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Bhaagam Bhaag (English translation "Running Around") is an Indian children's animated series created by Sanjiv Waeerkar and aired on Disney Channel. It was later made available on Disney+ Hotstar.

It is set to have a crossover with another Disney Channel India series, Oye Golu.[1]


Sunny is constantly in danger of being late for school, despite his best efforts. On his way to catch the bus, he comes across all sorts of unusual sights that may actually help him to reach his destination on time.


  • Sunny's backpack depicts the eponymous character of Simple Samosa on it, and multiple animation assets are reused from it here. Both Simple Samosa and Bhaagam Bhaag are Disney Channel India series created by Sanjiv Waeerkar.
  • Bhaagam Bhaag shares its name with a 2006 Indian film, albeit the title is spelled Bhagam Bhag with only one "a" in each word.