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"Big Resolution" is the first segment of the fifty-third episode of Big City Greens.


On New Year’s Eve, Cricket insists on helping Gloria complete her resolution of approaching her longtime crush, Kevin.


On New Year's Eve, the Greens and Gloria are putting together their New Year's resolutions. Bill has simply one goal: "Stay the course"; which both Nancy and Gramma Alice mock for being too comfortable for Bill. Cricket's resolution is to help Gloria with her problems and discovers that Gloria's resolution is to ask out Kevin, over and over again. Realizing that she still has not earned the gumption to do so, despite her wanting to, Cricket, as well as Tilly, offer to help Gloria. However, she only feels miserable to learn that Cricket already has a girlfriend and reveals that Kevin is down in Times Circle to watch the cube drop. They set up a role play scenario using Saxon as a stand-in for Kevin, but quickly hurry into the city to go look for him.

Nancy and Alice decide that they want to help Bill overcome his insecurities. Inspired by a childhood tradition, Nancy suggests that they head down to the ravine and jump into the icy cold water as soon as midnight strikes. Bill reluctantly agrees and they head out for the night. However, as soon as they get there, Bill chickens out and walks back to the truck. Cricket, Tilly and Gloria arrive in Times Circle and try searching for Kevin. They climb up the tower and onto the cube and manage to spot him. However, their weight pushes the cube down and in her haste, Gloria accidentally is left hanging on a rope for everyone to see; humiliating her and ruining the New Year's celebration for everyone.

Gloria and Bill run into each other and vent their frustrations about how they are afraid to get out of their shells. Realizing that they should just embrace the moment, both rush back to their respective conflicts. Bill hops into the frozen river with Nancy and Alice on the hour, much to their delight. After getting out, Nancy and Alice are frozen due to the cold air, but Bill has kept towels and hand warmers for them. Meanwhile, Gloria meets Kevin right on time and finally asks him out. He politely declines stating that he is "not looking for anything at the moment" and Gloria becomes euphoric, having finally conquered her fear. Cricket congratulates Gloria, while Tilly starts the countdown to next year.



  • Kevin is finally shown after being referenced in "Valentine's Dance" and "Blood Moon".
  • Booboo Stewart from the Descendants franchise guest stars as Kevin in this episode.
  • Much like how Times Circle is a play on Times Square, instead of a ball drop, it is a cube drop.
  • The events of "Gabriella's Fella" were mentioned, and Gloria learns about Gabriella Espinosa in this episode.
    • Once again, Cricket reveals that he has mastered something over Gloria, despite being significantly younger and being from the country.
    • Tilly was the first of the Greens to learn of Cricket and Gabriella's relationship.
  • If one were to take into account the chronology of the series thus far, this episode would most likely take place a year after the events of "Green Christmas", because Big Coffee was seen in that episode while it was vacant here. This would mean that by this episode, the Greens have been living in Big City for a little over two years.
    • This episode should take place the year after "Blood Moon" and some time after "Squashed!" because Gloria mentions the events of the former take place the year before the latter.
  • Ironically, the episode aired almost an entire month after New Year's.
  • Morals:
    • Don't be afraid to come out of your comfort zone.
    • Although you may encounter a worst case scenario, what matters is you let it all out.

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