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|name = Beret Girl
|name = Beret Girl
|voice = [[Vicki Lewis]]
|voice = [[Vicki Lewis]]
|personality = Mysterious, kind, brave, somewhat seductive, poetic, intelligent, sarcastic and gentle
|personality = Mysterious, kind, brave, somewhat seductive, poetic, intelligent, sarcastic, gentle, level-headed, instructive, trusting, thoughtful, ladylike, efficient, mature, independent, sweet-tempered, selfless, modest, optimistic, compassionate, heroic, artistic, courteous, honest, industrious, noble, organized
|appearance = Slender, beautiful, tan, maroon hair, black nose, black hat, black pants, black clothing, black flat shoes.
|appearance = Slender, beautiful, tan, maroon hair, black nose, black hat, black pants, black clothing, black flat shoes.
|occupation = College Student, P.J.'s girlfriend (at the end)
|occupation = College Student, P.J.'s girlfriend (at the end)

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Beret Girl is a supporting character and the love interest of P.J. from the film An Extremely Goofy Movie.



Little is really learned about Beret Girl. She is a very mysterious young woman. She is very poetic, regularly performing at the Bean Scene (a coffee shop on the campus where Max, Bobby and P.J. go to college). She is also, however, a kind individual, who is not afraid to stand up for herself or her friends (for example when she retorted angrily to Bradley after he insulted her). She also shows strong feelings for P.J., and becomes his love interest in the film.

Physical appearance

Beret Girl is tall and thin, very beautiful, sporting an hourglass figure. She appears to be an anthropomorphized whatnot, similar to Max and the gang. She has long maroon hair, green eyes with light purple eyeshadow, a small black nose and big lips with dark red lipstick. Clothing wise, she dresses like a beatnik; Sporting a black beret (hence her nickname), turtleneck, pants and shoes, all colored black.

Role in the film

She is first seen when she performed at the Bean Scene, a coffee shop where Max, P.J., and Bobby hang out. She performed poetically to the crowd of customers, who are all fans of her. After her performance, both Bobby and P.J. begin to harbor a secret crush on her.

She is later seen again in the coffee shop when Max and Bradley were starting to get into an altercation. The latter insults her in front of everyone which she retorts angrily to by poetically insulting him back, referring to him as "the eyelash in her eye" as well as snapping rhythmically (with the other customers who join in) to make him irritated. This gets to him and yells at them to stop. He makes a deal with Max before leaving and she praises Max for standing up for himself and her.

She appears again at the nightclub where she is awestruck by P.J., who speaks poetically to her. This impresses her and she and P.J. dance together (this marks the start of the two's relationship).

She is last seen with P.J. at the end of the film when Goofy graduates and is heading home with Sylvia. She also appears in the end credits, dancing along with the rest of the main cast.



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