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Bite Size is a British television programme produced by Walt Disney Television International that originally aired as a stand-alone programme on Disney Channel UK's unbranded "Under-Fives" block in 1998, before becoming a Playhouse Disney UK presentation strand during the "Big Dave and Little Alex" era from 1999-2006.

The strand, alongside PJ's Bedtime were the only strands to remain after Dave and Alex left in August 2006. Bite Size continued to repeat as a standalone show on Playhouse Disney on rare occasions until May 2008.

The strand was also replicated on most Playhouse Disney blocks and channels outside North America, even sometimes on some international versions, such as Latin America, a female presenter took the role of being a "Deep Fried" chef, even rarely in the French input, Auntie Rosie and Uncle Charlie may live at the far right of the kitchen.


The show was a children's cookery program where Dave Benson Phillips (referred to as 'Deep Fried Dave') showed kids how to make Disney-themed dishes, with a puppet oven glove called Mitzi (puppeteered by Helena Smee). For example, in one episode from October 2001, the recipe was a 'Simba Salad' (themed after Simba from The Lion King).

They would also be assisted by numerous objects in the Bite Size Kitchen such as Ping the Microwave, Pong the Bin, Freeda the Fridge (named as "Freda" in the Australian input), Mabel the Table, and a trio of singing frying pans, (coloured black in all international versions, especially Latin America and Brazil and coloured brown in the Australian input.) who would order Dave to wash his hands should he forget.

During the show's early life, the show also featured two other presenters who alternated with Dave: Karl Woolley (referred to as "Krispy Karl") and Sophie Aldred (referred to as "Stir Fry Sophie"), and in the Australian input, a object known as The Talking Cookbook were added to get instructions about the food being made, while some characters such as Ping the Microwave and Mabel the Table was being removed.

The show was scrapped after the removal of The Playhouse in August 2006, but older episodes would be repeated rarely until 2008.