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Then there's Billy, isn't there? Named after William Shakespeare. "All the world's a stage. All the men and women, merely players."
Vision to Wanda[src]

Billy Maximoff is a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who is featured in the Marvel Disney+ series WandaVision. An alternate version of the character, originating from Earth-838, was featured in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

He is the son of Wanda Maximoff and Vision, and younger twin brother of Tommy Maximoff. He was conceived through the effects of Wanda's chaos magic, which also granted him psionic powers, similar to his mother. Billy was born in Westview, following his mothers accelerated pregnancy, and further aged himself up. As each episode passed, he adapted into a new time period, staring from the 1970s, to the present. After Wanda removed the Hex that barricaded the town, Billy and his brother were seemingly erased from existence. He first appears in the third episode, "Now in Color", and is portrayed by Baylen Bielitz and Julian Hilliard.

Billy Maximoff was created by Steve Englehart and Richard Howell.



At a young age, Billy is shown to be calm and caring. He looks towards his mother, for approval, and is shown to be more well behaved, in comparison to his twin brother, Tommy. Despite this, he isn't above getting into mischievous behavior, something that is more noticeable, when his "uncle" Pietro arrives. He and his brother get into minor squabbles, but they care about each other. Billy is also shown to be good with animals. He trained Sparky, and was also petting Señor Scratchy, at Agatha's home.

Powers and abilities

  • Age Acceleration: The ability to age at a rapid speed, faster than normal. Billy first displayed this power in the womb, during his mothers pregnancy with him, and his twin brother. The pair seem to have control on it, as they were able to age themselves up by five years, willingly.
  • Telekinesis: Billy displayed this power, while stopping his brother, from running towards him.
  • Mental Manipulation: The ability to manipulate the mental state of other beings.
    • Telepathy: Billy could hear his father, while he crossed the Hex, as well the S.W.O.R.D. agents surrounding him, outside Westview, and was able to sense his location too.
    • Paralyzation: Billy was able to keep the S.W.O.R.D. agents at bay, and unable to move, by affecting their minds.
  • Clairvoyance: The ability to look at events, as they occur, concurrently. Billy displayed this, when he physically saw his father, and the S.W.O.R.D. agents.


Marvel Cinematic Universe


Following Wanda and Vision's arrival in Westview, Wanda quickly becomes pregnant. Her powers speed up the process of pregnancy, and she gives birth, not long after, with the help of Geraldine and Doctor Nielson. Tommy is born first, and unexpectedly, Wanda gave birth to Billy next, unaware she was pregnant with twins. The Doctor declares the babies healthy, and Wanda puts them to sleep, in a crib. When they begin crying, she sings a Sokovian lullaby to sooth them. After Geraldine leaves, the twins are picked up by Wanda and Vision, who hold them while watching TV.

WandaVision - 1x05 - On a Very Special Episode... - Photography - Family.jpg

Vision, in attempt to soothe a crying Billy, reads Charles Darwin's The Descent of Man, only it causes him to cry even harder. He places Billy in his crib, alongside his brother, and Wanda tries to hush the twins, by giving them pacifiers, but they both spit them out, and continue crying. At that moment, Agnes arrives and attempts to put the babies to sleep. She sprays lavender, on them, which is supposed to have a calming effect. While Wanda and Vision begin talking privately, the twins leave their crib, and age up to five years. Their parents greet them, and Vision picks up Billy. Some time shortly after, Billy and Tommy come across a stray dog, and take him in. They place him in the kitchen sink, to clean him off, and Billy voices his concern for the dog, who seems not to like the water, but Tommy insists they have to clean him, so their mother will let them keep him. Wanda enters the kitchen, and Billy and Tommy quickly stand in front of the sink, in an attempt to hide the stray, but sees him anyway after hearing it bark. Billy asks Wanda if they can keep him, and tries to emphasize his point, by describing the sad state they found him in. Wanda informs them of the responsibilities required in looking after a dog. Vision arrives in the kitchen and greets his family. At the same time, Agnes arrives, with a kennel, for the dog. She asks Billy and Tommy if they named him, and Billy suggests Sniffy, but after the dog begins messing with an electric socket, and sparks fly, they settle on Sparky. Billy asks Vision if Sparky is their dog, but their parents affirm, that they don't think the pair will be able to be responsible for a dog, until they're ten years old. Billy and Tommy look at each other, smiling, and the twins age up, another five years, now reaching ten years old. Billy begins training Sparky to perform tricks, and performs them in front of his mother and brother. The pair are eager to show their father, but Wanda reveals that he's at work, as he was in need of a distraction. The boys believe themselves to be the cause, and Wanda explains to them, that as a couple, they aren't always on the same page, but it's temporary, and compares her relationship, to theirs, as they will always be brothers, because family is forever. Wanda also talks about her brother, who isn't with them, which makes her sad, when Sparky suddenly jumps out of Billy's arms, and begins barking at the door. He wonders whats wrong with his dog, and when Wanda opens the door, Sparky runs out. Billy, Tommy and Wanda go out, to see where he went, and the three see an imaging drone in the air. A voice emerges from it asking their mother to talk with them. Once the drone is gone, Billy and Tommy walk around the neighborhood, searching for Sparky. They run into Dennis the Mailman, who reassures them their mother wont let him get far, and when they reach Agnes' house, they find her emerging from her bushes, holding Sparky, dead and covered in a sheet. She states she didn't want to come, until she wrapped him up, and explains he died, after eating leaves from her azalea bushes. She apologizes to them, and as they begin crying, Wanda urges the pair, not to age themselves up. She explains that she knows the urge to run from their grief is powerful, and Billy tells her it's too sad. When Tommy asks why she cant resurrect him, she tells them there are rules in life, and they cant rush aging, because it's convenient, or reverse death. Billy tells her, she stated family was forever, and Tommy repeats his request to have Wanda resurrect him, when Vision arrives. He questions who they're talking about, and when he sees Sparky, he consoles the boys.

WandaVision Episode 6 Photo 9.jpg

Billy appears, in the sixth episode's opening sequence, trying to take the camera off his brother, Tommy. When the episode begins, he appears in his costume, and talks directly to the audience, about the magic of Halloween, and what makes it important. He asks Tommy where his costume is, and Tommy sarcastically replies that he's dressed as the cool twin. Billy asks what that makes him, and Tommy calls him a dorkosaroas-rex, but Billy quickly points out, this inst a real dinosaur. They stumble upon their uncle asleep, on the couch, and Billy is reluctant to wake him, because he's under the belief, that Pietro is a vampire. The twins begin bickering, when Pietro runs towards them, with his super speed, mimicking a vampire, and begins chasing them. The boys begin screaming, and this draws the attention of their mother, who walks downstairs. Billy questions whether Wanda is dressed as old Red Riding Hood, and she informs him, she is a Sokovian fortune teller. Billy tells the audience about their mothers weird behavior, upon Pietro's arrival. Billy, Tommy and Pietro later begin begin playing video games, and Wanda and Vision get into a heated discussion. He then tells the audience, that his parents relationship has been different lately. Pietro later takes the boys trick-or-treating, and the three of them begin smashing jack-o'-lanterns, covering people in silly string and taking candy. When Wanda discovers this, she makes them return it. The evening arrives, and the twins learn of full-size candy bars, a few blocks away from them. Billy asks his mother for permission, but before she can answer, Tommy displays the power of super speed. He begins frantically running, and Wanda tells him, that he needs to take Billy with him, to his excitement. She also tells the boys, not to go past Ellis Avenue. Whilst outside, Billy begins hearing the screams of his father, and another man talking. As Tommy runs over to him, Billy holds out his hand, stopping his speed. Vision's screams get louder, and Billy and Tommy rush to their mother, and he tells her what he heard. Pietro makes a witty retort, on how Vision can't die twice, which angers Wanda. She uses her powers to blast Pietro, to Billy and Tommy's shock. Billy begins panicking and questions what's happening to him, and Wanda tells him to focus. Through brief visions, he sees soldiers surrounding his fathers dying body.

WandaVision Episode 7 Photo 3.jpg

The morning passes, and Billy and Tommy begin play video games. As they do so, the controllers, alter into older version, before changing into joysticks, and then turning into Uno cards. The pair head to their mothers room and ask if she's going to come down. Billy's telepathic powers begin manifesting, to a greater level, and he complains to his mother, that he doesn't like the loud noises. She tells the boys she's resting her eyes, and they return downstairs. They fight over a Wii remote, when Wanda comes down, in her robe, and walks past them, without intervening. The pair exchange a look, and Billy shrugs. While playing video games, Wanda asks if the boys have seen their dad. Tommy replies they haven't and Billy suggests they go look for him, but Wanda simply tells them that if he doesn't want to be there, there's nothing they can do. Billy questions his mother, on what their uncle said about re-killing Vision, and she warns the pair not to believe anything he says, as he isn't their uncle. She confesses to the boys that as their mother, they expect her to have all the answers, and she has none, and emphasizes this point. She admits she's starting to believe everything is meaningless and, Billy and Tommy look at each other, in concern. A knock is heard and Agnes arrives. She grows worried upon viewing Wanda's behavior, and suggests taking the boys. Billy insists that they should remain home, to take care of their mother, but Wanda claims she'll be fine. The boys settle on Agnes' couch, and Billy begins to pet Señor Scratchy. Having arrived at the house, his powers become dampened. Agnes asks what Billy is thinking, and he tells her, he like it there, because it's quiet, and so is she, on the inside. When Tommy asks if she thinks their mother will be okay, Agnes reassures the two, that they don't have to worry.

Unbeknownst to Billy and Tommy, Agnes is an alias, used by the witch, Agatha Harkness. She takes the twins hostage, and uses them to blackmail Wanda. When she refuses to cooperate with her, Agatha conjures the screams of Billy and Tommy, who beg for their mother. When Agatha learns of Wanda's true nature, she returns to Billy and Tommy, and places them in a choke, with a magical wire attached their throats, as she levitates in the air. Wanda reaches them, and the boys call out for her, pleading for that she save them. Agatha strengthens her hold on the boys, and confronts Wanda, as she continues choking them.

WandaVision - 1x09 - The Series Finale - Billy Powers.jpg

Agatha lands on the ground, and the boys attempt to run towards their mother, but she pulls the wires against their throat back, pushing them, onto the ground. Wanda blasts her back, and orders them to return to their room, though the pair insist on helping, until Agatha rises back, and urges them to listen to their mother. She instructs the twins to leave, and the boys return, through Tommy's super-speed. They try peering through the window, to see if they can catch their parents in action, and Billy has a vision of his mother in trouble, prompting them to leave her for assistance. While on their way way, Wanda begins lowering the barrier that surrounds Westview. As Billy and Tommy are the result of Wanda's magic, they too, begin fading, with the Hex. The boys fall to the ground, shouting for their mothers help, and upon seeing them, she restores the Hex to its original state, also restoring them back in the process. The boys reach their parents, and Wanda shields them from an attack by Agatha, in turn, losing some of her power to the witch. As a result, her hands regress, and Billy asks if she's okay, to which Wanda nods to. Agatha swoops in, while White Vision and S.W.O.R.D. arrive on scene. Wanda and Vision tell the pair that while they may not have prepared them for this fight, they were born for it. Vision takes on his white counterpart, while Wanda battles Agatha, and she has them handle the military. The men leave their vehicles, and aim their firearms, so Billy uses his power, to immobilize the agents, while Tommy disarms them. The pair however, fail to see Director Hayward, who leaves his car, and tries shooting at them, when Monica Rambeau, jumps in front, to protect them. Billy watches as the bullets pass through her, emerging without their momentum, and when one almost hits him, he catches it with his powers. Monica praises the boys powers, and Billy returns the compliment. Vision exits the library, having ended his conflict with his white counterpart, and the boys reunite in their fathers arms. Billy observes, Wanda and Agnes take their battle into the sky, with Agatha appearing to be on the triumphant side, as she drains Wanda's magic, leaving her almost lifeless. Billy and Tommy call out for her, and Vision pulls their faces into his chest, to shield them. Wanda manages to best Agatha, transforming into the Scarlet Witch, and returns the two to the ground, victorious in battle, and they witness her transform Agatha, into her fake persona of Agnes. They run to embrace her, and the family return home. Wanda puts Billy to bed and Vision comments on the day they've had. Wanda and Vision tell the boys they're proud of them, and she reminds the two that a family is forever, and they couldn't truly leave each other, even if they tried. She and Vision kiss the boys goodnight, and before they leave, Wanda thanks the boys for choosing her to be their mother. She shuts off the lights, and closes the door, as Billy and Tommy prepare for bed. As they do, the Hex begins drawing in on itself, until it eventually disappears, and Billy and Tommy, seemingly fade away from existence.

Sometime after this, Wanda begins studying the Darkhold while astral projecting, and she hears the cries of Billy and Tommy, calling out for her.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

A version of Billy and his brother, originating from Earth-838, appear in the film. The Scarlet Witch tries to take possession of that Earth's Wanda Maximoff, so she can reunite with her boys, and be a mother to them, once again. But the kids are terrified of her mother's alternate self, of what has she become.


  • Billy and Tommy are twins, like their mother and uncle.
  • Billy is a telepath, a power he shares with his mother Wanda.


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