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William Sanford "Bill" Nye, popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is an American science educator, television presenter, and mechanical engineer who previously worked as a mechanical engineer at Boeing.

He is best known as the host of the Disney/PBS educational science series, Bill Nye the Science Guy from 1993 to 1998, and for his many subsequent appearances in popular media as a science educator. He also appeared in the Epcot attraction Ellen's Energy Adventure and served as the original host of Innoventions, and provided voice-over for a queue presentation in Animal Kingdom's Dinosaur. He also played a science teacher in Principal Takes a Holiday. He voices Professor Rubicon in Miles from Tomorrowland. He voiced an animated version of himself in Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero and Future-Worm!. He also appears in the television series BattleBots from 2000 to 2002.

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  • Bill Nye's nickname of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" actually stemmed from his time working on a sketch comedy television show in Seattle called "Almost Live!" When fellow show host John Keister mispronounced the word 'Gigawatts' while quoting Back to the Future, Bill corrected him, leading to John saying, "Who do you think you are -- Bill Nye the Science Guy?" The nickname stuck ever since.


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