Bent-Tail is a coyote, and an adversary of Pluto.



Bent-Tail is a slender, faded-brown coyote with floppy ears, with a swatch of red hair, and cream-colored chest. He also has a long jaw, with a big black nose, with two fangs protruding, in a style similar to what inspired Don Bluth.


Whenever he sees food, he's all over it, and would do anything to get it. But he and his son Bent-Tail Junior always have to get by Pluto in order to do so, and they fail every time but they try not to give up.

After appearing in four theatrical shorts, Bent-Tail and his son weren't seen anymore in cinema. However, the two were revived in the TV movie The Coyote's Lament from Walt Disney Presents. Here, Bent-Tail is an elderly coyote, while Junior is an adult and has a son of his own. The film also introduced the signature "Yip Yip Yip Yowl" song that would be the coyotes' theme song. Pluto appears in the film as their foil once again in the cutscenes. However, Pluto was not aged as an elderly mutt, although in the classic shorts Bent-Tail and Pluto are adults of the same age.

After Walt Disney's death in 1966, the coyotes were never seen again, until 1991, through the TV movie Disney's Coyote Tales. The film centers Bent-Tail Junior's son learning through past experiences (made up of classic cartoons). This film is essentially a remake of the 1961 TV film, except that it also featured additional cartoons that did not star Bent-Tail, which were essentially a mixture of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Pluto shorts, as well as some one-shots. Added cartoons in the 1991 film include The Whalers (1938), Beezy Bear (1955), Good Scouts (1938), Lambert the Sheepish Lion (1952), Goliath II (1960), The Ugly Duckling (1939), etc. Also, all the cutscenes from this film were re-used from the 1961 film original, but with re-dubbed dialogue supplied by Jim Cummings as the voices of an elderly Bent-Tail and an adult Bent-Tail Junior. In addition, the Walt Disney host sequences were omitted (this is typical for many post-Walt episodes of the anthology series).

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