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Adst wrote: Here is the comic that I mentioned. The reason it's canon it's because it explains how she learns to dance since she never experienced dancing her whole life. Now remember that this comic was made up but it's also canon.


This is also from Disney itself and about the rumors of Elsa being non Straight, it's not likely to happen since this is a kids film and it would be difficult to do it without being forced or shoehorned. This rumor came from petitions and hashtags and fans from the community who asked for this. Someone mentioned about the shows like Supergirl or hero's having characters being turned non straight, well Elsa is not likely to end up like those characters because the directors promised that they would take their time to make sure the character doesn't get messed up in the sequel and keep her universal. As for her having a love interest, she would just date men and never get together or married just still be single and happy. And the team supported Elsa the way she is so they wouldn't listen to the fans, only to themselves.

The production staff is trying to make the best movie possible. Elsa's doesn’t need a love interest, because the core of the Frozen story is about the relationship between Anna and Elsa.

Exactly! And she only dates men for the fun of it but her heart lies with her sister and that's all that matters to her and no way Disney would bow to the wishes of fans. Jennifer Lee may have been open to the idea but Bob iger not so much so the team never done what the fans asked for.

I don't know about Bob Iger not being open to the idea. He certainly had no problem with Bill Condon pretty much mouthing off the fact that he made LeFou into a you-know-what before the 2017 BATB remake was even released (which gave Disney a LOT of trouble in places like Malaysia and a certain theater in Alabama), or allowing for same-sex kisses in Star vs. the Forces of Evil, or heck, Kasdan Jr. making Lando Calrissian a pansexual and openly bragging about it literally a week before Solo was released.

But still, let's hope that they don't make Elsa into a lesbian due to it being a very bad idea especially considering the target audience. Maybe if it were rated R or NC-17, or at the very least PG-13, it could work, but beyond that, not so much. Personally, I prefer that she get together with a guy (not like it would hamper her independence in any way. It certainly didn't with Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, or Rapunzel. Besides, even Merida managed to get married if we go by the novelization for Brave), but I'll allow her to stay single in the sequel since she most likely has to deal with the same fears Rogue did in the X-Men movies.

Actually she is in control now and in the sequel she will deal with something a lot bigger, like the truth of how she got her powers and where she came from. By the way can you not bring up those stuff that you mentioned it's really not helping.

Fine, I'll stop. Wasn't fond of those examples anyways, don't want any more reminders of how Iger's ruining the company by pushing politics over making a profit.

Well, as long as they don't do that to Elsa, I'll be fine. Let's hope they don't make her that. That's all I can say. And I also hope they explain her powers as well. After all, that was an enigma, and ultimately there has to be an origin to them. At least with Ariel's powers and abilities, it's explained to be due to her mermaid heritage, and even Rapunzel's powers were due to her dad having her mom while pregnant ingest a certain flower to save the latter from impending death.

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