Blaster is the tritagonist of G-Force. He is voiced by Tracy Morgan.



Blaster is a black male guinea pig with white fur on just his mouth and nose, and around the eyes. He is an expert on weapons. He is also madly in love with Juarez. At some times, Blaster can get jealous of Darwin because Blaster thinks that Juarez is into Darwin. Blaster is shown funny at some times. He fell in love with Juarez the moment Blaster saw her.

Blaster enjoys himself in a remote controlled car and made to do stunts and when Connor controlling his car leaves to help take out the trash, Blaster grabs the controller and drives himself down the stairs to find Juarez. Outside, Juarez is stuck in a door house but breaks out, signaling Blaster to drive by and she jumps in. Love grew a little throughout the movie. On one scene, when Darwin was inside the fireplace, and Blaster and Juarez were right above him, Blaster asked Juarez, "If Darwin doesn't make it, are you free Thursday night?" showing that Blaster didn't even think about what life would be like without Darwin, and that he is optimistic, which means that he is looking forward for something good to happen. When Blaster, Juarez, and Darwin are about to cross the street, Blaster is talking about their victory, and once again, he tells Juarez that the both of them should celebrate with dinner, showing that he is trying to ask Juarez out again.

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