Blotworx are curious hybrids of Blotlings and Beetleworx who appear in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. They were created by the Mad Doctor initially to serve as a new army to get revenge, but they were deemed unpredictable and he spread them throughout Wasteland. They are piloted by Spatters forced to do so. They come in three types: Blockers, Rockers and Shockers, though the biggest the Mad Doctor ever did build was the Blotworx Dragon.


Mickey painting a spatter in a blotworx

Mickey painting a Rocker Blotworx.

  • The Blockers closely resemble V.I.N.CENT from the 1979 film The Black Hole.
  • The Blotworx are defeated by when Oswald zaps one with electricity a blotling will come out look around. While he is looking around Mickey can spray paint or thinner him like he would do with a regular Blotling which will make him friendly if Mickey and Oswald continue this pattern the blotling inside will become friendly and the Blotworx will help you and if you use thinner the Blotworx will break down.
  • Shockers are inspired by the Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


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