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Big City Greens Main Title Theme is the opening theme to Big City Greens. It is produced by Joachim Horsley and written and performed by the Mowgli's.


One, two, one, two, three, four!
Na na na na na na na na!
Na na na na na na na na!
Na na na na na!

Back in my day life was tough
We didn't have phones or modern stuff
I rode to school ten miles on a beaver
There were no meds when I got swamp fever (One, two, one, two, three, four!)

I never complained as I was...
Driving before there were breaks
Sharing baths with poison snakes

I worked in the mines
And brushed my teeth with a porcupine

Welcome to "Bill Green's Farming Show"
Where we learn how your veggies grow
We'll cover eggplants, corn and carrots
Judge different cauliflowers on their florets
All of the seeds!

All the world will turn in as we...
Dabble with some hydrophonics
Study soil with mnemonics

Life is never dull
with ladybugs for pest control!



  • On September 20, 2019, a "Theme Song Takeover" version was released, sung by Gramma Alice. Unlike the other Theme Song Takeovers, this one added lyrics to a song that initially did not have any, or rather, had very minimal. Alice portrays herself as having had a rough life in her youth, which oddly enough portrays her as looking exactly the same, but with a different dress.
  • In "Blood Moon", the theme song was altered to have a spooky vibe, and a theremin was used instead of whistling. The theme also has red tinting, the Greens as various monsters, and subliminal flashing images of scary artifacts of the series. The condensation Cricket makes on the Kludge has "HELP" written on it, and the last scene has the family with red eyes.
  • In "Chipocalypse Now", the theme was altered again with a more dour tone; the whistling is now in a depressing minor key, and the first scene is a reverse of the original that shows the Greens' neighbors moving out of Big City. Chip also hogs a few of the scenes, such as replacing the Greens' titles and freeze-frames, and takes the place of Cricket and Tilly's antics. The last few shots are altered to have the Greens looking up in horror at the Wholesome Foods Megastore surrounding their house, and the show's logo falls off the roof.
  • Starting with "Rent Control", the visual of Cricket, Tilly and Remy escaping over the fence from Big Coffee with Gloria shouting at them, is replaced with a shot of Gramma Alice peeking into the basement of their house with Gloria sitting on a mattress getting annoyed at Cricket and Tilly hopping up and down on it. Additionally, the building next door no longer reads "Big Coffee" and instead has a sign that says "For Lease". All of this is due to the events of the previous episode.
  • Starting with "Boss Life", the building next to the Greens' house now reads Gloria + Green Café.

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