William "Bill" Green is the tritagonist of the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens. He is the father of Cricket and Tilly Green.



Bill is a strict and caring adult who loves working hard and eating good food. Though he can be a little selfish at times, like in "Photo Op", when he promised the family a trip to the food court but gave them a family photo instead, deep down he puts his family before anything else. He is constantly in a state of worry due to his children's antics and his mother's stubborn behavior and usually has a to find some way to circumvent their plans. Though he hardly shows it, he does have some power of authority over the family and will use it when they push to hard on him.

Bill is considered bland by the rest of the family. At times, he is depicted as having very basic tastes. In "People Watching", he claims that his favorite food is water because "if it's good enough for my crops, it's good enough for me."

Physical appearance

Bill is a chubby, middle-aged farmer with brown hair and (like the rest of his family) yellow skin. He wears a red trucker hat, a green short-sleeved shirt, blue worn-out jeans, and brown shoes. Half of the index finger on his right hand is missing, thanks to a hay baler.

He bares a resemblance to his ancestor and great-grandfather Jerome and Archibald Green, respectively, as well as his own grandfather.


Cricket Green

Bill is a very concerned father when it comes to the antics of his son Cricket. He causes him a lot of stress and is typically impatient during his son's fantastical shenanigans. All he wants is to bond with his son by teaching him the proper ethics of responsibility. Nevertheless, he manages to put up with his rebelliousness by asserting his paternal position in the family. He does become prideful whenever Cricket does something that pleases him, but this would sometimes cause him to place a lot of expectations on him. Overall, the two do share a loving bond with one another as seen in "Cricket's Place".


  • Even though Bill is missing part of his index finger on his right hand, some promotional material for the show depicts him missing part of his finger on his left hand instead.
  • Despite his weight, Bill is shown to be a very athletic person as he once use to be in gymnastics, but quit due to Alice's constant "coaching".
  • For some reason, Bill does not have as thick a hick accent as his mother or kids. In fact, he seems to have a basic Mid-American accent.
  • In "DIY Guys", Bill reveals that he was born in the plumbing section of a hardware store.
    • In that same episode, it is shown that his eyes are green.


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