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The following is a list of episodes of Big City Greens, listed in the order they originally aired.

The series premiered on Disney Channel on June 18, 2018. It was originally meant to air on Disney XD where it was greenlit under the title Country Club. Disney XD now only airs reruns after they have aired on Disney Channel.


# Title Original Airdate
Country Kids in the City
01 Hog Ride June 16, 2018
Cricket and Tilly try to race a motorcyclist with…animals? You can take the kids out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the kids!
02 Tea Party June 22, 2018
Tilly plans a fun tea party, but can she throw a successful one without Cricket creating a mess?!
03 The Last Donut June 27, 2018
Bill stumbles upon the last donut in the kitchen, but Cricket will stop at nothing to steal it!
04 Duck Sandwich July 2, 2018
Cricket teases a hungry duck by eating a sandwich slowly in front of it, but his joke backfires when the duck becomes angry!
05 Secret Cat July 22, 2018
Cricket and Tilly attempt to feed a feisty cat, but things take a turn for the worst for Cricket!
06 Tilly's Cat July 25, 2018
Tilly befriends a stray cat, but becomes overhwelmed when more cats want her attention!
07 Bee Tree August 22, 2018
Tilly freaks out when a bee lands on her face, but Cricket has a few tricks up his sleeve to try and help her!

Season One (2018-2019)

No. in
No. in
Title Original Airdate Production
01 01 "Space Chicken"
"Steak Night"
June 18, 2018 101
Cricket enlists the help of Tilly and Remy when he comes up with a plan to impress his new neighbors by launching a chicken into space.
The Green's traditional Steak Night is threatened when Cricket accidentally leaves the steaks behind on the subway.
02 02 "Cricket Versus"
"Blue Tater"
June 19, 2018 102
Cricket is tasked with wrestling a wild animal to complete a Green family right of passage, but renounces his family name when he fails to find any vicious creatures in the city… or does he?
Cricket convinces Bill to turn his pick up truck into a French fry food truck, but their day is tarnished by bad luck, after Cricket harvests an unlucky blue potato.
03 03 "Swimming Fool"
"Tilly's Goat"
June 20, 2018 103
Cricket tries to overcome his fear of the high dive when the Greens visit an indoor pool.
Cricket and Remy attempt to save Tilly from embarrassing herself when she enters her pet goat into a fancy dog show.
04 04 "Cricketsitter"
"Backflip Bill"
June 21, 2018 106
While Bill takes Gramma to the doctor for a checkup, Tilly is given the task of babysitting Cricket for the time period. While Cricket is checking off his list of things to do with a bucket, Tilly sabotages one of Cricket's to-dos, and ends up dislocating one of his arm joints.
Cricket convinces Bill to follow his childhood dream of becoming a gymnast, but Bill is put a bit under pressure under some mild trauma from when Gramma was coaching Bill, during those childhood dreams.
05 05 "Gramma's License"
"Bear Trapped"
June 22, 2018 104
Cricket and Tilly help Gramma practice for her driver's test, after she learns her current license is expired.
Cricket, Tilly and Remy befriend a bear that's loose in the city and try to protect it from Officer Keys and animal control.
06 06 "Photo Op"
"Remy Rescue"
June 25, 2018 108
Bill takes the family to the mall under the pretense of going to the food court but is actually hoping to have a family photo taken, much to the rest of the Greens' dismay.
Remy's parents learn that he has been skipping his violin lessons to hang out with Cricket, and threaten to end their friendship by sending Remy to boarding school, so Cricket does the best he can to stop them and keep him and Remy's friendship tied.
07 07 "Gridlocked"
"Mama Bird"
June 27, 2018 105
Feeling smothered by city life, Bill decides to take the family on a day trip to the country only to become trapped in a massive traffic jam. Meanwhile, Gramma gets herself her own personal radio DJ, Tilly washes cars, and Cricket gets chased around over a big misunderstanding.
Tilly finds an abandoned bird nest in the yard and decides to take care of the chicks, only to become jealous when the they take a liking to Cricket instead of her, which drives Tilly to deprivation.
08 08 "Welcome Home"
July 2, 2018 107
After losing the family farm, Bill, Cricket and Tilly move to Big City to live with Gramma and have a series of misadventures when their pickup truck and all of their belongings are towed away.
A family of raccoons take over the house after Bill and Cricket fetch Gramma's teddy bear in the garage.
09 09 "Fill Bill"
"Critterball Crisis"
July 9, 2018 109
Bill tries to prove that he is a real citizen of Big City when the family dines at a fancy seafood restaurant while Cricket and Tilly make it their mission to liberate the restaurant's octopuses.
Gloria confiscates Cricket's critterballs after he kicks them over the fence into the neighbouring cafe and schemes to get them back.
10 10 "Parade Day"
"DIY Guys"
July 11, 2018 110
Cricket begins his part time job at Big Coffee to pay off the damages he caused in the previous episode but is more interested in sneaking out to attend the Big City Parade than he is in working.
Bill teaches Remy how to be self reliant when the family heads to a gigantic hardware store to find a replacement part for their broken vacuum cleaner.
11 11 "Gargoyle Gals"
"Supermarket Scandal"
July 16, 2018 111
Tilly makes friends with a insanely ideal theorist who names herself Andromeda, and Tilly plays along with her lifestyle.
The Greens open up a food stand, but they're low on supplies, so Cricket gets the idea of making artificially-crafted food to compensate. Also the origin of Tilly's sack doll, Saxon.
12 12 "Barry Cuda"
"Suite Retreat"
July 18, 2018 112
Cricket uses his hard earned $10 on a singing fish decor, and he won't stop playing it. Soon to find Barry was axed, Cricket seeks to find who killed his first spend.
Gramma gets fed up with the Greens ruining her peaceful moments, so she has them spend a day at a hotel, so she can finally get some peace and quiet. She soon finds that it's more lonely than she thought, so she then tries to sabotage the Greens' hotel stay.
13 13 "Family Legacy"
"Paint Misbehavin"
July 23, 2018 113
Cricket and Tilly guide Gramma through a riddle she's been trying to solve for years, but as it turns out, the answers were in the legacy left by ancestors of the Green family's past generations.
Cricket, during work at Big Coffee, finds that Gloria hasn't sold a single piece of art yet, so Cricket draws some scribbles on them, and they soon find that the two have a powerful spark of synergy.
14 14 "Rated Cricket"
"Homeshare Hoedown"
July 25, 2018 114
Instead of going to see Croblins 2 with the rest of his family, Cricket, thinking he's more mature than he seems, wants to see the adult romance flick, Kiss of Death.
Gloria tells Cricket about a site called "Share BnB", and sets Cricket up with two roommates to spend the night at the Cricket residence. Sadly for Cricket, the new guests' adolescence for authenticity drives Cricket to insanity.
15 15 "Cricket's Shoes"
"Feud Fight"
July 30, 2018 116
Cricket comes down ill after sharing a popsicle with his dog, Phoenix, so he has his family to fill in his shoes.
Chip Whistler returns, bringing Wholesome Foods to the outdoor food market, as he drags customers in with many marketing ploys, and Cricket destines to foil his plot. Meanwhile, Gramma goes looking for the spiciest pepper for her 10-Alarm chili.
16 16 "Breaking News"
August 1, 2018 117
In an attempt to give the news' coverage of Bill's gigantic Watermelon a bit of zest, it ends up being a cover story of Cricket himself; After knowing of this, Cricket sees to it that he gives Bill's watermelon the kudos it deserves.
After Cricket refuses to give the Cyber Knights, the most feared trio of the online community, his Spacecoins, the Cyber Knights start tormenting Cricket's friends' technological platforms, and it's up to Cricket to fight back for their proper solitude.
17 17 "Tilly Tour"
"Dinner Party"
August 6, 2018 118
Tilly takes Gramma out on a tour to see Big City's famous landmarks, but Gramma isn't impressed with any of it, and it gives her bad memories of when Gramma's farm was infested by the seld-titled Big City, so Tilly instead takes her to the places Tilly is the most fond of. Meanwhile, Bill and Cricket try to repair the bathroom.
In an attempt for Remy to spend more time with Cricket, the Greens invite his parents over for dinner; Yet, the different lifestyles of the Remingtons don't make things better, boiling down to a rainy Touch Football showdown.
18 18 "Coffee Quest"
"Phoenix Rises"
August 8, 2018 120
Cricket and Gloria are sent by their boss, Ms. Cho, to restock on Big Coffee's coffee bean supply, so that Cricket's debt can be fully paid off. Unluckily, the last bag is in possession of Chip Whistler, and he's not gonna go down easily.
Phoenix, Cricket's frail red dog, catches a familiar whiff, and goes sniffing for it. This worries the Green family, as they go looking for their dog, thinking he got lost, or kidnapped, at worst. Also in a plot twist, Cricket's mom, Nancy Green, returns (having been released from prison).
19 19 "Blood Moon" October 6, 2018 115
In this full half hour special, the Green family prepare for Halloween, but Gramma warns of the Blood Moon, an event where all the animals suddenly become blood thirsty beasts. True to her word, the animals suddenly become violent and trap the Greens, Remy, Vasquez and Gloria in the house while Halloween is going on. Eventually, everything spirals out of control when they learn how the animals escaped their confinement and why.
20 20 "Big Deal"
"Forbidden Feline"
November 3, 2018 119
On Thanksgiving, the Greens spot an ad for low prices for TVs at Price Busters. At Cricket's urging, the family goes shopping, but quickly learn that the store's manager, Louis, lowers the price so that he can watch shoppers furiously fight one another over items.
Tilly becomes friends with Anoush, the neighborhood cat, only to learn that he belongs to Mr. Grigorian, Gramma's neighbor and arch-enemy. He forbids the two to play with one another forcing Tilly to go and rescue her new feline friend.
21 21 "Uncaged" January 11, 2019 121
Nancy reunites with the Green Family much to the concern of Bill and Gramma and to the excitement of Cricket and Tilly. In order to impress their mom, the kids decide to liberate an orangutan from the zoo, but accidentally release all the animals, forcing the kids and Nancy to go and retrieve them all.
22 22 "Harvest Dinner"
"Winner Winner"
January 12, 2019 123
Bill sends Tilly to the grocery store to go and get paprika for his stew. Feeling insulted for not being trusted, Gramma and Cricket rush out to try and beat Tilly at getting the ingredient. Meanwhile, Bill and Nancy try working together in the kitchen, but their methods are too different.
The Greens head to the community center so that Bill can get Gramma to try a zumba class. Tilly becomes fascinated with the trophy display and decides to earn one by working with the tough Community Sue and Cricket teams up with Remy, Kiki and Benny to see where a mysterious inaccessible door leads.
23 23 "Night Bill"
"Cheap Snake"
January 19, 2019 122
Cricket and Tilly begin noticing that Bill is buying them expensive things and he keeps showing up at home very tired and sleepy. They follow him out one night and discover that he is now working at a call in center for energy drinks. Now, Cricket and Tilly must race Bill's new boss to free their dad.
Cricket is tired of having to plan things and convinces Remy that they need to do something radical and immediate. Cricket ends up buying a snake, named Snakey, who ends up becoming too much of a hassle for him. Cricket refuses to give up Snakey at the behest of Remy and Tilly until he begins eating the farm animals.
24 24 "Hiya Henry"
"People Watching"
January 26, 2019 124
Big Coffee is hosting a talent show and Cricket convinces Tilly to join. She ends up finding a ventriloquist dummy that she names Henry. Everyone loves Henry except for Cricket who cannot stand its off putting appearance and small doll hands. Now Cricket must get rid of Henry without hurting Tilly's feelings.
The whole Green Family is relaxing out in the streets of Big City watching strangers pass by. Nancy then suggests that they play the people watching game where they spot and stranger and make up stories about them. Everyone is having fun except for Bill who cannot come up with anything creative and just bores the family.
25 25 "Valentine's Dance"
"Green Streets"
February 2, 2019
It is Valentine's Day and everyone is falling in love, except for Cricket who despises romance. However, things change when he spots Garbiella and suddenly cannot stop thinking about her. Meanwhile, Tilly tries to become Cupid and Nancy and Gramma start disagreeing over their chaperoning skills.
Cricket is frustrated by the garbage he finds lying around on his street and enlists the help of Officer Keys to apprehend the litter bug. Cricket decides to change Keys to his usual cheery self into a serious and tough cop, but unfortunately Keys goes after him when he turns out to be the litter bug culprit.
26 26 "Hurty Tooth"
"Sleepover Sisters"
February 9, 2019
Cricket's tooth begins hurting, so Bill drags him and Tilly to the dentist to get a check up. Cricket refuses to get his tooth pulled by Dr. Enamel in accords to Gramma's usual accusations. Meanwhile, Tilly tries to get a tooth for the tooth fairy and Bill tries to spot the difference in a magazine.
Tilly and Andromeda want to feel closer so they have a sleepover at the latter's house. Upon reading a story, the two decide to stay up late at night to acquire psychic powers. This leaves Cricket to have the bedroom to himself, but he finds he cannot sleep without Tilly's snoring.
27 27 "Trailer Trouble"
"Mansion Madness"
February 16, 2019
Cricket and Tilly head to Nancy's for Mom Night where they can have as much fun as they want. However, Nancy's old biker gang, the Stingers, arrive and steal her trailer for betraying them. Now, Nancy, Cricket and Tilly must race their leader, Skids, for the return of Nancy's only home.
While Remy is away with his family, Cricket is tasked with feeding Snakey. The rest of the Greens come and decide to make themselves at home, but get into trouble when Tilly poses as a rich heiress for the neighbors, Bill goes for a joyride in a jalopy and Gramma gets lost in the mansion's long hallways.
28 28 "Park Pandemonium"
"Cricket's Biscuits"
February 23, 2019
When Gramma abandons Tilly at the park, it becomes granddaughter versus grandma in a battle of pride as they try to make the other jealous with replacements. Meanwhile, Bill tries to be cool with a couple of youths and Cricket teams up with a playground designer to make the most dangerous playground.
After Cricket and Tilly get injured, Gramma makes her famous Feel Better Biscuits which immediately make the kids feel good. They want more, but Gramma refuses. Bill tells them that she only makes them when they are injured. After failing to fool Gramma, they decide to outright steal the recipe.
29 29 "Skunked"
"Axin' Saxon"
March 2, 2019
As the patrons of Big Coffee celebrate their local hero Mark, Cricket plots to become a hero himself. He gathers a trio of skunks to invade the café so that he can swoop in and save everyone from the stinky vermin. However, Cricket's plan does not go as planned and soon he puts himself and the patrons in danger.
While Bill, Cricket and Remy go fishing, Nancy stays at home with Tilly to bond with her. Things go horribly wrong when Nancy accidentally destroys Saxon, Tilly's sack doll, in the wash. Believing that Gramma is to blame, Tilly seeks revenge on her while Nancy struggles to tell Tilly the truth.
30 30 "Cricket's Place"
"Volunteer Tilly"
March 9, 2019
Cricket narrates a story about when he and Remy got fed up with being told what to do by grownups. They decide to purchase an apartment (situated next to the Green residence) and do nothing, but throw parties everyday. However, Cricket and Remy begin to see that living by yourself with no discipline is not the greatest.
Tilly is invited by Brett to volunteer at the animal shelter and starts living in paradise with the numerous animals that stay there. However, she cannot resist the temptation of keeping the pets to herself especially when people come to adopt them. Meanwhile, Cricket and Gramma pull pranks on Bill.

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