns what happens; forcing the two to go look for it.

As they leave the house, Billy's stomach begins to growl. Marsha identifies insatiable hunger as one of the symptoms and despite Billy admitting that he has not eaten anything, Marsha suggests they hurry. They come across a field and Billy begins to have an allergic reaction. He explains that he is allergic to petunias, but Marsha believes it is the next symptom: heightened senses. Billy remembers that he can just attract the Zuber Duber with its homing beacon and manages to retrieve it. As they get in their jeep to return it, Billy spots a hair on his chin and believes that the curse is real. He begins to become feral and chases Marsha into the house.

Marsha and Zeke try to block all exits to keep Billy from entering, but miss one hole. They manage to knock him out and rush to return the rock. They reach the rock pillar forest with Billy close behind and try to get a rock person (who resembles a giant rock with a human face) to remove the curse. He explains that their is no curse and offers the obvious explanation for Billy's condition. Billy suddenly acts normal, but knocks down several rock pillars which turn out to be the cursing kind. Billy, Zeke and Marsha return to their home now with furry beast like appearances.



  • Marsha claims that Billy is her second best friend with her first being a sock puppet named Dame Footsworth.
  • Billy is revealed to be allergic to petunias.
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