Billy is a infant character who appears in the 1988 Disney/Pixar short, Tin Toy.

Even though he does not appear in Toy Story 3, a few of his toys do appear at Sunnyside Daycare.


In terms of appearance and personality, Billy is a pretty typical baby. However, he is heavily implied to suffer from neglect at a young age. He always plays with toys by himself and abuses them, albeit unintentionally and without any malice at all, dribbling on them and thrashing them around. Even when he trips and starts crying, his parents don't do anything about it and ignore the wailing.

Role in the short

In the short, he is delighted to play with Tinny, who is initially happy to play with Billy until he is jostled with. When he tries to walk away, his musical instruments on his back play notes, intriguing Billy, who playfully gives chase. Tinny soon finds cover under the couch. While walking and trying to find Tinny and the other toys, Billy falls over, and lies quietly on the floor, and begins to cry. Pitying the infant and seeing no intervention from his parents, Tinny tries to go and cheer him up. When he does, Billy manages to cheer up, but then just ignores him and plays with the box Tinny came in. Mad, Tinny tries to follow Billy to get his attention, but is still ignored. Other toys hiding under the couch come out from underneath and begin to play.


  • In the credits of Tin Toy, Billy is credited as playing himself.
  • In Toy Story 2, when Hamm is rapidly turning the channel, Billy is briefly shown between channels.
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