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Beppo the Gorilla is a monstrous ape that has antagonized Mickey a few times.


The Gorilla Mystery[]

Beppo escapes from the zoo and kidnaps Minnie, but Mickey rescues her and the two tie-up 6the ape so he can be taken back to the zoo.

Mickey's Mechanical Man[]

Beppo serves as the opponent of Mickey's robot Champ in a "Beast vs. Machine" boxing match. He proves to be a difficult opponent for the mechanical man, but the honking of a car horn provokes Champ into unleashing his full potential and the gorilla is knocked out.

When the short was used for transition stages in Epic Mickey, Beppo and his fight with Champ would be the last area in each one.

The Pet Store[]

A visit to the pet store goes awry when Beppo kidnaps Minnie in a King Kong inspired fashion.