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Black Rock Studio was a video game developer based in Brighton, England. The studio was founded by Tony Beckwith in 1998 as Pixel Planet. It was then acquired by the Climax Group in 1999 and was renamed Climax Brighton. In 2004, it became Climax Racing, as the Climax Group rebranded its studios. On 28 September 2006, it was acquired by Buena Vista Games and was eventually renamed Black Rock Studio in 2007. The last game the studio developed for the Climax Group was MotoGP '07, which was completed after its acquisition by Buena Vista Games. The name is derived from a district in Brighton. In early 2011, the company faced lay-offs and was forced to abandon sequels for Pure and Split/Second. Despite good reviews for both games, Disney Interactive Studios turned down both sequels to focus on freemium content.

On 30 June 2011, Disney Interactive Studios announced their intent to enter a consultation process on the proposal to close the studios. It was later confirmed that the studio has been shut down and that several ex-employees have formed new studios, including Roundcube Entertainment, ShortRound Games and Boss Alien.

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