Bent-Tail Junior is a small coyote, presumably the son of Bent-Tail.

Classic cartoon appearances

Sheep Dog

Pluto protects his sheep against ever-hungry coyotes. Bent-Tail disguises Bent-Tail Junior as a lamb to secretly get his prey.

Pests of the West

Pluto guards the chicken house from a hungry coyote, Bent-Tail, and his hungrier son, Bent-Tail Junior.

Camp Dog

While camping out, Pluto must protect the food from a hungry coyote, Bent-Tail, and his son, Bent-Tail Junior.

TV films

The Coyote's Lament

An old Bent-Tail relates to his grandson how he and his son, Bent-Tail Junior, tried to change their eating habits and attempted to raid a chicken coop, guarded by Pluto.

Bent-Tail Junior then tells his son about the good they do for themselves and farms by getting rid of rabbits and prairie dogs so cows can graze and they can get lots of food. He then tells his son that dogs, like Pluto, are distant cousins of coyotes and were once fierce hunters until man domesticated them. At the assistance of Bent-Tail, he tells his son about the time when the two tried to steal food from a campsite.

Bent-Tail Junior tells his son about a humorous way he would hunt turkeys, followed by telling him how dogs have softened up by living as pets. However, Bent-Tail then recalls the tale of the time Pluto's wild instincts came out, then the father tells his son about how he and his father tried to steal sheep while avoiding Pluto.

Bent-Tail Junior and Bent-Tail tell the young coyote about how their methods of hunting were picked up by Indians, and Bent-Tail proceeds to tell the coyote about an old Indian tale about the legend of Coyote Rock. The show ends with Bent-Tail Junior telling his son that he should be proud of being a coyote.

Disney's Coyote Tales

In this extended remake of "The Coyote's Lament", an adult Bent-Tail Junior teaches his son on to be proud of being a coyote by telling him various different stories where they’ve had run-ins with Pluto which are foretold through a marathon of their old cartoons as flashbacks. In this film, he is voiced by Jim Cummings.


  • He has a habit of staring at the audience.


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