Becky Thatcher is a literary character from the works of Mark Twain .


Development History

Becky is a literary character created by Sam "Mark Twain" Clemens who first appeared in his 1876 love, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. She is the girlhood crush of Tom Sawyer and a considerably uptight and stuck-up yet mischievous girl. Tom's story largely revolves around his on-again/off-again puppy-love romance with her as she learns the virtue of his cunning.



Tom and Huck

Becky is the tritagonist of this film based on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, reprising her role from the book.

Disney Parks

Becky made her first Disney appearances at the Disney theme-parks, before having received any appearances in other media.

Tom Sawyer Island

Becky is references throughout the island. Notably there is a fence with white paint on it reading, "Tom X Becky".

Meet 'n' Greets 

In the early days of Disneyland, Becky was among the Mark Twain characters who would appear portrayed by cast-members.


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