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Bird Brains is the second segment of the second episode from Disney and Xilam's Chip 'n' Dale: Park Life series.


Dale suspects Chip's actions.


Dale awakens to Chip acting unusual after seeing, what he thought was blood, but was actually just raspberry juice on his face. The two go out with the other animals to see a prestigious white peacock sing. As they all bow down to him, he steps on a worm and falls down a hill and into a trashcan. Chip, being the only one to witness this, runs over to help him, but accidentally rips his tail feathers off. Everyone sees this and he is ostracized. Dale is further convinced that his friend is up to something sinister and tries to hide from him.

A mole bumps into Chip and he supposedly fallows him to a thicket and whacks him with a thorn branch, but is actually getting more raspberries. Dale freaks out and once again tries to hide as Chip begins to make dinner for the two of them. He sets them down and Dale believes that he is eating the brains of the mole and flees. Chip chases him into the park where the animals are trying to put the feathers back on the peacock. Chip trips and it looks like he was stabbing him. The animals hold court and kick him out of the park where he is forced to busk.

Once again the animals hear the peacock sing, but this time, the ledge breaks and he lands in the trashcan again. This time, Dale witnesses this and tries to save him, only to get the same reaction from the other animals. He is kicked out of the park and busks alongside Chip. The animals walk by and poke their heads through a grate where they proceed to mock Chip and Dale. However, the peacock's head gets stuck and a little boy is splashing in puddles nearby. Chip and Dale refuse to help at first, but ultimately decide to and protect the peacock from getting wet.

Chip and Dale are invited back into the park and made to stand with the peacock. The ledge they are standing on breaks and the chipmunks roll down the hill and crash into the trashcan. The peacock tries to help them, but the animals see this and he is made to sit outside the park and busk.


  • Matthew Géczy as Chip
  • Kaycie Chase as Dale




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