Benny is a supporting character from the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens. He is an unusual child who is friends with Cricket Green and hangs out with him and his other friends.



Benny is a strange child. He is the youngest in his circle of friends (which include Cricket and Tilly Green, Remy Remington, Kiki and Weezie). Despite this, he seems unusually well adjusted and has a pretty high vocabulary for his age. He can be pretty grim such as in "Swimming Fool" where he claimed that the last kid who jumped from the high dive had caused a "b[l]oodbath". Conversely, he acts like a typical 5 year old as he enjoys the Croblins film series and sometimes causes stress for his mother by acting like he does not know her.


Benny is a tiny child, much smaller than Cricket or Remy. He has yellow skin and a small blue tuft of hair on his head. He has an oval shaped head and puffy cheeks. He typically wears a simple cyan colored shirt and red pants with black shoes.


  • Benny seems to have a speech impediment as his l's and r's are occasionally replaced with w's like Elmer Fudd.

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