• Esagurton

    Well, folks, what do ya think of the Disney Princesses with Anna & Elsa together? Would ya care to compliment the girls?

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  • Geek from Hell
    • I know this is a popular opinion but over here, I don't think it is over here. But the reboots are trash. I explain multiplied time but. They're a bunch of needless useless crash-grab movies aiming at Disney's nostalgia. There a lot of people who made this subject clearer on youtube.
    • Why they change Ariel Black, not being racist, but why?
    • Tangled is better than Frozen, It has everything No dead parent, no Hans, and No boring sequel and instead of an underrated fun series.  I would say it was the new Gravity Falls.
    • Elsa is the Worst character ever made and is very overrated!
    • Frozen 2 is a boring sequel just like the rest of them.
    • Wreck-It-Ralphs 2, is also a bad sequel and made Ralph kinda creepy.
    • Judge Frollo is the best villain of film ever.
    • Thi…
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  • D234ever

    The Little Girl was probably the first background character to make a difference and have a chance to shine. We don't even know her name.  We probably didn't even know she would be important when we saw her at the beginning.  But, here she comes, and she has the most non-judgemental look a kid (especially a girl) could ever have and she gets him accepted into society.  Because, of course, if the sweet little girl thinks he's okay, he must be okay.  Other than that, she was an unlikely hero.  If I may be so bold, I would say she deserves her own movie!  Anyone else agree!

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  • GabuTheWolf54

    Here's another game plot idea, because why not?

    (NOTE: I haven't played in so long, I will update this over time.)


    Placed in the Disney Portal: Hello, may I provide anyone with some service today?

    Getting hit excessively: (1) Augh, no. (2) [Whimpers in pain] (3) You better not make me mad!

    Getting hit once: (1) [sarcastically] Ouch. (2) How disrespectful. (3) Don't you see yourself as the impulsive type?


    Long-Range: Epaulette Attack

    The Steward translates out the epaulettes on his shoulders and unleashes a strong red beam. It could be upgraded to a more powerful white-hot beam that would stun enemies on contact.

    Melee: Electric Bite

    The Steward 'bites' his enemy with piercing electricity from his mouth. 



    Slow walking: …

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  • A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN's return

    In this blog I will talk about my ranking of the most forgettable and lame villains of disney, there are only the main antagonists of the Disney Animated Feature Canon films, excluding villains like Amos Slade or John Silver that have become good in the end.

    I think the thing that is wrong with him is the fact that he is a villain not only by surprise, but he was not very evil either, his real point of malice is Turbo, I must say that on that side he is a successful antagonist very well; he might even destroy cars if he sees them, but his original character, King Candy is not quite as memorable as a villain, but Turbo is what prevents him from being worse than the other four candidates in the ranking.

    This is a bit controversial, but Shan Yu…

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  • Geek from Hell

    I was kind of disappointed at Lego The Incredibles. I always wanted a full lego Pixar game with most of the Pixar character updates and the same thing as the story. You go through ionic Pixar film as the level, such as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E,inc., And yes I know it was released due to the new Incredibles' sequel. 

    Not sure they're any Tt game developer, probably not. But I will die for a Lego Disney. I don't any Pixar characters in this one, only classic, and iconic Disney characters. The Level will be Mickey and his friends visiting classical Disney's movies, such as Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Fantasia, Peter Pan. and Fighting some of Disney's most iconic villains such as Ursula, Chernabog, Jafar, Maleficent, Captain Hook. Think…

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  • Impala2016Susan

    For the honor of it's series finale, I would like to show you that, if they would have switched Sundrop and Moonstone.

    Now, even though Cass was fighting Rapunzel, I did feel she was trying to take the Sundrop which was wrong but for the right reason, she probably would have been oliberated but that would have been a way to prevent Zhan Tiri from stealing the stones from Raps and Cassandra.

    Here's my fanmade images

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  • Jason French11

    • King Arthur (film)

    • The Three Musketeers

    • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
      • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
      • Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned
    • Treasure Island

    • The Apple Dumpling Gang
    • The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again

    • Davy Crockett and the River Pirates
    • Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier
    • Davy Crockett: A Letter to Polly

    • Remember the Titans

    • National Treasure
    • National Treasure: Book of Secrets
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  • AKM221

    As someone who had a huge apreciation to Star vs. the Forces of Evil during its first 2 seasons and Battle for Mewni, and then dropped from show due real life responsibilities but came back shortly before the ending to see how the show ended, and now is fully comitted to go back and see the entire show again eventually, one question that has been poping into my head recently, among all the hate from the fanbase towards the ending, and the second half of the show apperantly, is "Is it possible for Star vs. the Forces of Evil to return, should return, and if so how?".

    For me there are 3 possible options:

    1. Pull a "End of Evangelion" (make the last few episodes not cannon and create a new ending)

    -Probably the one people would be more happy to …

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hey guys. You know, I often like to think about some of the old Disney video cassette lineups from the past but I have never written a blog about them. I guess the reason I think of them is because I remember a lot of the Disney films In those forms and yet when I see them in different editions and formats, they feel like a um...reincarnation. And you know sometimes you can think high, low, or medium of them but then your opinions about them change over Time, I guess. So I am going to write about which Disney videocassettes I remember my parents had purchased. Although there are certain editions I think highly of, a lot of Disney films had been squeezed and combined into the same tape for reasons I can’t understand. I guess it was to make …

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  • FirePuppy

    It says here on Wikipedia that there were laws restricting Japanese media in South Korea. But something tells me, I think these laws also affected Disney movies as well. Far as I know it, every animated film before The Little Mermaid (1989) took more than 10 years to find their way to Korean theaters or video releases. Within the fourth-stage opening period since January 1, 2004, that's even longer than any Japanese film, including anime, released after 1993!

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  • Josh247tyson

    I have a list of my favourite Disney villains.

    • Ursula
    • Gaston
    • Hades
    • Jafar
    • Scar
    • Shenzi, Banzai and Ed
    • Pete
    • Lefou

    • Morgana

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  • Slymandy

    Voltron anyone

    May 24, 2020 by Slymandy

    Ok I decided to do something that probably won't let me sleep at night. Yes I have decided to enter the Voltron Fandom. Why? Because I like Voltron Why? I just told you. Why? Ok fine because Lance deserves a better ending I demand a remake for the entire season yes I'm that crazy. I know this fandom might be old but I still want to join it. Hopefully, I won't die during this process. Anyways If anyone out there in Voltron Fandom lemme know. Ok, Ok Chao 

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  • Aparna Singh314

    Hi, Quick question Who’s your favourite VK?. Mine is Carlos, It’s sad that Cameron Boyce died. Bye!.

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  • Afoster470

    She tried to my parents steal credit card info
    @Sophia Gearhart asked for my zip code & six diget school code & email &persanal info

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  • Afoster470

    never talk to me

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  • Brendon Urie my crush

    when brendon was a kid he flimed old home videos of himself as a kid and took band lessons as a kid but at first he tried the trumpet but he got braces at a young age and wanted to quit but his band teacher said he can tried the drums then he created a band called panic! at the disco which the meaning behind the bands name is burn down the disco which the members name is ryan , john , brendon ,spe]]ncer and they made songs like i write sins not tradgedies and nine in the afternoon and northern downpour and that green gentlemen and then ryan and jon left the band and the only members left were brendon and spencer and the album was called vices and virtues and the songs on that album was nearly witches (ever since we met) and the ballad of m…

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  • Jamgorham

    Do you like her in Big City Greens?

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  • Trains4Life & NAlogofan

    What’s up guys? What’s your favorite collection of Disney movies and/or favorite Disney movie in general?

    • Live action films from Walt Disney Pictures
    • Walt Disney Animation Studios films
    • Pixar Animation Studios films
    • DisneyToon Studios films
    • Films from Touchstone Pictures
    • Films from Hollywood Pictures
    • Films from Miramax Films (1994-2010)
    • Films from Dimension Films (1994-2005)
    • Other

    My favorite Disney film is The Game Plan, which is also my most favorite movie in general.

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  • Josh247tyson

    The Aladdin movie from 1992 is one of my favourite Disney movies. I'll never forget when I first saw this movie when I was little. One scene scared me: Rajah the Tiger appeared in front of Jasmine snarling. I have gotten used to that scene.

    • Aladdin
    • Genie
    • Abu
    • Jasmine
    • The Sultan
    • Jafar
    • Iago
    • Magic Carpet
    • Rajah

    • A Whole New World
    • Friend Like Me
    • One Jump Ahead
    • Arabian Nights

    • Aladdin and Jasmine together
    • Aladdin and Abu together
    • Genie's quotes

    • Aladdin's lies
    • Sultan forcing Jasmine to get married
    • Jafar using Genie to rule Agrabah
    • Aladdin stealing

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  • DEDSEC17
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  • Josh247tyson

    The Lion King is one of my favourite movies. I'll never when I first saw this movie when I was little. When I first saw the movie, two scenes scared me: Mufasa roaring at Scar, and Mufasa fighting the hyenas. I have gotten used to the scenes now I've grown up.

    • Simba's presentation
    • Mufasa and Simba being together
    • The Elephant Graveyard
    • Simba becoming the King of Pride Rock.
    • Timon and Pumbaa finding Simba

    • Simba
    • Mufasa
    • Sarabi
    • Rafiki
    • Zazu
    • Scar
    • Nala
    • Timon
    • Pumbaa
    • Hyena Clan
    • Shenzi, Banzai and Ed

    • Circle of Life
    • I Just Can't Wait to Be King
    • Be Prepared
    • Hakuna Matata
    • Can You Feel the Love Tonight
    • The Coconut Song

    • Simba and Nala fall in love
    • Rafiki helping Simba
    • Mufasa's words of wisdom
    • Pumbaa fighting the hyenas
    • Simba roaring at the hyenas
    • Mufasa fighting the hyenas
    • Timon, Pu…

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  • DEDSEC17
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  • Henryf10


    May 15, 2020 by Henryf10

    Hi guys,

    I am new to the wiki actually and I am hoping to do good to the wiki

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  • Josh247tyson

    Little Mermaid 2 is one of my least favourite movies.

    • Down to the Sea
    • For a Moment
    • Here on the Land and Sea

    • Ariel and Eric seeing King Triton
    • Melody's Christening
    • Melody swimming
    • Melody being turned into a mermaid
    • Eric convincing Ariel about Melody
    • Ariel comforting Melody
    • Triton and Melody meeting
    • Sebastian watching Melody
    • Ariel and Flounder reuniting
    • Ariel trying to protect Melody from Morgana

    • Morgana's threats to Ariel and Triton's family
    • Ariel's overprotective personal
    • Melody not forgiving her mother
    • Ariel hiding the truth from Melody
    • Ariel scolding Melody
    • Melody being humiliated
    • Morgana tricking Melody
    • Chef Louis chasing Sebastian
    • Ariel keeping Melody away from the sea

    • "You deliberately disobeyed me." (the same quote was used in the lion king, from Mufasa)
    • "Wi…

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  • Josh247tyson

    Lion King 2 is one of my favourite movies. I'll never forget when I first saw the movie when I was little. One scene scared me, Simba and Zira roaring.

    • When Kiara giggles, growling and purring
    • Mufasa congratulating Simba
    • Kiara meeting Kovu
    • Kiara as a cub and adult lion
    • Timon and Pumbaa screaming and crying
    • Circle of Life being restored

    • Simba being overprotective
    • Simba banishing Kovu
    • The Circle is Life is broken
    • Simba

    • He Lives in You
    • We Are One
    • Upendi
    • One of Us
    • Love Will Find a Way

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  • DEDSEC17
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  • Thefanofallstuff

    Who else thinks that's Oswald the Rabbit should come back?

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  • Slymandy

    Okay okay okayyy i know princes really do I look like 8 to you? You could be but anyways I wanted to see what persons think about them. My friend and I were arguing about Eugene And Eric about which one was cuter. I was definitely team Eugene he's so cool.  But hey, so who's your Disney prince? Can you tell please I wanna know, anyways cya peace

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  • 763492 is back
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  • AnnieLovesDisney

    ~Day 1~

    May 11, 2020 by AnnieLovesDisney

    Day 1 of Joining disney Fandom:

    Its currently 11:00am in my house. I have just finished Binj watching Descendants 1 2 and 3 for the 29th time round. I think im begining to become obsessed now. My Iphone Wallpaper is A picture of Dove Cameron edited by me useing Pics art. 

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hey guys. This is going to be a quick list type blog. Now you know that I often comment that I don’t consider the package films between Bambi and Cinderella real films. Not that I have a grudge against them, it’s just too hard to keep track of more than one segment as a whole film. Anyway, I did a blog that list of my favorite moments from the Disney Canon classics. So this time I am just going to list the segments I think of or enjoy the most from each...except for Sauldos Amigos since I have not seen it nor do I plan to.

    'Fantasia films:' The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

    The Three Calberros: Probably the one with the penguin wanting to go someplace warmer

    Make Mine Music: Peter And The Wolf

    Fun And Fancy Free: Mickey And The Beanstalk

    Melody Time: I’…

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  • Ethanimation21

    Pixar's Newest SparkShort Titled 'OUT!' to Premiere on Disney+ in May 22.

    The "Experimental Storytelling Initiative" within Pixar called SparkShorts has given us six fantastic short films, Smash and Grab, Purl, Kitbull, Float, Wind, and Loop. Today, producer David Lally announced (via Twitter) that the seventh SparkShort film, titled OUT!, will premiere on Disney+ May 22.

    We have been anticipating news surrounding the next SparkShort for some time and couldn't be happier that we will soon have a new short film to dive into. If you recall with each SparkShort film, there is always a unique artistic style showcased, and that seems to have definitely carried through with OUT!. From what we can see in the released still image (pictured above), th…

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  • Stitch Queen

    Lelo and Stitch

    May 9, 2020 by Stitch Queen

    Hi, I am new here, and just now figuring out how to use a blog. Please join me to talk about the Lelo and Stitch movies. I am a huge Stitch fan, which hints the name Stitch Queen. If anyone else is as crazy about Lelo and Stitch, we can talk about the movies, show images of lelo and Stitch suffies we own, and bassically whatever, as long as it is about Lelo and Stitch. Thank you for joining me on our journey through Stitch land.

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  • Fiona Florida Collins

    Questions: Which Disney Live Action Movie I be In?

    Answers: Alice In Wonderland

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  • AlarmBoy

    Here is the Special Music Tribute to Disney Animated Canon.

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  • Ratigan6688

    For those of you are wondering about the title, stress is the topic of this blog. While I’m sure every Disney or Pixar character feels a level of stress here and there, I have seen it in Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille the most. During an Autism social group session a long time ago, the counselors in charge used Shrek as an example of notable stress; like Shrek’s annoyance with Donkey, Farquaad probably getting stressed about his short size, or Fiona getting stressed about people discovering her curse and so on. So I thought I would do something similar here with Ratatouille. After all, we do get stressed at work time to time, especially in a food service environment. So I am noting down what I think seem to be the notable points of stress for …

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  • CoralineA47


    May 5, 2020 by CoralineA47


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  • Clarethehappy


    May 5, 2020 by Clarethehappy
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  • CorrectNCollect

    You know how there was a 96-Page storybook of The Great Mouse Detective? Well, there have been at least three versions of the book. The 1987 edition has the title The Great Mouse Detecive, the 1994 edition has the title The Adventures of The Great Mouse Detective (in the same style as the 1992 reissue poster) and the 1997 edition has the same title but in the same style as the title card of the 1992 reissue version but has a red rectangle saying 'Classic Storybook' and the back cover has the Mouse Works Classic Storybooks description instead of a list of the available titles and all three editions use the same illustrations. 

    In the 1980s, Disney released some 96-Page storybooks based on their animated films. Some of the illustrations in th…

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  • Spiderfan2099

    Disney bought lucasfilm in 2012. They also made a Disney princess lineup in 2002 and added more princesses since then. If this is so, why isn't princess Leia considered a Disney princess??

    What do you think? Is Disney being mean to space princesses?

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  • Bronlyz


    May 3, 2020 by Bronlyz
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  • GabuTheWolf54

    This page contains all text from the conversations between the Steward and his friendships campaigns from Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. 

    NOTE: All this is obviously fan-made. This was created for fun.

    Robin Hood: WOAH! Wh-what is that? Is that-

    Steward: *clears throat* Sorry for distressing you, sir. I am a former worker of the Axiom. A cruise ship created by the mega-company Buy N Large. I didn't mean to startle you.

    Robin Hood: Whew. Not your fault pal. I was just unwary. So, erm. What brings you here?

    Steward: I have detected faulty figures in my wake. Would it be okay for me to ask you to assist me in clearing them out?

    Robin Hood: Absolutely. As long as I have my helpful bow and arrows, there's nothing stopping us!

    With an intimidating creatur…

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  • Peachycream

    Cindy is a beautiful girl and she has the same personality as her mother does. Even though she was a maid at first, but she still feels graceful and gentle like a princess. In fact, the dress I made for her was actually inspired by a beautiful ball gown from Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. And even though it looks blue and is glittery, she also wears different dresses too. 

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  • LogzLogan1278

    Since the beginning of quarantine my family got Disney+. Since we got it I have been binge watching shows every day.

    • K.C. Undercover
    • Bizaardvark
    • Wizards of Waverly Place
    • Lab Rats
    • Lab Rats: Elite Force
    • Austin & Ally
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  • Mc1934

    Why I Dislike Frozen

    April 29, 2020 by Mc1934

    Herro, everyone, and welcome to my latest opinion blog. I would like to share with you my very...strong opinion of Frozen, one of Disney's most commercially successful yet critically divisive franchises. I know I'm in the minority with this view of the franchise, so please hear me out.

    Let us first look at the overall protagonist of the story; Elsa. I found her to be THE most self-centered and arrogant female lead I've ever seen in a Disney movie, but she was even more unlikeable in Frozen 2 and genuinely harsh towards Anna. I understand the intention was to make her insecure, but something felt amiss. For example, she came across as somewhat selfish due to her upbringing to conceal her powers behind closed doors, but she was unfortunately …

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  • AddisonZ2


    April 29, 2020 by AddisonZ2

    Hi its me addisonz2! 

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  • AddisonZ2

    Zombies 2

    April 27, 2020 by AddisonZ2

    Hi! Im AddisonZ2 and I love Zombies! :) Plz comment on my profile! :D

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  • Wiryabudisantoso

    Today (April 25th), it was the 23rd annivesary of the 1997 movie, Volcano. I hope the users, followers, and admins had watch this movie and also celebrate too.

    In Disney Wiki, there are some actors and actress that are appeared on Volcano. The actors and actress were Anne Heche, Don Cheadle, and Keith David.

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  • GMO the epic marker

    Here’s the story.

    My brother hacked my User:Green Marker Official account. So I made a new one. Please make sure to block my old account. I’m gonna use this one now

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