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Blight Manor is the home of the Blight family in the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House.


Blight Manor stands on a hill outside of Bonesborough not so far from the family company, Blight Industries. The mansion itself bares a resemblance to a English castles, covered in red moss. It is made from purple and gray stone, with a brown shingle roof, complete with stone chimneys and a large spire. Round, stained-glass windows are located in the highest levels of the mansion, with diamond shapes painted on them. A great number of abominations figures are featured in the architecture, including the door handles, the chandelier, and furniture. The Blights also use Abominations as butlers and servants.


  • The Living Room: A grand fireplace is located in the living where the Blight's family portrait is hung. Hanging from the ceiling is abomination themed chandelier. The living room also leads to the basement.
  • The Basement: Used as a personal lab/workshop where Mr. and Mrs. Blight design and craft abominations.
  • Amity's Room: Amity's room is filled with books and decorated with Emperor's Coven posters and tapestries.


  • The name of Blight Manor is likely a reference to The Haunting of Bly Manor.
  • This is the first location in the series where the complete address is shown.
  • The zip code "120890" is a reference to Dana Terrace's birth date, which is on December 8, 1990.


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