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There are two blenders who appear in the The Brave Little Toaster.


Role in the film

The film-only blender never speaks. When Elmo St. Peters brings Toaster, Blanky, Radio, Lampy, and Kirby to his Parts Shop he uses the Blender to make himself a cold drink. He then gives it to Zeke, to which Toaster, his gang, Hanging Lamp, the Junkshop Appliances, and the Blender all listen as the customer asks for a blender motor. The Blender tries to hide from Elmo behind a cereal box, but Elmo finds him and moves Toaster and the gang to a baby carriage. They then watch nervously as Elmo takes apart the Blender and takes its motor out to sell to Zeke. The Blender passes away after getting his motor taken out since this is the only one left in the Parts Shop. The other blender was planned for the film but never released.

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