Bill Gaye (Wilfried Brambell) is a character in In Search of the Castaways. He's the second mate of Mary and Robert's father, Captain Grant of the Britinia. He's a crazy, highly educated Irish man. He, Captain Grant and the first mate, McNabb were betrayed by the third mate Thomas Ayerton and had them become prisoners of the Maoris. But he and Captain Grant made a rope out of their garments, hair and anything else they could find for two years and fill with gunpowder so it can burn like a fuse, while McNabb was caught while he was trying to escape the Maoris. He wrote a message where he and Captain Grant were, put it in a bottle and threw to the sea, which had been found by Professor Jacques Paganel and showed it to Mary and Robert Grant, Lord Glenarvin, and his son John. He joined joined with Mary and Robert Grant, Professor Jacques Paganel, Lord Glenarvin, and John to take down Ayerton and his men and save Captain Grant from the Maoris.

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