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This article is about the character from Treasure Planet. For the character from Muppet Treasure Island, see Billy Bones (Muppet Treasure Island).

Billy Bones is the overarching protagonist of the 2002 film Treasure Planet. He is an alien space pirate pilot in the form of a humanoid salamander or turtle-like creature.

Role in the film[]

He arrives at the Benbow Inn when his old space-ship crashes right outside. Jim Hawkins rescues him from the wreckage, and he produces the map to Treasure Planet from a chest, and tells Jim Hawkins to "beware the cyborg", but the trauma inflicted on Bones' body from the crash results in his death soon after his arrival.

Almost as soon as he has died, the Benbow Inn is raided by the pirates he was presumably fleeing from.

He is next mentioned by Jim Hawkins when he suspects John Silver of being the cyborg mentioned, who asks him about Billy Bones to see if it gets any reaction to which Silver lies and says that he doesn't know anyone by the name of Billy Bones.


  • In the original novel, Bones stayed at the inn for some days before being tracked down by the pirates and became friends with Jim.


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