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Big Toot is a major character in the Little Toot segment in the 1948 Disney film Melody Time.


Big Toot is described as Little Toot's father. As a tugboat, he hauls cargo very seriously unlike Little Toot who likes to play around at first until he learns to rescue a ship in distress.


Melody Time

Big Toot is introduced as Little Toot's father who is serious unlike him. Just as Little Toot playfully floats across the harbor, he upsets Big Toot for the playful antics he did. In anger, he scolds him to act like a real tugboat to which despite this, Little Toot still behaves in a playful manner until he follows Big Toot hauling another ship. Little Toot scurries around the back, and starts to push on the rudder, but accidentally sends it spinning out of control. Just as he spins it, Big Toot reacts in shock much to Little Toot's antics, causing the ship to crash onto the big city. As punishment, Little Toot is exiled outside the harbor 12-mile limit while Big Toot sadly heaves a boat full of debris in it to clear out the mess Little Toot did.

Later when the tugboats hear an SOS alert, they plan to rescue to ship, but leave the others to retreat due to a big storm causing giant waves to emerge; Little Toot manages to rescue a big ship in distress using the power of courage, conquering his fear so that he can make Big Toot proud. After he is shown to have survived the storm, Big Toot feels proud for mastering his bravery in rescuing the ship during it.

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