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Bizaardvark Shorts is a series of skits based around the show Bizaardvark. The skits involve Frankie and Paige performing humorous challenges.


Episode number Title Synopsis Date aired
1 "BizaArmBox" Paige and Frankie try out the BizaArmBox! May 8, 2017
2 "BizaArm Wrestling" Paige and Frankie go head to head in a game of arm wrestling! May 9, 2017
3 "BizHard Time" Paige and Frankie are doing HARD TIME for too much digital usage! May 10, 2017
4 "BizaArtists" Paige and Frankie create masterpieces while...blindfolded. May 11, 2017
5 "BizaArxercise" Hate exercise, but love pizza? Try Pizzanity! May 12, 2017
6 "BizaAnticipation" Who will get the whipped cream in the face? June 19, 2017
7 "BizaRock Paper Scissors" Do 60% of people really pick rock first? Paige and Frankie put this to the test! June 20, 2017
8 "BizaArtifacts" They’re weird, wacky, and…bizarre! Can you guest what these objects are for? That’s what Paige and Frankie are doing in BizaArtifacts! June 21, 2017
9 "BizaArmed & Dangerous" Officer BizaArmed and Officer Dangerous embark on their most epic mission ever. SAVING. THE. INTERNET! June 22, 2017
10 "BizHaircut" Paige and Frankie attempt to answer the question we've all asked at one time or another — “How do I get gum out of my hair?!?” June 23, 2017
11 "BizaArgentina" Paige and Frankie sing about their favorite country, Argentina! June 28, 2017
12 "BizaArmageddon" They have spun the bizircle and it's...BIZAARMAGEDDON! July 7, 2017
13 "BizaAroma" What’s under the lid? Paige and Frankie must use their noses to find out! July 14, 2017
14 "BizFeet" Life can get a little boring doing everything with your hands, so Paige and Frankie decide to switch things up! July 21, 2017

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