Beef Jerky is a character from the Quack Pack episode; "Ducks by Nature ".

Ducks By Nature

Beef Jerky is first seen introducing himself to Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Susie McGuider, and Gustav Goose at Team Wilderness Challenge Camp as their Team Wilderness Challenge leader. After Donald accidentally bumps into him, he challenges him to prove who is the best woodsman. Beef's attempts to prove Donald otherwise fail; even with cheating. Their rivalry gets them lost and separated from the other young hikers. During their journey, Beef starts warming up to Donald as a friend and regrets his earlier actions on him after Donald manages to save their lives from danger. While Donald's nephews and their friends try to find them, Beef and Donald accidentally harass and try to avoid a swarm of bees after accidentally disturbing their hive, a love-struck moose who mistakes both of them together for a female moose, a Grizzly bear after accidentally entering his cave and disturbing him, and a space alien out of nowhere. After the hikers find them, Donald and Beef manage to trap the animals in a cabin. Unfortunately, their actions forces a ranger to make them pay a 1,000 $ fine for harassing wildlife, which causes them both to argue and fight again. After the animals return to their habitats, Susie walks with Gustav into the sunset, and the young Ducks fight over Susie then state "hiking munches," Beef chases Donald away while trying to hit him with a wooden club when blaming him for being forced to pay the 1,000$ fine.


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