Laurence2020 Laurence2020 19 December 2020

My Gallery

Hi Guys Heres My Gallery

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Juliusthecat Juliusthecat 19 December 2020

The JTC Blog

Hi Everybody I’m Julius, Julius the Cat I Like To Hang Around Hopefully You Have A Nice Day, For Questions Ask Here

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Laurence2020 Laurence2020 19 December 2020

Jake Long Won’t Never Come Back ;(

Jake Long Is Never Coming Back But Why? Well Its Because Hes Own Series Is Canceled ;(

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Laurence2020 Laurence2020 19 December 2020

I Love Disney And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,Mickey Mouse Funhouse!

I Really Love This Show Sinces Its Almost Airing

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AnaPoppy160 AnaPoppy160 18 December 2020

Would Raya Be A Disney Princess

If they decided to put Raya as a new Disney Princess, would it be nice as a Disney Princess?

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AngelWolfStudiosGurl08 AngelWolfStudiosGurl08 17 December 2020

More about my YouTube channel and Pinterest account

Hi to all the people reading this! So currently I'm writing this blog for all the Disney fans out there. My pinterest account is all about Disney. 'cause well I love Disney .

Here's the link to my pinterest account: Hope you enjoy all the Disney pins!

So back to something else uh oh I forgot.....ummmm......oh right there's one more thing I have to ask.

Do you guys know what Gacha life or club is? Just really curious because you se well my YouTube channel is pretty much based on that. I might do some music vids with Disney songs. Well...anyways here's the link:

Well anyways bye bye! Hasta luego!

Adios! Ciao! Au revoir!

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K Kraken K Kraken 16 December 2020

What part did Disney Play in your childhood

Disney was a great source of entertainment for me. I like all those Characters and learned from them, Disney's Mickey Mouse used to be telecasted every morning and I used to watch when I was getting ready for school. It was all just memorable

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Hidude4868 Hidude4868 14 December 2020


Hi guys my name is austin and im new here :)

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Hayleylove20205 Hayleylove20205 13 December 2020



list of k-pop girl groups

  • Twice.
  • Blackpink.
  • Girls' Generation.
  • EXID.
  • Apink.
  • Red Velvet.
  • Girl's Day.
  • Baby Vox.
  • list of k-pop boy groups
    • BTS.
    • EXO.
    • Wanna One.
    • NCT.
    • Got7.
    • Monsta X.
    • Stray Kids.
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Beverlyjones Beverlyjones 11 December 2020

My Christmas tree at work

I put my own versions of the Disney Store ornaments on the Christmas tree at work.

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Fenton C. Cabrera Fenton C. Cabrera 11 December 2020

Again myself...I think

I checked my calendar and noticed it has been almost 2 weeks since I was shocked by Gyro's invention, but I can't remember anything from that time... is like I wasn't even myself...and that's actually where I'm going.

I have received word that this last few days I've been acting strange...not myself. I've heard of the horrible things I was planning to do just to make Gandra happy. I've been told I had cause my friends pain due to my unusual behavior, that they try to put some sense in me but I refused believing that conquering the world would be a perfect gift to Gandra...what was I thinking?

I've been also told I used to call myself Shadow Fenton, and that's when it all made sense.

Shadow Fenton. That was the name that first came to my mind …

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Dakotac7 Dakotac7 10 December 2020

i need friends

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Fenton C. Cabrera Fenton C. Cabrera 10 December 2020


A few days ago I was shocked by one of Gyro's inventions... He said I would be fine but I'm not feeling that way.

Since then I've been actually feeling terrible. I have headaches, I feel dizzy the whole time, I can't even see straight... I'm worried something bad will happen...

Gyro and Mr.Scrooge told me to take a few days off, since then I've been doing a lot of things that my current job wouldn't allow me, I even went out with Gandra...but I still feel different...

I've been lately feeling like someone is always behind me, even when I'm the only one in my room. I hear a strange voice calling my name, saying things...I don't know what, but I am getting freaked out...

Last night I went out for a walk when suddenly I felt someone grab my feet,…

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It's Dizzy It's Dizzy 8 December 2020

Dizzy's Dazzling Tales (

I am SO excited!


Now, what should I start with first?


Ok, so:

Queen Mal and King Ben are working ethically to keep Auradon is perfect order. Now, with the population of the Isle of the Lost there, it's a lot of things to be fixed. Money is being put into building new homes while the Isle is staying in Evie's castle. It might sound odd, and It's crowded, but, I'm happy I'm with Granny again!

Unfortunately, us new VK's haven't started at Auradon Prep yes due to the situation. But everyone's doing their part to make Auradon a better place! Uma's even letting a few people stay on her ship!

When me, Celia, and the other VK's do actually attend Auradon Prep, after two weeks, a Fundraising Dance will be held!

I wonder who I'll go with...

But, be…

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Peachymims Peachymims 8 December 2020


hi everyone! i'm peachymims, you could call me Ali, and i joined Disney Wiki because i wanted to learn more about Disney and connect with people C: i luv aesthetics, vintages, the color yellow... and of course, BTS! don't judge me if you don't like BTS though, everyone is different. anyways, i may be more active during the weekends, but byeeeee stay safe Disney fans u3u

an aesthetic i really luv
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Nereanajoaquin Nereanajoaquin 7 December 2020

Everything I need Skylar Grey

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Nereanajoaquin Nereanajoaquin 7 December 2020

Its Goin Down

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Nereanajoaquin Nereanajoaquin 7 December 2020

One Kiss

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Nereanajoaquin Nereanajoaquin 7 December 2020

Break This down

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Cheshire Cat from Wonderland Cheshire Cat from Wonderland 5 December 2020

Poster Requests

Hi everyone! So a lot of you all love my posters and want more and stuff so i am Officially opening up Poster Requests. Heres how its gonna work, your gonna be able to request posters for me to do via the comments of this blog post and, as long as they meet my critera, i say approve. Also i may message you privately on your message wall asking for any details and then i will tag you in the same post i post the poster. Read below for mote info!

No i dont. Im bad at drawing and do all my work and submissions online. I post them on Fandom and will post them on Deviantart as well. I do it all digtitaly and use the browser Firefox in case i need to screenshot anything.

I use Pixlr. its a amazing browser FREE Picture editing site and its really ef…

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Fenton C. Cabrera Fenton C. Cabrera 4 December 2020



I am Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera.

I am a scientist and a hero!


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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 4 December 2020

Favorite Christmas Special

One of my all time favorite Christmas Specials is Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation because it always put in a good mood whenever I watch the episode and it's got a lot of great songs

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 3 December 2020

Favorite Disney Christmas Movie

One of my all time favorite Christmas Movies has to be The Muppets Christmas Carol because it's a movie that I always watch around the holiday season. It's such a great retelling of the classic Charles Dicken's story and it's also one of my favorite adapations of the story because it's got Michael Caine giving an incredible performance as Scrooge and it's a retelling of the story with Muppet Characters. Plus it's one of those movies that always puts me in a good mood and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm always singing along with the songs when I'm watching the movie. If you haven't ever seen the movie then watch it because it's one of the best christmas movies in my opinion

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WeareFanboyandChumChum WeareFanboyandChumChum 3 December 2020

Who here hates UCP


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Nereanajoaquin Nereanajoaquin 1 December 2020

The Descendants Cast

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Cheshire Cat from Wonderland Cheshire Cat from Wonderland 30 November 2020

Epic Mickey 3 (RP) Characters and Locations






Yen Sid

Descendants Characters








Uma Harry Gil


Snow White


Sleeping Beauty
















Nick Wild





Pixar Characters



Bo Peep









Bob Parr

Helen Parr

Dash Parr

Violet Parr

Tony (Violet's boyfriend)

Edna Mode

Jack Jack

Lighting Mcqueen





Remy's Dad


WALL_E (human speech) EVE (Human speech) M-O(Human speech)



Joy Sadness Anger Disgust Fear



Miguel and Hector

Ian Lightfoot

Barley Lightfoot

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Invader Sklir Invader Sklir 28 November 2020

Why the Owl House is a great Show

I love the Owl House because it is a Disney show that has positive LGBTQ representation. Horror is one of my favorite generas even though most would not see my as the type to be into that sort of thing. Season two is going to be more clearly horror as the story gets darker and more interesting. World building stories like the Owl House are some of my favorite stories and I enjoy building my own worlds. Similar to Luz I feel like I do not belong in the human world and am very much into fantasy. Like Luz I often got in trouble in school for having a more creative take on the assignments.

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 27 November 2020

Favorite Disney Shows

Phineas and Ferb

Gravity Falls

Star Vs The Forces of Evil

Ducktales (2017)

Big Hero 6 The Series

Darkwing Duck

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Marinuki, de la casa cargando. Marinuki, de la casa cargando. 26 November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

) HApy Thanksgiving Day! Let's see what happened today ? years ago.

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Marinuki, de la casa cargando. Marinuki, de la casa cargando. 26 November 2020


Wow, this wiki is like, so big and so cool! I mainly edit in an 985-pages-long wiki and a 4000-pages-long wiki! Incredible! So many users and badges"!

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 24 November 2020

Hamilton is Amazing

I've been rewatching Hamilton for the past two weeks or so on Disney+ while I'm at work and I've got to say that it's making me really appreciate how much well done the production of Hamilton is. I mean I know that it had a lot of praise since it was a hard ticket to get when it came out in 2016 so I was a bit worried when I first watched it, it wasn't going to deliver on the hype that had been built up over the years but when I watched it when it got released on July 3rd, it delivered in more ways than one and I ended up falling in love with this magnificent show. Releasing the show on Disney+ was probably the best option given that a lot of people have Disney+ and it's worth the price of subscription alone if you ask me because you get t…

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Bob dylan909 Bob dylan909 23 November 2020

mickey delta dimension

i have just finished mickey mouse delta dimension and it is amazing i really think you should read it

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Beverlyjones Beverlyjones 23 November 2020

My Disney display

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Paulcaleb12 Paulcaleb12 22 November 2020

Frozen 2 turn 1

Today execly 1 year ago Frozen 2 came out

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Invader Sklir Invader Sklir 21 November 2020


Some time ago Doctor Reginald Bushroot wanted to solve the problems of the world. His experiment was sabatoged and he was thought of as foolish by the other scientists. Not wanting to give up on the solution that he had come up with Bushroot used himself as the test subject. The only plant that was not killed by the other scientists was a daisy. Bushroot used the daisy to give himself the ability to Photosynthize, At first it seemed as though he had failed, however as he was degectiedly leaving the lab that night he noticed that he had green skin and purple hair. Bushroot was trilled to realize that he had succeeded but the others still laughed at him and now mocked his half plant form. With the taunts of "Reggie's a Veggie" echoing in his…

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Beverlyjones Beverlyjones 21 November 2020


  • 1 Background
    • 1.1 Development
    • 1.2 Layout
  • 2 Notable Locations
  • 3 Appearances
    • 3.1 Other appearances
  • 4 Video games
  • 5 Disney Parks
  • 6 Gallery
  • 7 Trivia
  • 8 References

Jon Solo did the Messed Up Origins of the Emperor’s New Clothes on YouTube today and he made references to Emperor’s New Groove, including an empire name Tonitopia, which inspired me to do this.

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Rystrouse renewed Rystrouse renewed 20 November 2020

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse episodes online

Now that series is out, shouldn't the episode shown on one of the cartoon online site or posted on YouTube anytime now?

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Beverlyjones Beverlyjones 20 November 2020

Black Friday display

Do you guys remember the Black Friday reel? Well, I included it on my Black Friday display that I made at work today.

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GreenNinja089 GreenNinja089 19 November 2020

Haiii Guys Welcome to my page!

Call me Ninja!

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DisneyCWS DisneyCWS 19 November 2020

Ranking the MCU Phase Two Movies

Phase One here: User blog:DisneyCWS/Ranking the MCU Phase One Movies

Pretty self explanatory. This is MY opinion and all that blah blah blah. Let's get started.

  • 1 6) Thor: The Dark World
  • 2 5) Ant-Man
  • 3 4) Iron Man 3
  • 4 3) Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • 5 2) Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • 6 1) Guardians of the Galaxy

I feel like I enjoyed this one more than most, but that's still not saying much.

It's not a bad movie, but it gets quite a few things wrong. The action scenes seem quite dialed down from the last one, the story is quite complicated to a point where I didn't really understand what was going on by the end of it, and the characters still aren't fleshed out enough. Also, a bit of a nitpick here, but I didn't like the design of the elves either. They…

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Invader Sklir Invader Sklir 19 November 2020

Darkwing Duck reboot

I am very excited about the reboot of Darkwing Duck that is coming to Disney+. Only after watching the 2017 version of Ducktales was when I decided to watch the show Darkwing Duck. Weirdly I am way more into current shows than older ones so I really do not understand why a show from before I was even born is so appealing to me but it is. The stranger part to this is that I feel as through 2017 Launchpad introduced me to the show. I know that he is a fictional character according to how our world works but after watching 2017 Ducktales and hearing Launchpad talk about the show made me want to know what he was referencing. Anyway I hope that the reboot of Darkwing is set in another universe because I love alternate reality stories and have …

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Paulcaleb12 Paulcaleb12 18 November 2020

Mickey at 92

Today we celebrate Mickey birthday,on November 18 1928 Walt Disney created the iconic mouse.

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Disneygalz0307 Disneygalz0307 17 November 2020

Why Disney Channel Means so Much to Me

Oh the days when I was younger and my brother and I ran downstairs to catch the latest episode before school. We sat at the kitchen counter eating breakfast, immersed in Phineas and Ferb, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Suite life of zack and Cody and Lizzie McGuire to name a few. These are the memories that'll last forever and stand out in my mind as something my brother and I bonded over.

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 17 November 2020

Why Hamilton is Great

Okay so for the past week or so I've been rewatching Hamilton on Disney+ and I just appreciate how good a show is because there's something about the way they did the production for the show is just well done and the songs are so good to listen to. Plus whenever I've listened to it at work, it actually makes work go by faster.and I'm not gonna complain about that at all. Plus it seems like with every rewatch/listen that I've done of it, I notice something that I didn't notice the first time that I watched it. It's just such a good show and I love that it's on Disney+.

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Missty Cat Cocoa Missty Cat Cocoa 17 November 2020

Hey Y'all!

Hi! My name is Missty Cat Cocoa, and I am the newest member of the Wiki Fandom (or is it Fandom Wiki?) community!

Excited to start (but not sure where to),

-Missty Cat Cocoa!

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Escritora111111 Escritora111111 16 November 2020

Alerta de spoiler II

Frozen 2 - O Reino do Gelo (título em Portugal) ) (estilizado como Frozen II) é um filme de animação musical estadunidense de 2019, o 58.º animado dos Clássicos Disney produzido pela Walt Disney Animation Studios e distribuído pela Walt Disney Pictures, sendo a continuação de Frozen, de 2013, inspirado pelo conto de fadas A Rainha da Neve, de Hans Christian Andersen. Os atores Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Santino Fontana e Josh Gad retornam ao elenco, juntamente com as adições de Evan Rachel Wood, Sterling K. Brown, Alfred Molina, Martha Plimpton, Jason Ritter e Rachel Matthews. O filme foi lançado em 22 de novembro de 2019 nos Estados Unidos e no dia anterior em Portugal. A estreia no Brasil aconteceu em 2 de janeiro de 2020.

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Escritora111111 Escritora111111 16 November 2020

Alerta de spoiler

The Huntsman: Winter's War (no Brasil e em Portugal, O Caçador e a Rainha do Gelo) é um filme estadunidense de 2016, dos gêneros drama, ação, fantasia e aventura, dirigido pelo estreante Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, com roteiro baseado no conto de fadas Branca de Neve, compilado pelos irmãos Grimm.

Anos antes da história passada em "A Branca de Neve e o Caçador", a Rainha Ravenna governava um outro reino. Sempre ao seu lado estava sua irmã, a bondosa Freya. A jovem fica grávida e dá à luz a uma menina. Ao descobrir que a filha de sua irmã está destinada a crescer e se tornar a mais bela de todas, Ravenna mata a bebê, o que desperta na jovem Freya um poder diferente de tudo que o mundo já viu. Muito tempo depois, Freya é conhecida como a Rainha do Ge…

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Paulcaleb12 Paulcaleb12 16 November 2020

The Rescuers Down Under at 30

The Rescuers was the first classic to get a sequel, on this day 30 years ago Down Under came out.A great story, better animation and a 70% score on rotten tomato. Down Under didn't do well in the box office

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DisneyCWS DisneyCWS 14 November 2020

Ranking the MCU Phase One Movies

Oh hey again, haven't been on here in a while.

As you may know, over here in the UK we're in the middle of our second lockdown. This was the perfect opportunity for me to finally get around to watching the MCU movies. I'd seen The Avengers and Age of Ultron when they first came out, but barely remembered anything from them. Of course, I also know what happens in Infinity War and Endgame because of Twitter spoilers, but hey ho.

Anyway, I'm gonna give my thoughts on the Phase One movies. I have only seen these movies once, so forgive me if I get anything wrong. Also, should go without saying, but it's MY opinion - not something worth getting upset over. Now that's out of the way, here's my ranking of the MCU Phase One movies.

  • 1 6) The Incredible…

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Jedfarcry223 Jedfarcry223 14 November 2020

Why Phineas and Ferb means so much to me

The reason that Phineas and Ferb means so much to me is because I'll never forget the first time that i was watched it. I was in a hotel room in Florida during a trip to Disney World and I was eating breakfast then started looking through the channels to find something to watch and I came across Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel so I was eating my breakfast while watching an episode of Phineas and Ferb. I was watching the episode Unfair Science Fair Redux Another Story and I thought that this is a really good show and I should watch this show more when I get back home. I didn't get around to watching more episodes until May 2015, a month before the series finale came on and man I really enjoyed doing that because it was so much fun finall…

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