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Bird is a minor character from the Disney+ animated series Dug Days.


Dug Days

Bird first appears in the episode "Squirrel!", when she tries to eat some seeds from Carl Fredricksen's bird feeder, only to be scared by Dug, who was so desesperate to protect the feeder and prove Carl he can obey he forgot she was supposed to eat the seeds. When she returned, she discovered the feeder was empty, due to a previoys fight between Dug and Squirrel, so she left.

Later, in the episode "Science", Russell gave her a miniature version of Dug's collar, allowing her to talk, much to her shock and initial confusion. Some time later, upon overhearing an argument between Dug and Squirrell, she asks them to be quiet, as her babies are asleep. When Russell gives Dug his sandwich, the three argue over who should have it, with Bird wanting it to feed her children. Squirrell and Bird then point out Dug has an easer life for them, causing Dug to reveal he himself used to spent several days in the wild searching for food, so he relents and gives them the sandwich. Russell then removes Bird and Squirrel's collars, returning them to normal.

Other appearances

Bird makes a cameo at the end of Turning Red, as she lands in front of the destroyed SkyDome, before flying to the Li Family Temple, landing on one of the Red Panda statues.


  • Bird does not know what a joke is, as seen when she asks "What is a joke?" to Dug in "Science".
  • Bird is the first character from a Pixar animated series to make a cameo in a feature film.
  • Bird is unaware that some animals are naturally unable to fly, as she puts the blame on Dug's inability to fly on his weight.

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