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|image = BenKendallGForce.jpg
|image = BenKendallGForce.jpg
|films = ''[[G-Force]]''
|films = ''[[G-Force]]''
|games = ''[[G-Force (video game)|G-Force]] (voice)''
|occupation = Scientist<br>Director of G-Force
|occupation = Scientist<br>Director of G-Force
|actor = [[Zach Galifianakis]]
|actor = [[Zach Galifianakis]]

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Dr. Ben Kendall is a scientist and director of the G-Force in the film G-Force.

He's portrayed by Zach Galifianakis.



Ben has informed Darwin that the FBI is shutting the unit down. He has him, Blaster, Juarez, and Speckles investigate Saber but the chip they downloaded contained nothing, as a result, the team was disbanded and the animals had to be put down. Once the guinea pigs escaped, they informed about Speckles' demise, upset and blaming himself, he reveals to them who they really are. However, Ben always believed in them they can be more than just "balls of fur waiting for their next pellet", Ben made them vehicles to evade the FBI and get to Saber's mansion. Once finding out about Speckles' plot and stopping his plan, Ben and the G-Force are reinstated and got their funding back.


  • According to Ben's profile:
    • He weighs 180 lbs.
    • He was born on September 21st, 1970.
    • His identification number is 1709813354.
  • The license plate on his jeep is 3PCI441.
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