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Ratigan6688 Ratigan6688 2 days ago

Caught Up WDAS Reviews

Hey guys. It's me again. I just caught up on reviews of the past Pixar films during the pandemic. So now I am reviewing the 2 recent films from Walt Disney Animation Studios. I can't guarantee you will agree on me completely on these, but oh well. Enjoy.

Here's a film with a world I never though Disney could imagine so well. We got Raya And The Last Dragon! There's a lot to explain about this film, but not complicated to the point where kids and adults can't follow at all. With all the Asian elements, divisions and war, and culture, I often think of it as an "Avatar: TLA meets Moana" sort of deal. I don't know what part of Asia Disney was trying to base this film off of specifically, but the visual details are great; the water, the snowy ar…

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Ratigan6688 Ratigan6688 3 days ago

Caught Up Pixar Reviews

Hey guys. Ratigan6688 is back. I know it's been a long time since I have written a blog. I haven't had any ideas and I had trouble getting used to the new ways of Disney Wiki. I guess I have been a bit afraid to take risks. But this time I am going to write some reviews on some of the past films these couple years. As one may have guessed, COVID has scrambled the moviegoing traditions we have always known. Movie theaters have been closed and films had to go straight to streaming services. Better than not seeing them at all I guess, but still. It's always "Netflix this" or "Disney+" that!.... Ahem. Sorry. Anyways, this blog will cover 3 Pixar films; Soul, Luca, and Turning Red. I will review Raya and the Last Dragon and Encanto in a separa…

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BradenJamesBingham BradenJamesBingham 9 days ago

Disney's ownership of Miramax films

I always loved it when Disney owns Miramax Films when Disney purchased Miramax in 1993, so I wish that Disney Should have Miramax back instead of Fox.

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BeanieAndTheDucks BeanieAndTheDucks 11 days ago

What I think about The Lion Guard

Oh cool! You found my blog!

  1. This blog include my opinions.
  2. This article mixes content from others movies that do not take place in the same timeline and/or universe.

The Lion Guard takes place after The Lion King, with Simba having a daughter and a son. When The Lion King ended, Simba only had one cub, but the cub wasn't identifyed yet.

Before The Lion Guard show was created, there came a sequel: The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. In this film Simba has only 1 child, a daughter, Kiara, who we see grow from cub to an adult-ish age. And here's what I think about the film: I like this movie! The songs are great, the characters are intresting, and it fits in with the theme of The Lion King as well. The film takes place after The Lion King, and it is a f…

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 26 days ago

Interactive Maps are here!

Hey all!

Fandom recently announced that Interactive Maps are live on the platform. As a recap, Interactive Maps is a feature available on Fandom where communities can design their own customized maps. You can place pins on an image that will lead to wiki articles when clicked on!

Interactive Maps are available to all communities, accessible from the the "Explore" menu on the local navigation, or by visiting Special:AllMaps directly in the URL. Map creation and editing is currently limited to those with the user right editinteractivemap, which is automatically given to administrators and Fandom Staff.

If you're excited about this feature and would like to start playing around with one, reach out to an active admin to receive the necessary rights.…

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Everything Wrong With Beauty and the Beast (CinemaSins Parody)

This is my version of "Everything Wrong With Beauty and the Beast", and it is a parody of CinemaSins. I will find as much wrong with this film as possible and sin the mistakes I find.


Sin Counter: 0

Let's get the worst part of the movie out of the way. The Bimbettes. Where do I even start with these characters? They have no inner ugliness whatsoever. This defeats the point of them being foil characters to Belle. Also, they are literally called the BIMBETTES. Why? And the worst part is their large amount of cleavage their outfits show. If I were to remove these characters from the film and therefore from existence, I can't tell you how much better this already spectacular film would be. I'm glad Belle isn't a Bimbette, because if there w…

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Samantha47223 Samantha47223 17 April


I'm back

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Lana4eva Lana4eva 15 April

Snow White (2024 film)

Snow White is a 2024 American fantasy romance film, written by April Blair and directed by Neasa Hardiman.

  • Rowan Blanchard as Bailey Clarke, a social media personality who is tracked down by Sloane.
  • Bradley Steven Perry as Felix Johnson, Bailey's love interest.
  • Wes Bentley as Joe Clarke, Bailey's father.
  • Laura Dern as Sloane, a power-hungry CEO of DIMMY Industries who attempts to track down Bailey, because of her popularity.
    • Jessica Alexander as Flo, Sloane's disguise.
  • Vince Vaughn as Ed, Sloane's assistant.
  • Rachel House as Macy, Sloane's secretary.
  • Siri as Magic Phone, an artificial intelligence who supervises with Sloane.

  • Cree Summer as Tris, Bailey's pet horse.
  • Scott Menville as Sam, Bailey's pet bird.
  • Marcus Toji as Orion, Bailey's pet rabbit.
  • Tabi…

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Paige EM Paige EM 14 April

Article Lists




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Sulu2021 Sulu2021 11 April

I'm looking forward to the live-action Little Mermaid movie coming out.

I am so excited for there to be another Little Mermaid movie coming out next year.

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Lana4eva Lana4eva 3 April

Cinderella (2023 film)

Cinderella is a 2023 American fantasy romance comedy film, written and directed by Greta Gerwig and co-written by Noah Baumbach.

  • Meg Donnelly as Eleanor Marsden, a housemaid and a student who falls in love with Jeremiah.
    • Valentina Gordon as Young Eleanor Marsden
  • Kevin Quinn as Jeremiah, the popular student whom Eleanor fells in love with.
  • Selma Blair as Cheryl, Eleanor's bossy and abusive stepmother.
  • Nikki Hahn as Belissa, Eleanor's sassy and uptight stepsister who is a makeup artist.
  • Josie Totah as Lola, Eleanor's mean and jealous who is an ambitious social media personality.
  • Stephanie Beatriz as Tammy, Eleanor's beloved neighbor.
  • Ryan Guzman as Amend, the principal of Eleanor's school and Jeremiah's uncle.
  • Yvonne Zima as Mrs. Holloway, a teacher o…

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 25 March

Fandom Wiki Rules and Blocking policy updates

Hey guys!

Recently, Fandom staff posted updates to the Fandom Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy. As a reminder, this is a global policy to aid the wellbeing of communities that all wikis have been following since 2021. These new changes go into effect on April 4th.

  • An added section outlining what it means to be a good admin. Some tips include being open to users asking for advice, not acting as if you are the “owner” of the wiki, assuming good faith etc
  • The “Need ideas for rules?” section was moved to its own page and added more example rules to be used if needed.
  • An added section requiring a pathway to adminship. This is a system your community can set up to allow for long-time users who care about the wiki and community to eventually become admins…

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Paige EM Paige EM 19 March














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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 19 March

My Top 5 Favorite Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures episodes

Without much reason, here are my top 5 favorite episodes of Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures, including the first two seasons when it was Mickey and the Roadster Racers:

1. Daredevil Goofy!

2. The Mystery of Hot Dog Lake!

3. Donald's Stinky Day

4. Going Upppppppppp!

5. Old McMickey Had a Farm

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Robloxian37842384 Robloxian37842384 16 March

i watched in the school

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Jamesgrout Jamesgrout 14 March

Astonishing Animation no. 7: 'Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamps Adventure'

Previous one here: https://pixar.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Jamesgrout/Astonishing_Animation_no._6:_%27Toy_Story_Toons:_Small_Fry%27

When you come across peoples rankings for their favourite Disney sequels, there are those that everybody has at the top and those that you don't usually see on the lists. For me, the rankings of my 4th to 2nd favourite are ones that are everybody's favourites, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride and Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time, in that order, but my favourite one is one that people don't often rank high up, bringing us to the topic of this blog post, Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure, sometimes it's just a case of looking closer. I've heard some put it among the worst, some …

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BradenJamesBingham BradenJamesBingham 12 March

20th Century Fox as a separate movie studio.

I always loved it when 20th Century Fox was a separate movie studio that was part of "The Big Six Major American Film Studios", (along with Disney, Sony, Warner Bros, Paramount, and Universal respectively, which I only like "The Big Six" than "The Big Five", as six is my favorite number) until it was acquired by Disney, after when Rupert Murdoch himself put it out for sale, thus reducing from "Big Six to Five" and renaming Fox 20th Century Studios, 20th Television, 20th Century Animation and Searchlight Pictures in order to avoid confusion with the recently new Fox, which all of this is much to my dismay and not what I had in mind, which is the kind of change I really hate. What kind of reasons why would Disney buy Fox and why would Rupert…

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YouTube Original YouTube Original 11 March

China & Japan

indonesia south korea north korea india

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Buzzfan120 Buzzfan120 4 March

I'm an Admin-to-Be (Schoolhouse Rock song parody)

Did you hear I'm being promoted to admin? I'm super-excited, and I've even written a song about it! A follow-up to my three previous Disney song parodies, this one is a parody of the Schoolhouse Rock song "I'm Just a Bill", and also draws inspiration from "I'm an Amendment-to-Be", a parody of "I'm Just a Bill" featured in The Simpsons episode "The Day the Violence Died".

I don't know when my next Disney trip will be, but I just know I'll get to go to Disney World again someday.

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BradenJamesBingham BradenJamesBingham 1 March

American Dragon Jake Long in Disney Emoji Blitz and Heroes Battle Mode.

Who would Consider Jake Long and other characters as a great addition to Disney Heroes Battle Mode, even Jake Long and the other characters from American Dragon Jake Long should also be a good addition to Disney Emoji Blitz

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Deathly0Hallows Deathly0Hallows 24 February

Random Disney Fact of the Day

Did you know that there are two abandoned Disney Parks and they didn't even bother to knock them down or anything? Now, even though these parks are no longer functioning, they are still Disney property, so don't even try sneaking into them. These two parks were called River Country and Discovery Island. River Country was Disney's first water park, but was open for 25 years before shutting down in 2001. And Discovery Island was suposed to be a mini Animal Kingdom like place, with live animals and treehouses. It stands in the middle of Bay Lake and is like I said abandonded. This attraction was also open for 25 years before being abandoned in 1999. Now here is the thing about Discovery Island, the cast members who worked on Discovery Island …

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Top2456 Top2456 24 February

Disney Party All-Stars

  • 1 Disney
  • 2 DuckTales
  • 3 A Goofy Movie
  • 4 Darkwing Duck
  • 5 Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
  • 6 Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • 7 Wreck-It Ralph
  • 8 Frozen
  • 9 Big Hero 6
  • 10 Zootopia
  • 11 Tangled
  • 12 Moana
  • 13 Raya and the Last Dragon
  • 14 Encanto
  • 15 The Princess and the Frog
  • 16 Aladdin
  • 17 The Lion King
  • 18 Beauty and the Beast
  • 19 Peter Pan
  • 20 Lilo & Stitch
  • 21 Treasure Planet
  • 22 Mulan
  • 23 The Jungle Book
  • 24 Hercules
  • 25 Tarzan
  • 26 Fantasia
  • 27 The Emperor's New Groove
  • 28 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • 29 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • 30 The Great Mouse Detective
  • 31 Sleeping Beauty
  • 32 Meet the Robinsons
  • 33 Dumbo
  • 34 Bolt
  • 35 Oliver & Company
  • 36 101 Dalmatians
  • 37 Planes
  • 38 The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • 39 Frankenweenie
  • 40 Toy Story
  • 41 Finding Nemo / Finding Dory
  • 42 Inside Out
  • 43 Brave
  • 44 Cars
  • 45 The Incredibles
  • 46 Monsters, Inc. / Monsters University
  • 47 WALL-E
  • 48 Coco
  • 49 Ratatouill…
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LMD133 LMD133 9 February

The Casita Legacy

The Casita Legacy is a 2023 American musical film and visual album, written and directed by Colombian singer Shakira. It is a visual companion to the 2022 album of the same name for the film Encanto (2021).

  • Shakira as Spirit Guide
  • Alejandro Edda
  • Jessica Camacho
  • Lombardo Boyar
  • Justina Machado
  • Henry Zaga
  • Sasha Calle
  • Froy Gutierrez
  • Kayla Maisonet
  • Xolo Mariduena
  • Allegra Acosta
  • Malachi Barton
  • Alison Fernandez
  • Raphael Alejandro
  • Xochitl Gomez
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Charliesbiggestfan Charliesbiggestfan 4 February

My Fanfiction Christmas Movie

Saving Christmas Island is a 1998 animated film produced by Walt Disney Studios. Cast is below.

Ben Stiller as Nicky Claus

Ed Asner as Santa Claus

Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Claus

Kristen Bell as Audrey Keaton

Harrison Ford as Albert Keaton

Mark Hamill as The Ice King

Jim Cummings as Frosty Crow

Mel Brooks as Eli Elf

Bob Newhart as Eric Elf

Billy Connolly as Edgar Elf

Betty White as Aunt Arctica

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Charliesbiggestfan Charliesbiggestfan 3 February

The oldest celebrities have been a popular topic on some pages so I thought I’d write about them. Here they are.

  1. Betty Rowland (January 23, 1916-present)
  2. Marsha Hunt (October 17, 1917-present)
  3. Elisabeth Waldo (June 15, 1918-present)
  4. Caren Marsh-Doll (April 2, 1919-present)
  5. Nehemiah Persoff (August 2, 1919-present)
  6. Jack Rader (February 23, 1921-present)
  7. Iris Apfel (August 29, 1921-present)
  8. Walter Mirisch (November 8, 1921-present)
  9. Ray Anthony (January 20, 1922-present)
  10. Margia Dean (April 7, 1922-present)
  11. Norman Lear (July 27, 1922-present)
  12. Micheline Presle (August 22, 1922-present)
  13. Janis Paige (September 16, 1922-present)
  14. Bert I. Gordon (September 24, 1922-present)
  15. Jacqueline White (November 27, 1922-present)
  16. Larry Storch (January 8, 1923-present)
  17. Henry Kissinger (May 27, 1923-present)
  18. Jimmy Lydon (May 30, 1923-present)
  19. Glynis Johns (October 5, 1923-present)
  20. Vincent Ba…
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Matthew Dubelier Matthew Dubelier 30 January

Top Ten Disney Villain Deaths

10: Shan Yu - Gets Blown up by fireworks by Mulan & Mushu.

9: Clayton - Hungs by vines and choked on them.

8: Scroop - Drifted into space into the abyss.

7: Judge Claude Frollo - Falls into a lake of molten copper by a gargoyle.

6: Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke - Crystalized and Shattered by a propeller of the hot air balloon.

5: Dr. Facilier - Dragged into the voodoo’s world, by his spirit voodoo’s dolls.

4: Ursula - Gets stabbed by Prince Eric and Electrocuted.

3: Gaston - Falls off the castle to his death.

2: Maleficent - Stabbed by Prince Phillip and the 3 fairies and collapses by rocks.

1: Scar - Eaten by hyenas

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VermillionLavender VermillionLavender 20 January

A Disney films ranking

  • 1 Info
  • 2 The rankings
    • 2.1 F Tier:
    • 2.2 D Tier:

This is a post of my rankings of all of the Disney films I’ve seen so far. I haven’t seen all of the Disney films, so some films won’t be included for said reason.

And YES, I did make a Tier list of Disney films, but I kinda want to go more in depth on the films I put in specific tiers, so there will be different sections in this ranking for each tier.

So, keep on reading to find out my rankings!

These movies I consider the baddest of the bad, these movies I wish they didn’t exist, but, remember, this is just MY OPINON.

47th: For my least favorite Disney movie….I would have to say…Dinosaur. This, movie, is, just, so, BORING!! I barely can remember what happens in this film, or even the characters, but I just …

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Koreyda2ndninja Koreyda2ndninja 17 January

Welp, I got a big annoucement

After 10 years of being a mess, I along with JamarcusMudkip OFFICIALLY became Owner's of the dying JoJo's Circus Wiki. We have already started cleaning pages, deleting fanfiction, and blocking users who did bad stuff. Hopefully this era will be better then the dead era (2012-2021)

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VermillionLavender VermillionLavender 17 January

VermillionLavender’s Disney Movie Marathon. Movie 1: Encanto

Hello and welcome to a new “series” (if you can call it that) of me watching Disney movies and I’ll make blog posts about my analysis on that Disney film.

I made a poll about which Disney film I should watch, and whichever movie gets the most votes, I’ll watch that film. Apparently to nobody’s surprise, Encanto had gotten the most votes, which isn’t a bad thing, Encanto is a good film and I enjoyed it. So here’s me talking about this movie.

Here are some notes I took while watching the movie. These aren’t ALL of the notes I took, but these are my favorites.

“Imagine the gift just explodes lol.”

”I’m jealous of his room…”

“I feel like the whole “Someone sees things and then nobody believes that person.” has became a trope.”

“I don’t get why there…

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Jessicabent3 Jessicabent3 13 January

I am the biggest Encanto fan

I only have the soundtrack, but I probably will have a t-shirt or something like that in the near future.

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AustinMertsch2006 AustinMertsch2006 11 January


Whats up everyone

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Babie90s Babie90s 9 January


Statistics of the Disney Wiki.

  • Created: May 8, 2005

  • Pages:
  • Articles:
    • Featured articles:
      • Featured songs:
      • Featured shorts:
    • Albums :
      • Disney soundtracks :
      • Pixar soundtracks :
    • Books :
      • Marvel comics :
    • Characters :
    • Films :
      • Animated films :
      • Live-action films :
    • Locations :
    • Objects :
    • Parks and attractions :
    • People :
    • Songs :
    • TV episodes :
    • Video games :
  • Files:

  • Edits:
  • Editors:
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Babie90s Babie90s 9 January


  • WALL-E
  • Moana
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Aladdin
  • Tarzan
  • Beauty and the Beast
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Mrlolthebestguy Mrlolthebestguy 4 January

Angry Birds X Su;p

Angry Birds X Super Buddies is a film released in 2022.

It starts out with a boy playing Angry Birds. Boy opens a level. Super Buddies start doing various things (they are the same as in the film) and this happens. The chocolate bucket also destroys the pig's building along with him not just making two guys dirty. Then Drex turns one pig into a green one. Then, he builds a building. The Angry Birds add the slingshot and start fighting him. The End

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Ruff21st Ruff21st 31 December 2021

Racing academy

Since we saw racing academy 2 years ago I wonder if they could make a sequel with the same characters but with a different race car

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Bowserjr11.beyer Bowserjr11.beyer 25 December 2021

Ratatouille II

Ratatouille 2, stylized as Ratatouille II, is a cancelled Pixar film. It would've been Pixar's 26th full-length animated feature film and the sequel to Ratatouille.

It was scheduled to be released on June 19, 2020 and due to Cars 4 being released on June 19, 2020 it got pushed to June 18, 2021, and from there, was replaced by Luca in Pixar's film schedule, with no new release date being announced.

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Danielleg3062 Danielleg3062 24 December 2021

merry christmas

merry christmas everone it finnly the best time of year hope the best christmas i am watching a christmas movie with my dog's and happy new year

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 18 December 2021

Simpsonageddon Transcript

Title: Simpsonageddon

The episode starts off with 16 year old Dipper and Mabel Pines driving to Springfield to visit their aunt Marge, Uncle Homer and cousins Bart, Lisa and Maggie

"I can't wait to see Aunt Marge and Uncle Homer." Mabel said

"We should tell them about our adventures of Gravity Falls." Dipper said

"I can't believe Bart is turning 11." Mabel said

"Yeah but we know he'll be 10 in the next episode due to lack of continuity." Dipper said

"Yeah you're right." Mabel said

"Let's just hope that Bill doesn't show up and ruin everything." Dipper said

"Nah Bill's dead when he went into Stan's mind and when Ford used the memory gun." Mabel said

"But what if he could return?" Dipper asked

"Dude you read way too many conspiracy theories." Mabel sa…

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 18 December 2021


Simpsonageddon is a special fanmade crossover of Gravity Falls and The Simpsons. It was published to Fanfiction.Net on December 18th, 2021.

When Bart Simpson accidentally helps Bill Cipher (who disguised himself as Nelson) recreate Weirdmageddon, Bill traps Bart and the real Nelson in a prison bubble and takes over Springfield. Homer, Marge, Lisa, along with Dipper, Mabel and Wendy all team up to defeat Bill once and for all.

  • Bill Cipher
  • Dipper Pines
  • Mabel Pines
  • Wendy Corduroy
  • Ford Pines (mentioned
  • Stan Pines (mentioned)
  • Pacifica Northwest (mentioned)
  • Homer Simpson
  • Marge Simpson
  • Bart Simpson
  • Lisa Simpson
  • Maggie Simpson
  • Ned Flanders
  • Kirk Van Houten
  • Luann Van Houten
  • Milhouse Van Houten
  • Nelson Muntz
  • Kent Brockman
  • Sideshow Mel
  • Krusty the Clown
  • Eddie Muntz (cameo in the…

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LMD133 LMD133 5 December 2021

Mutants (TV series)

Mutants is an upcoming American streaming television series, for Disney+. based on the characters created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and is set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Daniellewiki Daniellewiki 5 December 2021

Keep Moving Forward on Walt Disney's 120th Birthday!

every day for 365 days!]]

It is Walt Disney's 120th birthday and I am now the 49th person to earn the "Keep Moving Forward" Badge! Contributing to the wiki every day for 365 days!

I also earned the contributing to the wiki every day for 365 days badge on Disney Fan Fiction Wiki this same day!

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RBLXBrody RBLXBrody 27 November 2021

Anticipated Upcoming Disney Media

Just out of curiosity, what are you all looking forward to come out in the near future? For me it's both Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, Vikingskool, Prey (originally titled Skull) and The Book of Boba Fett.

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Protobubbles342 Protobubbles342 24 November 2021

Opinion about some characters

I love how Disney made not one but TWO characters of Brazil (The Aracuan, and José Carioca), and they make us proud, cause as a brazilian i can say they are one of my favorite characters of Disney, Zé Carioca have the Rio de Janeiro style, but i live in São Paulo, so, i think i like more Aracuan, cause he's funny, and i really like exotic birds.

Also i'm a bit Italian too (i'm actually italian-brazilian and spanish-brazilian...is hard to explain, my grandfather's parents was Italians, and my grandmother ones was Spanish), so i really like Luca, this little lovable pre-teen made me want to explore more this part of my family, and even someday, live in Italy (i also have a 11-year old friend who lives in Italy....after remembering his age, i …

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 23 November 2021

iCarly on Deck with Drake & Josh

iCarly on Deck with Drake & Josh is an upcoming fanfiction crossover event of The Suite Life on Deck and the Nickelodeon series; iCarly and Drake & Josh. It serves as a sequel to The Suite Life of Drake & Josh.

  • 1 Plot
    • 1.1 Subplot
  • 2 Suite Life on Deck Main Cast
  • 3 iCarly Main Cast
  • 4 Drake & Josh Main Cast
  • 5 Recurring Cast
  • 6 Villain Cast
  • 7 Absent Cast
  • 8 Trivia

iCarly has a week off from school so they spend their break at the S.S, Tipton with Drake, Josh and Mindy. There they meet Zack, Cody, London, Bailey, and Mr. Moseby.

Nora Dershlit is back and joins forces with Mandy and Missy. They manage to kidnap everyone (except Mr. Moseby who was tricked to go on a date) on the boat and traps Josh, Cody, Spencer and Guppy down the basement. Mr. Moseby comes back on the…

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 20 November 2021

The Suite Life of Drake & Josh Transcript

The crossover starts off with Drake, Josh, Zack and Cody breaking the 4th wall by telling the audience about the crossover

"Drake and I have been living together for over 4 years now." Josh said

"Now we don't get along but we love each other a lot." Drake said

"Zack and I don't see eye to eye on everything." Cody said

"But he and I love each other a lot and couldn't imagine life without each other." Zack said

"I'll never forget the time we all went to the Tipton Hotel in Boston and met some new friends." Josh said

"I don't think we'll forget when Drake & Josh came to the Tipton Hotel and we all became friends." Cody says

"So relax." Drake said

"Take off your socks." Cody said

"And enjoy the show." Zack said

"By the way this entire story takes place …

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The0PointsQuester The0PointsQuester 20 November 2021

If Disney had a Super Smash Bros.-like game

Since Warner Bros. announced MultiVersus, a fighting game inspired by the famous fight series Super Smash Bros. I had the idea in mind of what would happen if Disney had its own Super Smash Bros. since Disney had a lot of crossover games, it had an Super Smash Bros. with slightly different mechanics. I heard that Disney announced a new fighting game based on its properties, although this one will be released for mobile devices, while this one will be released for home consoles.

A list of various characters from various Disney and Pixar Movies, TV Series, Video Games, or Comics (Except Star Wars, Marvel and 20th Century Studios properties).

Like Super Smash Bros. also they gotta be stages based on Disney properties (For example: Agrabah from Aladdin). A…

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Gloria Bomfim Gloria Bomfim 17 November 2021

Taryn Bile

Taryn Bile is the girlfriend of Thaddeus Bile in Fan made Monsters, Inc. character.

Taryn Bile is a blue female monster, has several soft spikes on her head that are capable of becoming sharp, has four purple tentacle arms with four fingers on each of them and long dinosaur-like tail.

  • She sounds like Meena from Sing (2016) in Monsters, Inc. 2 (2022).
  • She sounds like Destiny from Finding Dory in Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena 2 (2023).
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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 15 November 2021

The Suite Life of Drake & Josh

The Suite Life of Drake & Josh is a fanfiction crossover event of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and the Nickelodeon series; Drake & Josh.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Cast
  • 3 Drake & Josh Cast
  • 4 Trivia

The Parker-Nichols family takes a trip to Boston to stay at the Tipton Hotel. But their visit is short lived when Megan pulls a prank on Mr. Moseby and tries to get Drake & Josh into trouble. However Megan ends up in trouble due to London and Mr. Moseby looking at the security cameras. Drake & Josh are happy that Megan finally got in trouble.

  • Dylan Sprouse as Zack Martin
  • Cole Sprouse as Cody Martin
  • Brenda Song as London Tipton
  • Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick
  • Phill Lewis as Marion Moseby

  • Drake Bell as Drake Parker
  • Josh Peck as Josh Nichols
  • Miranda…

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Fireman Fan 152 Fireman Fan 152 13 November 2021

Voices over Underdog

Hey everyone

I’m trying to make a full clean version on the Underdog rock theme that was sung by Plain White T for the 2007 movie. I’ve nearly finished, I just can’t get the parts of the song that has a character speak over the song. Would anyone have an idea on how to fix this problem? If so please let me know and if not then I’m sure we can manage with what we got on what I made.

P.S. some of the credit on what I’m doing goes to Knight Gaming on YouTube for uploading a high quality version of the theme

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Buzzfan120 Buzzfan120 11 November 2021

Mod Like Me (Aladdin song parody)

Some time after I found out I was being promoted to moderator, I wrote a blog post featuring a parody of "I Just Can't Wait to Be King". After I became a mod, I wrote a follow-up post featuring a parody of the Sofia the First theme song. Now here's a follow-up to those two blog posts, featuring a parody of "Friend Like Me" from Aladdin.

Don't get the references in my lyrics? Allow me to explain...

  • The line "I'm here to take this site beyond infinity" is of course a reference to Buzz Lightyear's catchphrase, "To infinity and beyond!"
  • The line "Just put my service to the test" is a reference to a lyric from the song "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast.
  • The line "Just forget your worries and your strife" is a reference to a lyric from the song "…

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