Blotling Shadow Blot

The false Shadow Blot

The Blotling Shadow Blot is the lookalike version of the real Shadow Blot and acts as the semi-final boss of Epic Mickey. Depending on which path the player takes, the false Shadow Blot can either be erased from existence with thinner or redeemed with paint.


This Shadow Blot was created after the real Shadow Blot was trapped in the Thinner Bottle atop Mickeyjunk Mountain by Oswald and Ortensia. Unfortunately for Wasteland, the seal was not completely sound, leading to drippings of the shadow creature to escape the entrapment. These drips formed into Blotlings. The largest of these was a Shadow Blot copy, who was subsequently the most powerful and often mistaken for the real Shadow Blot.

The new Shadow Blot then took over the real Shadow Blot's role as leader of the lesser Blotlings, and eventually usurped power from Oswald. Seeing that this new entity would help him achieve his goals, the Mad Doctor allied himself with the new ruler, abandoning the now alone Oswald. The false Shadow Blot then resided for a period of degeneration in the ravaged Wasteland.


Epic Mickey

At the beginning of the game, the false Shadow Blot somehow travels through Yen Sid's mirror to Mickey Mouse's world (with his lower half still chained to the Wasteland), and drags Mickey into the retired cartoon world. With the help of the Mad Doctor, the false Shadow Blot attempts to steal Mickey's heart to permanently free his master (the real Shadow Blot). The plan fails, however, when Mickey escapes the bonds holding him. The Blot immediately gets between the mouse and the Mad Doctor, but flees when Mickey raises the magic paintbrush.

For most of the game after this, the false Shadow Blot works behind the scenes, organizing and commanding the Blotling army. This remains the case until Mickey and Oswald gather the parts for a rocket to escape Wasteland. It is then that the blotling Shadow Blot leads the entire Blotling army up Mickeyjunk Mountain, as a full-scale attempt to free their master. Mickey, Oswald, and Gremlin Gus meet the challenge, scaling the mountain to strike down the freeing of the false Blot's master. As Oswald desperately tries to keep the bottle prison corked, Mickey faces the false Shadow Blot in battle at the summit.

If Mickey decides to battle the Blot with Thinner, the Blot melts away, clawing at the ground as he fades.

Befriending the Blot

The Blot's reformation

If Mickey chooses paint as his weapon, the Blot rises into the air and blows all of the paint off of himself in an energy burst and is seemingly about to destroy Mickey; however the paint had already soaked into his core, changing his character. Now friendly, the false Shadow Blot lifts Mickey into the air and tickles and cuddles him affectionately. He then flies off in a wave, assumed to be departing for a new life in the Wasteland.

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