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Bering is the leader of the raccoons and the secondary antagonist of the 2006 sequel film, Brother Bear 2.


Physical appearance

Bering is a particularly large, rotund raccoon, dwarfing all the other raccoons in size. Likely a result of his comfortable lifestyle as the leader of the raccoons, Bering is a rather overweight raccoon, his most notable characteristic being his plump belly, which is distinctly larger and lighter-colored than that of his underlings. His primary pelt is dark gray, but he has light fur on his belly and muzzle, and light stripes above his eyes. Darker fur coats his cheeks, ears, paws, and throat. His tail is striped with gray and black, like most raccoons.


Bering is a shrewd thief who cares nothing for the troubles of others. He plays dirty, being willing to take what does not belong to him and attack any who challenge him. Despite this, he does have a soft side, as seen when he celebrates Kenai and Nita's wedding.

Role in the film

Bering is first seen stealing Nita's amulet (which she needs to burn so she can marry Atka). When Nita, Kenai, and Koda later arrive to get it back, Bering refuses to give up the amulet and claims it to be his before he and the other raccoons start throwing pine cones at Kenai and Koda. Kenai then convinces Bering and the raccoons to a trade, to which they accept. Whilst Kenai distracts them, Nita manages to find the amulet in a tree, but also finds a baby raccoon clutching it. She manages to get the baby raccoon to let go of the amulet, but the baby starts to whimper and cries out, causing Bering and the other raccoons to notice Nita. Bering tries to get the amulet back from Nita while coaxing her, but with Kenai's help, Nita escapes the raccoons and sends them flying when she lets go of the branch she is holding onto.

At the end of the film, during Kenai and Nita's wedding, Bering throws a pine cone at them to get their attention, then he and his family throw flowers over them to celebrate their wedding.


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