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Blue Tornado is a hero-turned-antagonist because of the Annihilator in Mighty Med. He is a superhero with weather-based powers on Mighty Med.


Blue Tornado, as Richard Kennedy, was first seen in Saving the People Who Save People going into the janitor's closet to go to Mighty Med at the Memorial Hospital, where Kaz noticed him and followed him. It was confirmed he was Blue Tornado when he took off his coat and hat.

In Evil Gus, he tried fighting Gus during his mutation, but ultimately had his powers absorbed. After Gus was defeated by Gray Granite, his powers returned to him.

He appeared in All That Kaz and Copy Kaz, but was not seen doing much.

In How the Mighty Med Have Fallen, he was shown to be a part of the League of Heroes and helped other heroes fight off and attempt to capture Evil Skylar Storm and The Annihilator.

He was turned evil by Skylar in Mighty Mole.

In Storm's End, he joined evil Tecton on a mission given to them by The Annihilator to destroy Caduceo, and the only way to do that is with The Mirror of Zalcanikus. The two got into street clothes, and separated. Tecton went for the mirror, and Richard Kennedy went to go search for Caduceo's whereabouts. He was turned good again after The Annihilator died.

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